Looking at the grim-faced Chen Sheng Chen Jing, there were little crystal tears on his cheeks. "We lived together since childhood. You never yelled at me. You yelled at me."
Look at that crying Chen Jing, Chen Sheng was suddenly upset, but this is her own sister who lived together since childhood, and her feelings are beyond ordinary people’s understanding.
Forced to resist the violent Chen Sheng walked to the front of Chen Jing and rubbed Chen Jing’s hair. "Don’t cry, my brother is not impatient. I accidentally yelled at you and my brother will never yell at you again."
Just then, I saw Kong Xuan’s throat growling like a beast, and the whole body was twisted and the veins stood out suddenly and violently. It seemed that the whole person could be blown up at any time.
"Teacher younger brother, what’s the matter with you? Wake up, wake up!" Chen Jing pushed Chen Sheng to Kong Xuan after hearing Kong Xuan’s roar, but he was helpless and stamped his feet anxiously and denounced Chen Sheng. "Brother, do something quickly. Brother Kong Xuan is dying."
"I …" Chen Sheng was speechless at this time.
"Don’t make so much noise." A twisted jade figure slowly appeared in front of Kong Xuan.
"met the master"
"seen the cave master"
Chen Jing, Chen Sheng, looked at Yu Duxiu with a pair of respectful eyes, and looked at Kong Xuan. Chen Shengli, Chen Jing, ignored him and waved his hand. "While waiting for the teacher to help you, Brother Kong Xuan’s arm is today, and your brother Kong Xuan’s enlightenment day."
After that, I saw that the virtual twisted jade was a unique step, and it was surrounded by black lotus flowers and reappeared. It has come to one side.
In this virtual space, a black-and-white ball keeps spinning and flowing, and then the weather changes first and dissipates in the virtual space.
"Master" Kong Xuan came to the front of Jade Duxiu with pale face at this time.
"Well, it’s doom and chance." Jade Duxiu nodded.
"Please give me a hand, too." Kong Xuan twisted his face
Jade Duxiu smell speech smiled gently. "Don’t worry, the teacher has long anticipated this situation."
Talking, I saw a black lotus blooming leisurely in this empty palm, and a strange fragrance spread from the lotus to all directions. Everything in the world changed suddenly, which made the holy land empty and doomed again. All disasters were absorbed by the lotus.
Then Kong Xuan’s face at this time of Yuan God was soothing and revealed a lingering fear. "Thank you for your help."
Jade Duxiu smell speech shook his head. "You have a chance to be born in Dapeng today. You have accumulated almost the same amount of virtual vitality, which has been transformed by the innate yin and yang forces. The innate five-element force is really wonderful. Later, once your side is virtual and breeds the world, you will put your own yuan god into accepting the world salute and deify your own yuan god. Since then, the innate five-element force has become a self-contained world, and it will never die. I don’t know how many monks are asking for it. You must not miss the opportunity, otherwise your soul the day after tomorrow will be transformed by the world once the world is formed.
Jade Duxiu looked at Kong Xuan Kong Xuan with a serious face, and his face was ecstatic with a trace of ecstasy, but he tried to suppress his joy. "Please ask the master to tell me that I don’t know if it will affect Dapeng."
"It’s the first time that Dapeng is in charge of Yin and Yang. You use Dapeng’s Yin and Yang to practice your own spirit and refine the foundation of the world. When the time comes, the Yuan God will be in charge of the innate five elements. It’s a congenital god. You, Dapeng, are homologous and can be called brothers."
With that, the jade-colored divine light in the eyes of Jade Duxiu flows. Looking at the virtual reality, the innate five elements of qi are constantly converging, and a mysterious force is constantly condensing and reorganizing. The birth of a mysterious force wraps the sphere of Yin and Yang.
"Go ahead"
Looking at the five-color shekinah, the ups and downs of Yin and Yang and the ups and downs of the ball Jade Duxiu took a look at Kong Xuan.
Kong Xuan was at the jade show, respectful and a gift, and the instantaneous time went into the ball and disappeared.
Jade Duxiu’s black lotus in his hand is faint, and the water, wind and fire in the virtual space are instantly absorbed by Jade Duxiu, only to see that the black lotus is instantly rooted in the virtual space and all the doom must be absorbed by the lotus.
Seeing this Jade Duxiu nodded and stepped out of Kong Xuan’s virtual space, all kinds of changes in heaven and earth have calmed down the will of the ancestors and the continuous flow of heaven and earth.
While Chen Sheng’s brother and sister saluted Yu Duxiu, Chen Shengdao said, "Master, I wonder what happened to Brother Kong Xuan?"
"It’s natural to wait for Kong Xuan to come out for a while, and then you can prove that the fruit will live forever after Kong Xuan comes out." Jade Duxiu smiled gently.
Chen Sheng Chen Jing Qi Qi screamed and covered her mouth at the same time. Chen Sheng’s eyes showed a little bit of flattering color. "Master, you see that Kong Xuan’s younger brother will be immortal. Look at me. How can your eldest disciple be surpassed by your younger brother? It’s a shame. When will your old man give me an immortal?"
Chapter 123 Tai Yuan is blocking the road
At Chen Sheng, Jade Duxiu turned to look at the distant mountain peak. "With your qualifications, I will give you all kinds of plans. You can’t be a fairy in vain."
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu’s palm flicked and a black lotus leaped over the void and fell into Chen Sheng Chen Jing’s body without waiting for the other party to react.
"If you have a protector to refine the elixir of immortality in the future, you will wait for immortality. Say that you are still dead." Jade Duxiu is not afraid of hitting his brother’s confidence. The words are full of contempt.
Chen Sheng was heartbroken with shame, but then he was full of excitement. "Is your old man’s immortal medicine really reliable?"
"Less immortal than you." Jade gave Chen Sheng a white look.
With that, Yu Duxiu suddenly froze, his eyes looked at the void with horror, and then he said to the Chen Shengdao, "You will take care of your brother here and there are things that won’t be said to you."
With that, Jade Duxiu’s whole body sparkled with stars for a moment, and his body dissipated, and he disappeared in vain.
Yu Duxiu, a Taoist temple in Zhongyu Taiping Road, slowly opened a pair of eyes and looked at the empty eyes, showing some excitement and expectation. "I didn’t expect the great struggle to be started because of the birth of Dapeng."
The nine great ancestors of the exhausted Terran stood proudly. As the turbulence of Yin and Yang dispersed, many ancestors collected magic weapons. Look at me, I don’t think anyone can see the source of the turmoil.
The Taiping ancestor was about to speak when his face suddenly changed. "The great opportunity was born."
Qi Qi, the nine great ancestors of Terran, changed color. Look at me, I see that you have converged on your magic weapon.
After a while, I just listened to Taizi’s ancestor, saying, "Without rules, there can’t be a big fight in Fiona Fang. It’s a success for people like us. Let’s not take precautions against the wild dragons. Let’s leave this big fight to those who are lucky."
When the ancestors heard this, they all nodded their heads and said "yes".
Grandfather Tai praised Grandfather Tai Huang, Grandfather Tai Yi and others for clapping their hands and fighting for opportunities, which is especially precious, but it is nothing to the immortals who have already proved the immortal way, but the important ratio is the most important point for the immortal way.
On the one hand, Tai Yuan’s ancestor said sullenly, "Miaoxiu’s background has been pumped away by the dragons of the four seas, and so has this great opportunity. But Miaoxiu’s miraculous person is sure to be immortal and easy to compete for the opportunity. If he is not restricted, he will be stirred up in a mess. Go to Taiping Road in Zhongyu and have a trip."
"Good friends have lost the qualification to become immortals. Let’s not wade into the muddy water in this great struggle." Grandfather Tai Dou was the first to praise him.
On the one hand, Taiyi’s ancestor also nodded. "Taiyuan Daoyou has a point. Let’s leave this immortal opportunity to the hopeful tianjiao. Don’t call Miaoxiu to disturb my Terran order."
Grandfather Tai also nodded, "Yes, yes, many Taoist friends said yes. This great opportunity must not fall into the hands of Miao Xiu."
"In that case, thank you for your kindness." Grandfather Taiyi said.
Many godfathers have echoed the trend of the times. Even the Taiping Godfather was furious and discolored, but he also opposed it. On the one hand, Tai Su Godfather was quiet, and it was too easy to teach the old gods. No longer, everyone wanted to stall Miaoxiu, and it was too easy to teach the ancestors. After all, his brother might not be able to compete for the so-called first tianjiao.
"Now that all the Taoist friends agree with being original, let’s go to Zhongyu once. This wicked man can do it for me. You have no opinion on this old guy, right?" Tai Yuan’s ancestor turned to look at Taiping’s ancestor.
"No problem" Taiping’s ancestor gnashed his teeth but did not dare to refute that his arm was unable to overcome his thigh. At this time, all the ancestors have agreed that the trend of the times is inevitable. If he violates it, he will be squeezed out by more than a few clansmen and hit his younger brother Xiandaoyuan unless everyone completely tears his face.
Even if Taiping’s ancestor is strong, he is only one person after all. He is isolated from Tai Su’s ancestor and has an ambiguous attitude. What can he do?
Seeing the Taiping ancestor’s face turned blue and purple, the Qing Taiyuan ancestor laughed. "In this case, let’s go first."
After that, Tai Yuan’s ancestor has crossed the void and came to Zhongyu Taiping Taoist Temple.
Jade Duxiu, the "ancestor of Taiyuan", suddenly opened his eyes when he sat in bluestone, and his voice was filled with a chill of ice.
"Isn’t it a surprise to see you here?" Tai Yuan’s ancestor looked at Yu Duxiu as if he were a beast, and his eyes were full of cruel abuse.
"This is my Taiping Dao Jurisdiction. Even if it is not welcome to invite our ancestors, it is really a surprise." Jade Duxiu heard that she shook her head and didn’t get up to salute.
Jade Duxiu’s practice is a ritual. Even the quasi-fairy monk has to get up and salute when facing the ancestor, but it happened that Jade Duxiu didn’t salute at this time and the ancestor Taiyuan didn’t get angry.
Tai Yuan’s ancestor immediately changed his face when he heard the words of Jade Duxiu, but he thought that Jade Duxiu would soon lose the qualification to compete for Xiandao Machine, and the unhappiness in his heart disappeared instantly.
However, I saw that Tai Yuan’s ancestor’s right hand moved his palm, and the innate Lingbao’s power soared into the sky and instantly covered one side.
Seeing Tai Yuan’s ancestor offering a spiritual treasure jade, the palm of his hand was turned over and a crystal clear yellow gourd was taken in his hand. A pair of eyes were cold and light, and he looked at Tai Yuan’s ancestor. "Does the ancestor still want me to fight?"

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