Wu hang, Lu greed and others surly glances at each other.
To be fair, they are still weak when they see that the dead should suddenly appear in front of everyone.
But on second thought, everyone thought again.
Although they have no avatar, neither has Su Zhu in the sword world.
What’s more, there are ten true spirits on their side. Can’t ten people join hands to kill a Su Zhu?
"You make it or break it."
Wu Xing saw that some of the ten true spirits were hesitant and shocked by the scene just now. He quickly continued, "We just shot him, and both sides have no way out. It’s life and death!"
"If we let him recover, none of us will continue to stay in the battlefield of evil spirits."
"Gentlemen, it’s a joke to be scared off by a very weak person if we retreat at this last moment!"
I have to say that Wu Xing’s remarks are really inflammatory.
The original some shake true spirit at this time also take a deep breath eyes firm up.
Lu greedy drink a boom shouted.
At the same time, the ten true spirits gave a shout to offer their magic secrets and killed Sumo in the center of the battlefield!
the other side
Chess fairy Yu, Lin Xunzhen, Long Li and Mu Lian are also ready to make moves.
Of the four people, Jun Yu, Lin Xunzhen and Long Li can at least stop the three true spirits, but does Mu Lian still have a magical power?
Four people can at least help Su Mo resist five or six true spirits.
But before four people start work, Su Mo counterattack suddenly broke out.
So fierce, so fierce, so violent!
Su Mo suddenly made a loud noise.
Then I saw his body suddenly grow two heads and four arms!
Three heads and six arms!
This peerless avatar is not a rare field in the 3,000 realms, and some of the ten true spirits have successfully cultivated.
"I can have three heads and six arms!"
Lu greedy drink a also released superhuman powers.
When the ten true spirits reached the crowd, they saw Su Mo grow a head again next to three heads, and then two arms after six arms!
Four arm stones break the sky!
Su Mo’s four palms hold Taiyi’s dust, Qingping, Sword, Phoenix, Feather Fan, Sambo and Jade Ruyi respectively, and the other four palms are brought together to pinch out sword fingers or condense magical powers, concise tactics or bare hands …
At this moment, Sumo’s momentum reached its peak!
That figure shows four arms like an ancient fiend with indomitable spirit and majestic eyes like looking around the world!
At this moment, many people have an illusion that they are under siege, not Su Zhu in the sword world, but ten true spirits!
Evil spirits outside the battlefield
All the people in the three thousand worlds stare big eyes when they see this scene, and their faces show incredible colors.
Many kings in Fengtian Square were horrified and their hair stood on end, and their scalps were numb!
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and seventy Buried sword!
As the realm of cultivation rises, some magical secrets will be abandoned, but some will remain.
For example, there are many magical powers and occult arts in the body posture class, and each realm can play a different role.
Like superhuman powers, even if you practice to the land of heaven and earth, you can still burst into strong power and raise your own combat power!
Some of the many kings know superhuman powers.
But everyone has been practicing for hundreds of thousands of years, but they have never seen four arms, which are not recorded in ancient books!
"Although the four arms have an extra head and two arms, they have changed too much. I am afraid they have reached the magical level since ancient times!"
"Zhu Xian Jian, God Ivory, Suzaku Skyfire and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s calculation of the four arms mean that Su Zhu in the sword world has understood six magical powers!"
"It’s terrible!"
"Six magical powers baptize the flesh and blood, which makes him shed the mortal body and thoroughly remould himself. It is much better than the shoulder protoss dragon!"
"He is still a ghost. His potential is really …"
The king’s face in many interfaces, such as the wizard world, the celestial horizon and the stone world, has become extremely difficult to see the rain or shine.
If they saw the birth of such a Uber in the sword world, they were still a little jealous just now.
At this time, this jealousy has changed into deep fear and worry!
There is even a trace of unwillingness to admit their fear in their hearts!
In the dark period, there are six magical powers, such as The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s four arms, which are powerful means to shake the past and shine the present.
If he continues to grow up, it is simply unimaginable!
Throughout ancient and modern times, there has never been such a Uber who can practice to this extent.

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