Everyone in the City praised Wang Xu here and a group of people from Fengjing Center Building on the other side also praised Jiang Xiaodong.
Zhao Haoyang’s face slowly turned cloudy to feel that he had just caused the red crescent to cut power and was slowly overwhelmed by the limelight of these two people. This feeling made him feel a little uncomfortable.
The syncope is getting heavier and heavier, and the speed is getting slower and slower. In the end, it simply becomes a target that will be beaten and will not resist.
Suddenly, Jiang Xiaodong and Wang Xu retreated back to the avenue together. "Let’s shoot together and give it a final blow!"
"good!" They immediately before their strongest attack in succession towards this has almost no resistance and mobile seriously injured dying fusion boom.
Su Li and Zhao Haoyang didn’t move. Zhao Haoyang disdained Su Li but faintly felt that something was wrong.
According to the information he obtained, this fusion is very strong, and at present, this fusion combines rare beasts, lions, scorpions and embers, and the leader, Parademons eel, plus other monsters. This ability is top-notch. Although Jiang Xiaodong and Wang Xu are really strong, they are not even fighting back. So it seems that this fusion is not too weak.
But if something is wrong, Su Li doesn’t see anything wrong for the time being.
As the crowd joined hands to make a final blow, the already blown bloody fusion was finally torn apart and blown into pieces of flesh and blood, and the surrounding scene looked very bloody.
After a blow, I watched the deformed monster being blown into a pile of flesh and blood, and they all heaved a sigh of relief.
Jiang Xiaodong laughed. "But I don’t know who gave it the last blow. Who will be its spiritual source?"
After what he said, everyone felt curious. Who will this monster death spirit source fly to?
I don’t want to wait, but there is no spiritual source. Instead, these piles of flesh and blood creep up and then gather in the center, just like holding a force to control them.
"Is there such a thing?" Wang Xu gasped.
"What kind of monster is this?" Jiang Xiaodong also changed his face. This monster was blown into a pile of flesh and blood and didn’t die?
At the moment, the piles of flesh and blood gathered together and merged with each other to form a huge meat ball.
"Monster-"Jiang Xiaodong once again showed the "blood cannon" and blasted it at the newly formed giant meat ball.
A loud explosion made the surface of this giant meatball solidify into a solid, and when it was hit by his blood cannon, the surface of this solidified meatball immediately "crackled" and became brittle, showing spider web cracks.
The cracks are getting bigger and bigger, and soon pieces will solidify and fall like frozen pieces of meat.
Everyone stare big eyes with incredible expression.
Su Li secretly nodded when he saw this. He felt that the fusion person died too easily. Some anomalies have now proved that he felt that there was no mistake.
As the pieces of meat kept falling, the meatball finally broke up and a curled body emerged from the inside.
This is a humanoid creature resembling a human being sitting in this broken meat ball with his eyes closed and his arms folded and his legs bent.
As the meatball breaks, it looks like it just woke up and opened its eyes.
It has a pair of blood-red pupils, and everyone feels it when they touch it. There is a vague fear and they don’t want to touch this red pupil again.
The humanoid creature slowly got up. It was naked and resembled a human being, but there were strips of scar-like substances looming on the skin surface. It seemed that its whole body was pieced together and stitched together like several pieces of meat. These scar substances were the stitching wounds of these pieces of meat.
Its blood-red eyes staring at the front of all corners of the mouth slightly become warped unexpectedly like human revealed a smile.
It is this smile that is full of unspeakable strangeness.
"Be careful, everyone. There is something wrong with this monster." Jiang Xiaodong’s face became dignified. At present, this human-like monster gave birth to a great pressure in his heart. His right arm was lifted to show his flesh and blood, and five fingers were attached to buckle to shoot five bone bullets. I want to try the depth of this humanoid monster first.
Almost he pulled five fingers, and the humanoid monster moved slightly and suddenly rushed over at an amazing speed.
Wang Xu felt that the flowers at the moment could not help but give a big drink "Be careful!"
After saying his word, Jiang Xiaodong gave a stuffy hum and then went straight back and flew out.
He just flashed five bone bullets, but before he could launch them, the humanoid monster rushed to him so fast that he could hardly catch them. The only thing he could do was to gather his chest muscles and launch himself to master a special ability, "Ba Jia".
"Bajia" just got punched in the chest to protect his body, and blue and white light broke out from his chest. Although Jiang Xiaodong had the "Bajia" protector, he was still screaming and rolled and flew out.
"Boom" to a he fully fell out of more than ten meters thumped to his chest, and there was smoke in his mouth, and his face was full of horror.
If there were no armor protector, he would have been a mass of coke just after the blow.
Wang Xu roared and rushed from the other side, and his hands released thunder and cremated a flame. Python attacked the humanoid monster from the rear.
Chapter 25 perfect body
Others looked at Jiang Xiaodong, who was hit hard by a cliff, and there was an uproar. Some people retreated and some people were angry and attacked.
Su Li also started the "Peeping Symbol Pattern" at the same time to capture the data of this humanoid monster.
"The name fusion person has completely fused its biological genes and gained all the strength of its creatures. The complete fusion person is very strong, and it is close to the enemy in the same level, which can perfectly transport and fuse all the biological forces. It is much stronger than the original strength of these creatures, but at the same time it has lost the ability to continue to fuse."
Su Li sensed this information at the moment, and it turned out that the former fusion person like a mountain of meat was in the initial stage, and it was a simple fusion of a large number of creatures. Although it seemed horrible, the reality was not as strong as it was until people constantly attacked it, which would hit the reality and help it accelerate its growth and evolution. After breaking the cocoon, it evolved into a complete fusion person. At this moment, it is truly mastered and possessed the ability to fuse all creatures before it.
Su Li doesn’t know how many creatures it has combined, including lions, scorpions, embers and magic-faced eels.
Besides, there must be its powerful creatures.
The perfect fusion was a powerful blow, which hit Jiang Xiaodong hard. Wang Xu launched a thunder and fire attack from behind, and seven people rushed out to attack it with their own spiritual source skills.
Su Li looked at it and suddenly a flame burst out of its palm in his right hand.
"Be careful, hurry back-"Su Li’s heart couldn’t help but cry. It’s a pity that it’s too late. The perfect fusion person has waved out the right hand flame.
This flame suddenly fills the air and bursts out, which makes it instantly turn into a flaming person. At the moment, even the screams sounded, and at least five people were swallowed up by this flame. Even Wang Xu’s thunder fire was dwarfed by this flame.
Su Libai, this is an ember fire. This perfect fusion has mastered this terrible flame perfectly.
This kind of ember fire will never go out once it is contaminated with the target and will not be burned, even water can’t put it out, which can be said to be terrible
Five people who were engulfed in flames rolled and screamed all over the ground, and soon they were burnt to coke. Everyone saw in their eyes that their hearts were terrible, and people with defensive means held up their shields and masks. They didn’t want this fusion body to disappear in place for a moment, and then a blue-and-white thunder appeared on their left hand, bypassing these shields and masks and devouring the people behind them.
"Ah-"These people were stunned.
Wang Xu was about to rush again and didn’t want this fusion to suddenly retreat. His right hand with a flaming fist blasted Wang Xu’s chest.
Wang Xu let out a scream, Ling fell out, opened his mouth, blood gushed wildly, and an ember fire rose in his chest.

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