Halfway through Duan De’s loneliness, he took the lead in taking a long trip to Fuzu, and I don’t know if he stared at the tomb of the king, and he was very uneasy about going out on the spot.
Several other sages told them that they were going to prepare the occult law, and that there would be a dragon tablet left to call back. At the beginning, when Fuyuan went to the wind clan, there was also consultation with each other, which was obviously an exchange of interests.
Otherwise, seeing the dragon tablet fly away, I’m afraid the wind clan will be dumbfounded by the silence of the clan.
At night, the silver plate hangs high and the moonlight falls on the mountain. Gu Song stands upright with clear springs and flows from the roots. This is a quiet and quiet picture.
The banquet dispersed, and Li Yu’s fellow pilots came to a secluded place in jathyapple. There was no noise, and there was a breath of birth, which was peaceful and natural.
The harpsichord beside the woman king is tinkling in the winter, but it is as smart as a magic symbol, jumping fingers dripping out and sketching a peaceful picture.
Didn’t speak, didn’t destroy this Tao, and realized it quietly.
The Fuzu helmsman got up and took out a Wang Shenquan with three cups of spiritual tea from the leaves of the ancient enlightenment tea given by Li Yu. He had a strange power to make people feel calm, calm and peaceful, and it was a holy power.
I’m afraid it’s the first time that the sage makes tea and the queen fuqin shows such specifications, and only Li Yu is worth it.
"When the Dragon Monument is restored, you can also travel here. Maybe a strong man is also connected. Maybe there are ancient earth strong people in Yanhuang State."
Li Yu raised his glass to drink tea, and his dark hair was thick and natural. There were mountains and rivers in his eyes, and Gu Yue sank unfathomable.
He thought about this ancient star, and it seems that the earth also has a lot.
Pines and pines can’t hide the moonlight and clear springs. It’s quiet here again. No one talks quietly and fragrant tea.
The fragrance fills people’s minds and sublimes them. This is the most precious tea in the world. It comes from Wudao ancient tea tree and naturally has a unique flavor.
Sipping three people fell into an epiphany.
Li Yu’s eyes are slightly closed, and the practice gained from the self-esteem remnant thoughts runs between the eyebrows. One divine light after another shoots out and meets to form six divine rings to present Sendai.
This is a concise method of Yuan gods, and it can also show the unpredictable power. Six rings of gods emerge and turn into immortal Taoist lights, and there are avenues and rumblings.
People Wang Guxing this night is not calm, and the areas outside the clan are violently oscillating with undercurrents.
With the addition of an emperor soldier, such terrorist fluctuations have to be sensitive. They associate a lot of them with sending people to ambush the state to spy on them.
Wang Yimai, who broke out in this evil thought, didn’t invite them to help. Did he find his helper and be a great soldier?
At the same time, the eternal star has been brewing for many days, and there is a noisy undercurrent. All parties are impatient, and the era of pioneering has come to an unprecedented opportunity.
However, all the big families are recruiting, and they want to be strong enough to be accepted, and they all want to take the lead in the future turf war.
Yuanduxing conquers Beidou and enslaves Taikoo Wanzu.
Every day, people discuss and argue about this topic. Naturally, some people accuse this of aggression and protest, and this is bullying and bullying.
However, no big power takes these things seriously, and they have interests and resources in their eyes.
Now they have been occupied by Beidou resources, and all kinds of divine ingredients are really rare in the ages, and only Beidou can find them.
In a sense, it is necessary to have a divine main mineral to refine the first-stage evolution solution. Other main minerals can be replaced, and then dozens of auxiliary rare minerals can be added, which is almost successful.
There are several kinds of divine main ingredients, but it is too difficult to refine the evolution liquid of the first stage. Don’t say that the ninth stage is the seventh stage, and it is difficult to refine the evolution liquid of the sixth stage.
"It’s time to go out and act according to the previously assigned areas. Although there are Terrans in the Big Dipper domain, they are too weak. Compared with the Archaeon clan law, we can ignore them this time. Of course, if you want to do something to sell, it won’t affect."
It is said that the sun never sets, and the super princes took the lead in pulling the expedition curtain. In this way, great saints have appeared in ancient family history, and now there are saints and kings sitting in the seat, so they are honored as princes.
Whoops ~ ~
The horn of war left by the ancient Great Sage sounded the eternal master mother ship, and one after another rose to sail for the gate that had already been hit.
The thick horns of the princes’ roads sounded dull and wild, and the expeditionary army set sail, breaking tens of thousands of years of peace. This is a cross-star war!
Many people saw off all kinds of spaceships, and many masters flew to the descendants of the royal families and women’s volumes in Gao, scattering flowers like a hero’s way.
Eventually, the huge stargate slowly disappeared into the inner part of all the warships and entered another splendid Xinghai.
The conquest war kicked off!
And the ancient people in the distant Big Dipper domain are not willing to lag behind. These days, they are making a series of arrangements and clamoring to kill the eternal star. They have taken out the coordinates of the eternal star domain from their captive minds.
Although it’s a little far away, the trend of anger and interest makes them flock to it, especially the evolutionary fluid, which can purify their blood!
This discovery instantly strengthened the attitude of the royal family, which must be suppressed forever!
"The strongest evolutionary liquid has such a thing. It’s a must to go against the sky!"
"Those ants seem fragile and know how to use foreign things, but they also have something extraordinary. This precious liquid for promoting blood evolution is really extraordinary and must be obtained."
"Fight for eternity to seize their evolutionary fluid!"
Everyone in Taikoo is excited and looking forward to the bright future.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine Dragon Monument Unites the ancient clan and plans for eternity.
The next day, the sun was shining brightly, and the sky was clear and a sea of clouds. Like black dragon, creatures shuttled by, accompanied by monks hiding from the light, making this world gradually noisy.
After a night of preparation, the ancestral land of the Fu nationality has been portrayed, and the people have called for the emperor’s broken pieces. All the people have surrounded the Dragon Monument and kept chanting.
"ancestor worship! Dragon festival tablet! Come back! Come back! "
Several ancient sages were responsible for presiding over the high-pitched songs. In the end, they all sprinkled JingXie, with a light silver color. Although they were not Wang Ti, the blood of King Ren also recovered to a certain extent.
Wang qian, a woman, raised her hand with a touch of a series of silvery white JingXie flying out into a statue of a villain sitting on the dragon tablet and resonating together. This is the bridge for Wang Ti’s blood to return to the dragon tablet.
"Little friend, please."
The Fuzu helm looked back at Li Yu, waiting for the purest king’s blood.
As soon as this blood came out, Wang Ti reached the second turn level far beyond ordinary people. Perhaps Fuxi the Great crossed that shackles in the past.
Li Yu’s eyes were as fierce as the sun. He raised his hand and pointed out a huge red gold dragon coiled out. Long Yin opened his mouth and spat out a blood bead, which was blue-gold and surrounded by a gorgeous flame, just like an ancient star sinking.
As soon as this blood is revealed, all the people in the family feel a quiver as if they were struck by a sledgehammer, and their bodies are all shocked. The strongest calling feeling comes from that drop of blue gold blood.
Human king blood!
Naturally, the title of Terran King did not come from it, but it has experienced the baptism of years and proved that there was a bright side and a brilliant past.
Wang Li, a man who crossed the sea with a lot of red dust in his blood, propped up a trillion-trillion-dollar living thing for all beings, prostrating himself and worshiping like the sea, and turned it into a treasure raft.
"The second turn is the king’s blood, and the suppression is so strong!"
The woman, the king, felt an unprecedented sense of oppression, which made her body rush, silvery white blood boiling, flashing and flickering, and there was a faint suffocation like a face.
Everyone watched the drop of blue gold blood turn into a statue of a king stepping on the sky and sat down directly on the top of the dragon tablet. When the eyes closed, they recited Fuxi Sutra, and there were diagrams to show the protection and reflect the king’s day.
In an instant, the whole dragon tablet fluctuated violently, and the gods who were sleeping because of heavy losses gradually showed signs of recovery in the blood array of the royal family.
Li Yu raised my hand and brushed it. Once the immortal soldier’s soul was cut out by the ginger family God City, it also inspired the eyes of the terrorist in the ancient mine in the beginning to fly directly into the dragon tablet to repair the broken gods.
Well, although the war was tragic at the beginning, the emperor’s soldiers and gods have not completely disappeared, but they have grown up when they were repaired, so that they will not run out of soldiers’ souls. Maybe they can be used to repair Ren Huang seals in the future.
At this time, the Dragon Monument was supplemented, and the brilliance broke into the sky and the sea of clouds, making the stars sway, and an ancient traction wave spread to the other side of the star.
At the same time, the big dipper domain
The contemporary householders of the Eastern Wilderness Wind Family stood quietly on the ancient dragon tablet, staring at the words engraved with the human head and snake body, and could not help sighing.
"The coming will come after all. Although there are teachings of the past years, who can give up speaking out of turn at this time? It is difficult to get easy to lose indifference; I hope my wind clan can get the due reward this time. "

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