"Braid, I don’t want to lie to you. In fact, the person who used to ride the air duct was really dead. Now I am reborn after him." I told Bai Jiuyi the truth from facts
"I understand that you monks are still human beings after all, no matter how powerful the Tao is, you can’t live for thousands of years, but you can make your spirit immortal after death. Am I right, big brother?" Bai Jiuyu, the head of the clan in Tu Shan, is not only beautiful but also witty.
I nodded by default, "It’s a pity that you can’t watch the gas, otherwise you will find that it’s a far cry from my practice of Taoism and taking the wind tunnel in those days." When the police station made a scene that day, Hui Bald Donkey also said to me that "the purple spirit with three orifices has not returned."
"It’s enough for you to remember me. For so many years, I have been hoping to see you again. I finally realized this wish in my lifetime." Bai Jiuyi gave me a deep sigh with his hands folded. "Big brother was given the gas gathering method by you in the past to gather aura and rush to the Xuan to live. Today, you are very grateful." Bai Jiuyi said, "Please receive a worship from Jiu Yi."
Before I got up, I was going to hold her for a while, but I didn’t reach out because she worshipped me. "Don’t be so pigtailed. What’s wrong with you?" I pointed to the wheelchair and asked Bai Jiuyu, who was still a little girl when the air bearer met her. She was very flexible in showing him the way in front.
"It’s a long story, big brother. You drink tea."
Bai Jiuyu held out his hand from the wheelchair and poured me a cup of tea from the jade pot. "I, the ancestors of Tu Shan clan, are men, women and white, although of noble ancestry, are not foxes. Therefore, men can stop at three tails and women can reach Kyubi no Youko at most. However, the number of foxes is like a mortal robbing the lightning, that is, our ancestors can’t defend it. Therefore, women died in four or five tails, and I have been granted the gas gathering method privately by my big brother. For thousands of years, I have practiced more than just a few tails to break through Xuan and bring everyone back to my hometown
"It’s a pity to fall short." I can’t help sighing when I hear this. There are only ten beauties in the world, and there are always some unsatisfactory things in the world.
"Is there any remedy?" Although I know that the beauty in front of me is not human, it is really unacceptable that such a pleasing beauty is paralyzed.
"Ah ….. my uncle’s original design trapped you. It’s also the fact that this clan is thin. It’s really a handful. For thousands of years, Kyubi no Youko Linghu has never appeared. They are full of hope that I can break through Xuanqi. That Kyubi no Youko Chennai is still in the mirror, and the moon can only be dreamed of." Bai Jiuyu once again reached out to the teapot and I shook my head to signal that the tea had not been drunk. She just stopped saying that "And the ancestors also made Zuxun. If there is no Kyubi no Youko among the clansmen, they can’t return to Tu Shan. Seeing the disaster day is near
"Oh, your third uncle’s spell is also fierce." I sneered and said, no wonder that black three often trapped us and said that we didn’t get it for a long time.
"Although the third uncle has three tails, the psychedelic skill of trapping the enemy is perfect. You frowned when you saw him!" Bai Jiuyu smiled. "Although my uncle is sincere to me, I, the Tu Shan clan, always know how to treat others with courtesy, so I would never do anything, so I sent the girl out just as your friend threw a firearm at us …"
"When did you rob once?" I interjected and asked Bai Jiuyu if she was so good. I naturally thought of whether I could do something to compensate her. Although the alcohol in an ancient wine was low, it was still the first.
Bai Jiuyu closed her eyes slightly and pondered for a moment, "The year of Jia Shen, the month of Jia Xu, the day of Hai Shi"
I roughly calculate that it is less than a year since the Double Ninth Festival in 2008.
"Braid, how about I come to protect you then?" Wine is definitely not a good thing. I wouldn’t say this in normal times, but I regret it as soon as I say it now, and I quickly added, "I have to pass the purple gas first."
As soon as my words came out, my face lit up and I hurried out of my wheelchair to worship the ground. "Thanks to the protection of my big brother, all the people can leave this cold place and report to great kindness."
As soon as my face was hot, I hurried to hug her in a wheelchair. I was in close contact with a bluegrass aroma. My weight and smell were the same as those of human beings, but it happened that she was not human. I shook my head with a wry smile. How can this cowhide end up after it was blown? I’m afraid I’ll have to fold it in. If she does give me a knot in grass, I’m more finished.
"I went out to see my friend with that pigtail …" I really didn’t have the courage to contact her alone again, so I found a lame excuse to escape and ran out.
Chapter 75 Dry food travelling expenses
King Kong Gun and Black San often fall asleep after drinking, so I quickly picked up King Kong Gun and dragged it out of the main hall.
Lunch was sent by Bai Jiuyi, and when the lantern was turned on, King Kong finally woke up. I picked out some important things from Bai Jiuyi’s previous conversation with me and told him. Of course, I can’t tell him anything like knotting a knot.
"It’s a good thing she sent it out, or let her see it. When I see it, I will wake up the desire to chase the wind. That’s what makes it lively." King Kong cannon listened to me when I said that she was possessed and robbed.
"Do you like chasing the wind, old cow?" I’m angry with the king kong cannon and asked
"It’s a pity that she is not conscious." King Kong Bao was slightly depressed.
"Would you marry her if there was a way to bring her back to her senses?" I half-jokingly said that according to the current situation, it is not impossible for Mu Zhuifeng to regain consciousness. Before that, I had the purple gas xuan.
"If she wakes up, will she like me?" King Kong Gun smiled bitterly, and his worries were not unfounded. If Mu Zhuifeng found out that King Kong Gun had any intimate behavior towards her when she was awake, her temperament would definitely not be as good as King Kong Gun’s.
"No matter what happens later, one thing is certain. If she is eager to pursue the wind and work hard, she will live for more than three months." When she met us, she herself once said that she was twenty-three and a half years old and followed us for more than a month. We have long known that people who have been given a spirit-spreading tactic will not live for two years.
"Although I can’t get even with you, I will watch the gas. You see that her main life is coming to an end, and I’m not blind …" King Kong Gun finger door is feeding the white wolf for chasing the wind.
"I can’t delay the old cow. There is not much time left. If we can’t get to the main peak of Kunlun in three months, then she will die." Whether we are taking the wind or chasing the wind when we are awake, we all lead us to the main peak of Kunlun. Surely there will be a rescue method there.
"Then let’s go." King Kong Gun got up and walked out of the door and shouted at a few scattered people in the distance. "That’s why you called the heads of families and Heisan. We have to go." He and Heisan often knew each other already. Heisan was his nickname.
It doesn’t take a moment for Bai Jiu-fung and the pace to shake, and then there is often a sound at the door, which can be heard by outsiders.
"Real people, are you leaving?" Bai Jiuyu is exquisitely carved, and the tone of address is naturally not as close as that of people.

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