The old gentleman said, "It’s a once-and-for-all measure, which is more than staring at it all the time. Besides, this gold ring is extremely difficult to build, and I haven’t seen anyone else make it except him."
Wu asked, "Not even Yuan Da Tian Zun?" His heart is half cold again, except for Tathagata Yuan, which may be the only hope to solve this gold ring. If Yuan can’t be made, how can it be solved?
The old gentleman said, "Brother, after listening to the ventilation, he said that the array was’ difficult’."
Realizing the achievement is the result, the old gentleman sighed, saying that the gold ring is extremely difficult to make, but he knows that the imperial edict is not effective at all. Even the Tang Priest, who is tied with chicken feet, can kill the Monkey King. It’s just a spell. If this gold ring is accepted by the Tathagata, he will have a lot of scruples. Although he is learning from the scriptures in a down-to-earth manner, who knows what the final result will be? I don’t even know which day I will become an anti-bone boy and go directly to Qitianling.
Besides, although Tathagata promised to untie himself, he also verbally dealt with himself as a spiritual ape. How can Tathagata easily untie the rope when he can control himself so easily? The more I think about the road ahead, the more confused I am and sigh.
When the old gentleman realized this, he said, "My brother said that he knew four and a half of the five formations."
Realizing one leng’s feelings, the old gentleman entertains himself. Five people know four and a half. Isn’t that half? He was just about to curse the old gentleman and added, "That half of the array is either that the senior brother didn’t know it or that he didn’t learn it in those years."
Wu vomited and stuck out his tongue, and he almost misunderstood the old gentleman. He said, "Is the Great Buddha not easy to learn?"
The old gentleman said angrily, "You can learn the array when you are a child playing house? Even I can’t understand anyone today! This array will be realized once it is realized. If it is not realized, I am afraid it will be difficult to realize it all my life! "
Wu asked, "Will the Great Buddha help me solve this problem?"
The old gentleman said, "naturally, my brother knows that this golden ring is not trivial. If you are manipulated by others, I am afraid it will be a bad thing. He will close the array and swear to break the remaining half!"
Wu was scared and shivered. "Old gentleman bothers you to convey that the great Buddha is closed. It’s a pity to take a nap, and a hundred years will pass by. Even things have changed."
The old gentleman laughed. "You want my brother, but you can’t think of it. He has his own magic weapon to make the time flow very slow. Don’t worry, it is "enlightenment" that you can rest assured.
The old gentleman paused as if to decide an important matter. He thought and thought and finally said to Wu Dao, "You asked me what the man’s name was that day, but I didn’t tell you."
Enlightenment: "No, I said, is there anything taboo about this name?"
The old gentleman said, "I didn’t say it because this man has a special name, lest you be confused."
Enlightenment: "It’s not just a name. There are many people who have the same name, so they say it’s ok."
"good!" The old gentleman took a deep breath and said, "That man is called Tathagata."
Wu almost didn’t lean over and fell down. It turned out that Tathagata was that person, and that person was Tathagata! For such a big thing, the old gentleman has kept it from himself for a long time?
The old gentleman said, "You are so horrified. If I had known this, I would have saidno."
Enlightenment "Isn’t this shocking enough?"
The old gentleman said, "Who just said that there are many names in heaven?"
Wu suddenly stopped saying this by himself, but Tathagata is Tathagata. How can this be the same?
The old gentleman said, "If this Tathagata is not the Tathagata, the name of that person is’ Heaven is like me; Talent as I go’ means "
The third volume The road is long Chapter 313 The secret at the beginning
It took a long time to realize the stormy waves in my heart and gradually calm down and think quietly. The old gentleman said that heaven is like me, and talent is like me.
After chanting for several times, Wu couldn’t help but scold "his grandmother"
Old gentleman’s eyes are like finding a flea in the pocket palace. Do apes curse?
Wu scolded 1 because he found that the meaning in this name was obviously against the god ape! The god ape appeared after chaos was split by Pangu, but this man said, "Heaven is like me"; God, ape, heaven and earth disappeared after chaos. This man said, "Talent is like me."
That’s not to mention that he’s a lucky man. Why don’t you be a gold ring and refrain from cursing?
The old gentleman said, "The name of the man was not Tathagata at first, but after he realized Yuan Er."
Wu asked, "What was his original name?"
Laojundao "original name"
Wu Zao forgot about the Dragon Tree Bodhisattva. Is there any Tathagata and the present Buddha Tathagata? If there is an old gentleman, how can they remain calm and calm for so many years?
Wu asked, "Did Lao Jun have an idea when he first heard the name of the Buddha?"
The old gentleman said "coincidence"
"It’s impossible. What a coincidence?"
The old gentleman said, "It is indeed a coincidence that the characters of heaven and earth are slightly different for a while and there are many kinds of points, such as the purpose is’ awareness’, so it is a coincidence."
Wu asked again, "So … have you ever been tempted?"
The old gentleman nodded. "That’s natural. The Tathagata has nothing in common with that person, so it’s meaningless to test it a few times and no longer doubt that it’s worth repairing when the Tathagata was born."
Wu pursued after him. "What about after that? Didn’t he pay attention to it after he became a Buddha?"
The old gentleman said, "I’ll fix him with three people. If that person has any connection, he can find out clearly. Try it a few times and then read it again!"
Wu thought for a moment that Sanqing did have the qualification to say this sentence, but that man has always been better than Sanqing. Who knows what method he made to hide it?
Just say that this Tathagata is not the Tathagata, but it happened that the style and practice are so similar, and they all have an idea of five kinds of Wanimal. I dare to assert that this Tathagata is definitely doing things even if it is not that person!
Wu suddenly remembered something and asked, "Yuan is a kind of writing for a while. Do you remember?" The old gentleman said, "If we trace back to the source, the Chinese characters in this meeting are also influenced by the three of us, so the difference is not big."
Wu Zhi’s pen desk made Da Zhuan write the word "Tongtianhe" and asked, "Is this the word?"
The old gentleman looked at it and asked anxiously, "How can you write a Huiyuan text?"

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