As soon as the two sides touched the nuclear warhead propulsion device, the fire went out, but the nuclear warhead was still falling inertia at an extremely fast speed.
This laser didn’t cut the intercontinental * into two pieces, but it destroyed the middle structure and components by its own energy.
The observers in the military base were nervous and looked at the nuclear bomb, which came straight to the military base. It seems that this is the target of this nuclear warhead.
As the nuclear warhead gets closer and closer to the ground, the observer feels that his heart will jump into his throat.
"dang! ! !”
When the nuclear warhead landed, the observer closed his eyes. It took a few seconds before he touched his arm again and found himself alive. He quickly opened his eyes again.
The nuclear warhead hit the spacious fighter apron and did not detonate.
It is quite difficult to detonate a nuclear bomb in practice. If the nuclear material does not reach the critical mass synchronously, it will not trigger a chain reaction, and a nuclear explosion will cause nuclear pollution.
If the nuclear is intercepted by the laser and destroyed, there will be no nuclear explosion. This is the best situation.
The workers in the military base have no idea that there will be no more nuclear bombs falling here. The United States will not set up two nuclear bombs at the same goal. Although they have launched more than two intercontinental * at one time, the goal must be to cover nine remote areas and set up two nuclear bombs at the same target point. It is a kind of wave.
Dongshi military base is far away from the city and the most advanced military base in China-but Dongshi is also a first-tier city in Jiuyou, and the United States will definitely list its central city as an attack target.
Sure enough, people in the military base still come to celebrate that the ground radar has scanned two more nuclear warheads.
It seems that the United States has set up three target points only for Dongshi, one is Dongshi military base, the other is Dongshi port, and the third is Dongshi city center.
If these three nuclear bombs are successfully detonated, then there will be no east market in Jiuyou.
The laser weapon is still in the cooling state. Every time this ultra-high power weapon makes the launch port overheat, it can only be activated for the second time after it is cooled by the cooling system. As long as just now, the port will almost melt, and it takes less than 3 minutes to make it work again.
But East City doesn’t have 3 minutes.
The 歼 2 pilot was ordered to intercept the intercontinental again * However, he did not fly the fighter plane to stay high at this time.
The fighter plane flew low against the sea. He adjusted the fighter plane after learning the flight path of the nuclear bomb, but the flight wanted to be in the same path.
After climbing for a while, sure enough, a light spot appeared on the radar again. This light target is the port of Dongshi.
When the fighter plane found the nuclear warhead, it was 2 kilometers apart. The pilot had less than 4 seconds to intercept it. After 4 seconds, he couldn’t chase the nuclear again. *
Ground-to-ground anti-missile * Give priority to another nuclear bomb that will fall into the center of the city. Several Dongfeng anti-missile * rise from the military base in turn and fly to the flight path of the nuclear bomb.
The fighter-2 pilot looked at the spot machine in the radar with a medium range * with an effective range of 1 km, but he had already launched a medium range * when he first discovered the nuclear bomb.
It’s a gamble that it won’t hit a nuclear warhead much more than winning the lottery.
Sure enough, after more than ten seconds, the light spot representing the nuclear bomb is still moving at high speed, and it has entered the range of * and the pilot launches the fighters one by one *
However, after all this was done, the pilot did not choose to avoid him. He still stared at the radar and faced the nuclear front. He wanted to see the target intercepted with his own eyes before he would leave.
If the nuclear bomb is successfully intercepted and does not explode, he can leave safely. If the nuclear bomb explodes, there is little chance that he will escape alive even now.
But if the medium range doesn’t intercept the target, he has one last chance …
The pilot is getting closer and closer to the nuclear. Finally, he can see a black spot in the distance with the naked eye. However, he also sees that he has missed the black spot.
The pilot kept fine-tuning the flight direction of the fighter plane. At this moment, he has been excited for many years, and there are less than 5 seconds left to adjust. He wants that nuclear * to collide head-on
The history of flying a fighter plane into a nuclear bomb has not yet appeared. In the past, it was always chasing the fighter plane flying around. This time, it was the fighter plane that made trouble.
The pilot took three seconds to fine-tune the direction. During these three seconds, he did not observe the various measuring instruments of the fighter plane and adjusted the direction by feeling.
In the fourth second, he saw that the black spot was getting bigger and bigger, less than 6 kilometers away from himself.
At the last second, there was no fear in the pilot’s heart. When the black spot became wider and wider, he smiled with relief and satisfaction.
"My driving skill must be the best in the world" was the last thought of the pilot.
At this time, it is evening in Dongshi, and the city is particularly peaceful and prosperous, but if you look closely at the streets, there are people who are frightened and fleeing everywhere.
A bright light suddenly appeared in the eastern sky, just like a huge * was still in the hongxia and was instantly blown away.
The J-2 fighter successfully intercepted the nuclear bomb, but it was not intercepted, but the fuselage hit the nuclear bomb. The detonation of the high school will cause less damage to the ground.
Almost at the same time, a same light group, Oriental Anti-missile *, lit up in the north of Dongshi, successfully intercepting another nuclear bomb.
Then two loud bangs came at the same time, and the whole East City just lit up with gorgeous lights, and a flashing part went out.
High nuclear explosion is equivalent to EMP attack. Although these two nuclear bombs were not detonated in the atmosphere, they could not be called real EMP attacks, but they still caused strong magnetic pulses to Dongshi.
The pulse of stopping the magnetic field in the urban area around Dongshi is fatal to the equipment. There is a receiving device. When the equipment receives the pulse attack, the rear board will burn down.
Many large-scale equipment in the city began to catch fire, and the fire-fighting situation can be seen everywhere. As the night falls, the whole city gradually becomes dark, and you can see the star flames from a high altitude.
The eastern city has been saved, but it has lost its prosperity in the past. This is a lucky city. The nuclear bomb has not caused substantial harm to people on the ground, and other cities are not so lucky …
The sixth volume of the world war in shielding words said.
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The sixth volume World War Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven Interception
Pei Min of Northeast China went there directly after returning from South Korea. He wanted to intercept the nuclear bomb at the border of Jiuyou. The guardian of Northeast China is an A-level extraordinary defense facility and the facilities are relatively weak.
Zhu Yu had been there for a long time, and the northeastern state was his hometown. He pulled out a fire wall in the gourd, and as soon as the radar of the ground military base detected the nuclear bomb, it immediately joined Zhu Yu.
And Zhuyu immediately laid a defense net to intercept the nuclear bomb after receiving the trajectory of the nuclear bomb. This defense net is the flame sprayed by the gourd.
But the speed of the nuclear bomb is too fast. Zhuyu needs a thick fire wall to intercept the nuclear bomb.
The first nuclear bomb to enter Northeast China directly passed through Zhuyubu fire wall, and the ground bulletproof failed to intercept this nuclear bomb because its height was too high.
The target of this nuclear bomb is not the northeast state, but the north state. The calculation accuracy of ground bulletproof is not enough, and the size of the nuclear bomb is too small. When the bulletproof bomb flies high, the tiny calculation error will cause the bulletproof nuclear bomb to be out of phase by one kilometer.
The nuclear bomb bases launched by the United States have to enter Dongzhou from the three states of Jiuyou Northeast, Dongzhou and Southeast, with the strongest military defense force, the largest number of fighter planes and the most advanced defense equipment. There is also an entire aircraft carrier formation, so most of the top extraordinary people of Jiuyou Sword are stationed in Northeast and Southeast.
Zhu Yu immediately focused on dealing with the second nuclear bomb after missing the first nuclear bomb.
This time, he seemed to have more experience. After getting the flight path of the nuclear bomb, he tried to use the fire gourd to burn all the clouds in the night.
It took a whole second for the second nuclear bomb to pass through the fire wall. When it passed through the fire wall, it was already a red warhead, and then it detonated itself.
Explode a light mass again in the night. This nuclear bomb protection mechanism makes it explode at high temperature. Every nuclear bomb launched by the United States will be locked for safety reasons, and these nuclear bombs will be unlocked when they fly over the Pacific Ocean. Once a nuclear bomb is attacked, it will detonate itself. Unless it is intercepted by a similar laser weapon, it will have a high probability of exploding itself.
Because Zhu Yu wants to accurately override the position of the fire wall, he was only ten kilometers away from the explosion point when the nuclear bomb exploded, which was his limit.
Nuclear radiation almost melted his body. He was a fire and had a certain resistance to high temperature, and the violent shock wave pushed him far away.
After Zhuyu stabilized his body, he opened his eyes weakly, and his chest ribs were completely exposed. His skin was red and covered with disgusting blisters.
Zhu Yu was still clutching the fire gourd in his hand. He struggled to lift the fire gourd and took a sip of the liquid in the gourd like drinking. Then his necrotic skin began to fall off and new muscle tissue began to grow and heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

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