Kung fu monkey and others have come to the edge of the demon grave and are about to rush in. A figure suddenly flashed in front!
"What person!"
Monkeys and others are frightened and don’t want to make the first move.
The monkey swung his arm and clenched it into a fist. The flesh and blood swelled as if a blood-red seal had come crashing down!
Linghu leaned out a pair of Tiger Claw.
Bang bang!
Tiger Claw and pop up four sharp white claws flashing cold cold light stab to the front figure.
Qingqing’s bright green feather fan has fanned out a green flame with a shake.
Lonely cloud repair realm exceeds monkey’s three eyes. Big bright has recognized bearer’s identity.
Fox didn’t see the man clearly, but she wrinkled her nose, smelled a familiar smell and didn’t shoot.
In a blink of an eye, the monkey, the linghu and the qingqing have attacked!
People hit each other with a backhand punch.
With the other hand, one nail pops up as sharp as a knife, and Tiger Claw collides with a series of sparks!
Monkey and Linghu’s figure went backwards by half a step.
A bright green flame in the middle school has come near, and people have opened their mouths and breathed a sigh of relief to blow it out directly!
"It’s me!"
Come and have a light drink. "Don’t go there!"
This figure is Su Mo.
At this time, the scene is chaotic and there is a need for the gods to be scattered, and it is impossible to want the gods to know the sound roots.
Su Mo can set out in person to stop the monkeys and others.
"Big Brother!"
Monkeys and others exclaimed that their faces were full of joy.
Su Mo stepped forward. "This grave is dangerous and dangerous. Come with me first!"
Say that finish Sue ink lead with monkeys and others back out.
Although there are some demons in the demon group who recognize Su Mo, the treasure is in front of them. All the demons have killed their eyes. Who cares about him?
Come to the periphery Su Moshen said, "Something will happen in a while. If you see me, you don’t have to worry about taking care of yourself. Go back to Whistling Moon Mountain as soon as possible. I will go back to you then."
Monkeys and others see Sue ink serious is a careful nod should be in my heart.
Just then there was a noise in the demon grave!
Like something was forcibly torn and cut!
The demon’s grave surface blasters out a series of blazing white light and sharp horses to tear the grave.
Many big graves compete for treasures, and if the demon roots don’t respond, they will be cut into two pieces by this white light, and the limbs will fly around and blood will gush!
More and more white light is emitted from the grave!
The demon grave is full of cracks, and there are piles of corpses still with warm remains.

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