Even Yun Ting’s talent specializing in kendo has not yet reached the peak of the first phase of cultivation, while Su Mo has cultivated to the heaven and man period!
Yun Ting finally Su Mo regarded his opponent as not discouraged after being defeated by Su Mo twice.
But his loss to Beimingxue six months ago really hit him hard.
Now he saw that Su Mo’s realm had exceeded his mind and was hit again.
You know, Su Mo defeated him twice before, and his cultivation level was lower than his.
Moreover, Sumo has no explosive force and no release of the blood of the natural violet.
If two people are in the same order, Yun Ting is even less sure.
Now Sumo is higher than his realm.
This means that he can’t beat Sumo!
No matter how proud and conceited Yun Ting is, he doesn’t feel a little discouraged at this time.
Su Mo smiled and changed the subject and asked, "Are you here to discuss with Bei Ming?"
He just asked Yun Ting where Beimingxue should go to learn from Beimingxue.
What’s more, Kuang Yunting is bellicose by nature, and he is definitely unwilling to lose in the eyes of the public, and he will find a chance to fight again.
Unexpectedly, when Yun Ting heard the words’ learn from North Ghost Snow’, he suddenly felt a tingle and said, "I’m not looking for her. I won’t learn from her!"
"This …"
See Yun Ting face resist Sue ink but leng one.
Yun Ting was so belligerent and conceited that he didn’t want to get back face after losing once?
He defeated Yun Ting twice, and Yun Ting never always wanted to talk to him for the third time.
North Ghost Snow called Yun Ting once?
Su Mo Gherardini looked at Yun Ting and asked, "Don’t you want to pursue the Northern Ghost?"
"No, no, no!"
Yun Ting shook his head like a rattle and said, "That crazy woman …"
As soon as the words were spoken, he realized that something was wrong and changed his tune with a slight cough. "Your brother is too fierce for me to control."
"Play a game with her just to recover I have raised for two months! If you tie the knot after this, you can still get it. I’m afraid I won’t live for years. "
Su Mo "…"
Half a year later, Yun Ting’s face still shows deep fear.
Su Mo suddenly regretted not going to the scene to watch the game at that time.
I don’t know how the two men actually played such a huge psychological shadow on Yun Ting …
Su Mo encouraged, "Bei Ming is not the only woman in the sword world. You can look for his daughter again."
Yun Ting waved his hand and grinned. "Women are all the same. Don’t look at my sister’s quiet and gentle madness on weekdays. It’s hard on my hands!"
"It’s better to practice kendo. I can’t move these flowers after I practice. I should concentrate on practicing sword."
"Brother Su estimates that this robbery is also a test for me. I should be single-minded when practicing kendo, and I can’t be paranoid."
Yun Ting regrets a as if he who sees through the world of mortals.
Su Mo looks strange.
Yun Ting body he actually felt a Buddhist Zen.
"This …"
Sue ink heart made a whisper.
North Ghost Snow won’t beat Yun Ting into the game, will it?
How would Yunzhu feel if she knew about this?
Just then there was a sound outside the door
"Su Zhu’s little friend Lu Yun, the master of the sword peak, came to visit."
Slay the sword, Lord of the peak!
Sue ink and Yun Ting glances are confused and don’t know what the fairy Wang Jiangzhe visited.
"Come in"
Su Mo got up and welcomed Liu Yunying into the abode of fairies and immortals.
Lu Yun saw Yun Ting and smiled slightly.
"Does Lord Liu Feng need me to leave?"
Yun Ting salute asked.

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