"Why not? Her surname is Teng. The key is that if we can inspire my aunt to make her career bigger, she will definitely want to make her career better than her competitors. You are not short of money, but I can’t believe that anyone in the city can do better than her aunt. "
However, this is a big fact.
He didn’t expect that tenderness would have penetrated Teng’s beauty.
He thinks it’s a good idea. If Tengmei has a job, I’m afraid she’s not in the mood to be difficult with tenderness.
He will also worry a lot about killing two birds with one stone.
"Ah, I suddenly found out that my wife was so scheming."
"Why? Don’t like it? "
"Who said that? I like it even more. "
He bit her skin with his eyes down and then pestered her.
Gentle nai was itchy all over by him.
The next day, I went to the shopping mall and jewelry store early.
Although it’s my father-in-law’s birthday, I always send two copies to my elders every year.
After all, there are not many times when you can get a chance to give a gift.
Moreover, sending one person really makes another person feel depressed, so she simply sends it together.
Today, on her birthday, manager Teng gave a watch, not two. He also wore a couple’s money in his own hand.
Manager Teng also said that you really save yourself. Birthday is spent with Valentine’s Day.
Gentle nai should thank you for replying. I’m afraid it’s your parents-in-law.
He laughed and went on kissing her.
Meng Lin is also shopping. It is purely coincidental but generous to meet tenderness. She stepped forward to say hello to tenderness and felt someone approaching. When she looked up, she was surprised to see Meng Lin and smiled at Miss Meng.
"Mrs. Teng, long time no see"
"It’s a bit of a day to go shopping alone?"
"Yeah, just looking for inspiration."
"Don’t mind going shopping together and having dinner with Yun Xiang and them at noon" said softly.
Now those two are doing their hair, and she is too lazy to go there. Teng always doesn’t like her to do it in other colors, so she chooses gifts for her in-laws here herself.
"Just don’t bother," Meng Lin said.
"Why?" said softly, and then the two women went shopping together.
Meng Lin saw a watch coming out. Is it suitable for lawyer Wen?
"Huh?" Gentleness can’t help but be stunned and then take a look. It’s really suitable for Wen Liang. Are they good enough to send watches?
"Oh, I’m just saying," Meng Lin said immediately when she heard the domineering suspicion.
It’s strange to be scared by a gentle stare. I’m sorry. If you think it’s appropriate, you can buy it or not. It’s your business.
Meng Lin listened and really bought it.
She just thinks it’s appropriate
Looking at her gently to pay, I can’t help thinking that Wen Liang would be in a bad mood if she saw this gift.
Meng Lin’s father is also an official. Although he is not a big shot, he is already high above ordinary people. However, Meng Lin is a very ordinary girl with no bad temper at all.
In fact, gentle thinks this girl is really nice and super considerate of her brother.
It’s about her brother’s consideration. How can a woman not think of Belle?
When her younger brother was implicated in the breakup of her relationship with manager Teng, he didn’t come to her. When his sister was Belle, he repeatedly came to her.
Belle didn’t say anything, but every time she said those words, she was actually gentle and could see that she was embarrassed.
Belle is a girl whose heart is higher than the sky. Compared with Wen Liang, Belle is more practical and Sobel will stand for Wen Liang.
Section 49
However, they are now going their separate ways.

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