Is to be absorbed by each other voluntarily.
And normally,
This kind of thing sounds ridiculous.
There will also be a sense of sadness about sacrificing yourself to achieve your loved ones.
If there is a play,
Show according to the plot
Olga Kasai will also be greatly encouraged. What?
But when the words came out of Melorina’s mouth, that feeling …
It’s like when my daughter is fishing with her old father and asks if she wants to go fishing, her daughter hands the bucket to her fishing old father and says she doesn’t want to go, she’s not interested, so you can fish and play by yourself.
Face her denial and dislike.
Tell the truth
Olga felt that he was really inspired and even more moved.
Can be a little lost should way
"… all right."
The old father took the road alone.
But he soon stopped being frustrated.
But I am very happy to hold my daughter high.
Look [Melorina] The other five sisters who are waiting in line are slightly dissatisfied.
Also let [Greer] they have some small nai.
Can the plan over there [to a parliament] make them feel any tension?
Unfortunately, it can’t
Not at all.
Except Olga, who felt that he was going to have a good time and looked forward to it, no one in the audience would care about it.
It’s like getting things done.
Even if multiverse is likely to be blown up by those guys …
Nothing is nothing.
A few months later
In the huge [ceremony field]
Olga looked around at several other guys, and those guys who took on auxiliary work could not help but sigh with emotion.
"Sure enough, a talented person like me has to be the first guy to shoot."
"This is really who give me up …"
Speech is complacency without the slightest self-doubt.
This guy is not confident?
It is simply very confident!
And narcissism in the face of his rubbish.
The guy outside the field is also uninteresting.
Everyone silently thought about killing the rest of the guys after the plan was officially implemented.
Same moment
[multiverse] Every place
That one by one [ceremony field]

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