"This … then what should I do?"
Ding Qiunan was dumbfounded after listening. She didn’t expect it to have such serious consequences.
"The only way to stop the canteen in the contracted textile factory is to continue contracting even if you lose money in somebody else’s factory, otherwise it won’t be a loss in the end. That’s going to jail."
"I … I’ll go to Xiaoe’s house now, ok? I’ll tell her one. "
Lou Xiaoe is Ding Qiunan’s best friend. She felt uncomfortable. During that time, Lou Xiaoe ran to accompany her to comfort her. Now something might happen to her family, and she had to inform her.
"Line you go! Don’t worry too much. Pay attention to the road. "
"It’s only a few minutes’ walk!"
Said Ding Qiunan has got up, walked to the door and started dressing.
After seeing her out, Li Chu put the door in and went back to the living room to sit on the sofa. Touching it with one hand, he lay down in front of him and thought carefully in his head!
Lou’s dad and Xu Damao will definitely come over at the latest tonight.
Xu Damao can’t say, but Lou’s dad must be ready for a big fight like chicken blood at the moment.
Lou’s dad must be made aware of the seriousness of the problem, otherwise he may be jealous of others’ earning money.
Sure enough, it was much later that day, and everyone in the Lou family came over
I also brought some braised pork chop suey when I came.
I don’t know who it is. It smells good.
Li Chu also didn’t talk much nonsense and immediately told them the seriousness of the problem.
"Lou Shu, this is my consideration. Of course, no one can tell whether this kind of thing will happen or not, and you have to think clearly about what to do. After all, if you really quit from the textile mill, you will lose a lot of money."
After he finished, how did Lou’s dad think? I can’t see for a while that Xu Damao was scared and his face turned white, and he was shaking a little.
"Chu … Brother Chu is really … really … really so serious?"
"What about you?" Li Chu shrugged his shoulders. "Or you can ask a police friend."
"Alas ….." Lou dad here quite some vicissitudes of life with a sigh.
"If you don’t ask, it will be more serious than this."
It seems that Lou’s dad wants to understand.
"It’s my fault. I’m too greedy. I’m a pie, but I didn’t expect arsenic in it."
Chapter four hundred and thirty-nine Notice
Looking at Lou Dad’s lonely expression, Li Chu secretly shook his head.
These older businessmen are sometimes a little too greedy.
"Lou Shu is not talking about who is right and who is wrong. You should think about how to return the canteen in the textile factory. This is the business."
This made Lou Dad and Xu Damao lost in thought.
There’s a real Lou dad brooding. Xu Damao secretly threw a grateful look at Li Chu.
Sitting on the other side of the sofa, Lou Ma and Lou Xiaoe are worried when they look at this side from time to time.
In addition to the third child, Xu Yang, who is still sitting in Xiaoe’s arms, has taken his younger brother Lou Jiye out to shoot.
Xu Yang didn’t take the college entrance examination last year, and he was a little unwilling. He continued to cram for another year this year.
According to Xiaoe, there are still high grades this year, so you should be a junior college student.
It’s hard to get into junior college these days, and it’s still allocated after graduation.
Last year, what hit him the most was that Wang Yueyue, who was one level lower than him, took the college entrance examination before, and as a result, he left and stayed to continue his senior year.
In the long run, people have become younger and one level older than him.
Lou dad thought for a long time before he said, "Anyway, this year will pass. My idea is to send those things to the textile mill through formal channels from the beginning of the day …"
As soon as he said this, Li Chu shook his hand and interrupted him.
"Lou Shu, you can’t do this. They estimate that you may know their intentions immediately. Maybe you will be told before the meeting that things here in your textile mill may be formal channels to steel mills there? What if people go there to check? What will you do?
So my idea is that there will be a meal until twelve o’clock, and I will go to the logistics master overnight and tell him that you can’t do it. You can’t purchase so many planned materials. "
Took the tea table cup and drank saliva. Li Chu continued, "Tell him a showdown tonight. The canteen can’t be contracted for a long time. Let them find a way to do it themselves. You can say that you can pay them some money."
Don’t be afraid to offend him, even the factory director is called "
"Is that all right?" Lou’s dad is a little undecided. What can I say? Or is the businessman’s thinking affecting his business? He doesn’t want to offend people because of his kindness and wealth.
"Lou Shu is not a problem now, but he has to do it. This is not a business line. This is a life-and-death struggle!"
Looking at Li Chu’s serious face, Lou’s father felt a shock in his heart, and he remembered that he had been told earlier whether the contract could be successful or not.
He’s the one who stepped up. That’s a big deal.
"LouShu has come to this step, you don’t want to consider what offence shall not offend people. You have sinned all the people. They are going to bring you down now and send you in again. Oh, no, you still have Da Mao who wants to send you both in.
Cut the gordian knot so that they can be caught off guard. If you say no from the beginning, you won’t do it. Anyway, the factory workers won’t come to you and let them have a headache. "
"Shout …" Xu Damao spit out a sigh of relief. He has been sitting on one side without saying a word, not because he doesn’t want to talk, but because he doesn’t know what to say.
Now he’s really saying that his legs are a little weak and scared.
Hearing Li Chu’s arrangement, he really wanted to promise to come for his father-in-law
"There will be no problem if Xiaochu Textile Factory retreats from the steel mill here?"
"Steel mills, how did you get it before, and then how did you get it? This side was examined and approved by metallurgical leaders, and it was treated as a test point.
Since it is a test point, it is necessary to find out the problem and solve the problem. The error within the controllable range is allowed to be committed. "
Lou dad suddenly realized that a clap a thigh attracted all eyes.
"I see. No wonder when I signed the contract with the steel mill, all the leaders in the department came forward, and I didn’t even see a deputy director come forward from the beginning to the end of the textile mill."
Speaking of which, Lou Dad hesitated for a moment and said, "Then maybe I won’t even give them money, because when they signed the contract with me, they didn’t even give me the official seal of the factory, but the logistics seal."
"That’s fine. You’ll go to the logistics master later. Just tell him that the contract is not worth it. If you want to continue contracting, you must re-sign the contract and have a level of approval."
Li Chu a listen to hey, isn’t this a nap to pass a pillow, it will be easier.
Things have been discussed to this point, and the rest depends on their specific operations.
It’s almost ten o’clock now. When Lou’s dad doesn’t dare to delay, let Xu Damao go back to get his bike now, and the two of them will go to the family members’ hospital of the textile factory to find the logistics master.
"Don’t run back and ride my car first.
Qiu Nan, take out my car keys and let Lou Shu and Da Mao have a car. "
Uncle Lou didn’t mention it either. First, he told Lou Ma, and then he left with his son-in-law.

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