Want to let the town prison tripod back to the peak to play the real power of the emperor Su Moxiu realm can’t be too low.
Normally, the reputation of the town prison ding peerless emperor soldiers is easy to identify at one time.
However, due to the long time and the broken tripod, no one can see the origin of the tripod at present.
Su Mo seems that even if he will repair the Ding Department of the town prison, not many people can recognize this emperor soldier.
Su Mo calmed down and continued to practice in the mine.
His realm has broken through to the ninth level of Xuanyuan realm.
There are plenty of Yuanlingshi in this mine.
If there is an accident, he is going to practice to the ninth peak of Xuanyuan’s territory. If there is an opportunity, he will try to break through to Yuanyuan’s territory and become a fairy!
A year later.
Su Mo suddenly woke up from the practice in a mine hole in the seventh Yuanling Mine outside Ryukyu and Guangcheng, and his eyes flashed differently.
Just now he felt an unusual throb on a whim!
The mine has been extremely quiet for thousands of years, and no one dares to disturb him.
In the mine, the monk’s cultivation realm is Xuanxian, and it does not pose a threat to him.
But this kind of palpitation is extremely obvious and will never be an illusion!
"Don’t I practice secretly and be noticed?"
Su Mo’s mind just flashed the idea and denied it himself.
Over the years, he has been extremely careful not to be exposed. Even the monks in the mine don’t know what he is doing deep in the mine.
"Don’t …"
Su Mo suddenly thought of a guess.
"No, run!"
"Someone dug up a complete claw and the people around him died!"
Just then, there was a panic and inexplicable cry outside the mine.
Su Mo looked dignified.
Before he entered the mine, a monk with a nose told him such a thing.
Someone once dug up a drop of blood and let tens of thousands of monks die in this mine!
It’s hard to imagine the terrible consequences if a complete claw is dug out.
"Oh my god, this is not a claw …"
At this moment, a trembling voice said, "This is a complete creature!"
"It’s alive!"
Call to an abrupt end
Su Mo’s heart was greatly shocked.
A living creature was dug up in Yuanling Mine!
Brother Nose once told him that there are flesh and blood remains that may last for hundreds of thousands of years. Now you can imagine what terrible power these flesh and blood remains contain.
I don’t know how many years ago an ancient creature actually woke up from this Yuanling Mine!
Su Mo suddenly remembered one thing. He looked askance at the stone wall of a mine not far away and was silent.
More than a hundred years ago, he dug into the stone wall.
The jade shovel was about to swing, but for no reason, he suddenly felt that it was extremely dangerous to warn him!
He didn’t rush to start work, but he ran a dim light, and his left eye was dark and his right eye was white, looking at the stone wall.
Normally, there is a unique stone skin on the rock surface in the mining area.
Don’t say it’s the line of sight. Even the gods will penetrate.
But over the years, Su Moyi found that if his candle shines and his eyes shine at the same time, he can vaguely penetrate the stone skin and see some vague scenes inside.
This discovery made him happy.
In this way, he can easily judge where there is Yuanlingshi in the mine hole and directly mine it, thus saving a lot of time.
At that time, he looked at the stone wall with a bright candle and a bright eye.
The line of sight penetrated the stone skin and vaguely saw a blur of white light and shadow, which was quite different in size and yuan Lingshi.
Out of caution, Su Mo didn’t continue to dig the stone wall, but changed his direction and adopted Yuan Lingshi to continue practicing.
And now the disaster broke out in the mining area. Su Mo can’t help but recall this matter.
The screams outside gradually faded and soon became silent.
Su Mo’s five senses are keen, and he has smelled strong blood gas!
He didn’t dare to make a move, but he restrained his breath and held his breath to reduce his heartbeat to the limit, and his blood flow became slower than before.

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