Hundreds of Yuan Ying Zhen Jun surrounded Su Mo, but turned a blind eye to the fire and picked up this bowl of residual wine and gulped it down!
"This wine smells good."
Su Mo Qing Nan Yi
This is Su Hongliu’s last sentence.
All sentient beings want the ups and downs of the sea or the benefits or benefits.
Even those who fix the truth can’t be vulgar or seek potential or longevity. How many people can go free and easy like Su Hong?
A baby real gentleman shouted, "If you give up the bones of God and the demon clan skill you practiced, we may leave you a corpse!" "
"Otherwise, I will smash your brother’s body!"
Su Momo didn’t look at hundreds of Yuan Ying Zhen Jun with a hint of mockery in his eyes.
Another baby, Zhenjun, smiled darkly. "There are chickens and dogs left here after today!"
This sound spreads all over Pingyang town.
A tile-roofed house burst into exclamation.
There is a faint sobbing of women in the mansion, and a kind of fear permeates everyone’s heart in Pingyang Town.
The old woman stroking the child’s back and comforting herself in the broken open-topped house shed two lines of tears.
Mortal life is like dirt. There is no resistance in front of those who fix the truth!
This is their fate
Their ability
An old man walked out of the room on crutches and bowed down to the powerful figure in the middle school to grieve.
"It’s a pity that the immortal will die soon, but there are still more than 3,000 women and children in Pingyang town begging for mercy from the immortal to give them a chance to live!"
The old man’s heart is bleeding and his expression of grief is moving.
However, hundreds of Yuan Ying Zhen Jun looked indifferent, and some people turned a blind eye. Some people flashed a sneer in their eyes, and some people even sneered.
A baby is really a gentleman who can’t bear to drink a lot.
The old man felt dizzy and dizzy, but he choked to the ground.
"Ha ha ha!"
The baby really gentleman laughed. "If you want to blame it, blame this town for giving birth to a Uber and a beast! He’s the one who got you into trouble! "
Just then a faint sigh came from the courtyard.
"Now that you’re here, don’t go."
Sumo said lightly, "Kai!"
The heavens and the earth shake in an instant!
The sky is full of gangfeng, thunder is emerging, stars and moonlight are dazzling, and a horrible and strange force is instantly coming over Pingyang Town.
The half-middle-aged baby Zhen Jun was horrified to find that they had managed to mobilize Yuan Shen!
There is a very strange power to imprison Yuan Shen intensely!

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