What Luo Yangzhao a surprised immediately asked what’s going on, slowly say from the beginning.
Huo Haiping swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stabilized his mood. Only then did he say that Master Qing sent a master to find our door, saying that he wanted to find us unlucky. He also injured several of our other disciples. At the moment, several masters have taken him, but his mouth is still chattering. Go and have a look at your family.
How many people in Qing Dynasty Luo Yangzhao asked doubtfully if he didn’t believe his ears?
A person is a person Huo Haiping thought for a moment to make sure that he is right, and then he got up the courage and said
Luo Yangzhao flew into a rage and shouted, "It’s too cruel to send Qing people. It’s just a person who dares to come to our place to find bad luck. Don’t you really take our Changhuai Sect seriously? Let’s take me to see what happened. I’ll be interested to see which bold guy dares to run wild in our door."
Huo Haiping hurriedly led the way in front, followed by Luo Yangzhao, whose face was livid, and Guo Xiaosi’s face was livid. At this moment, the Qing bastard came to the door again. This time, he brought everyone to this Liwei conference, but Luo Yangzhao didn’t make a good plan.
At the moment, people went belly-up in front of the resident of Changhuai Sect and sent people to knock down three younger brothers in succession, but they were caught by several experts in Jiedan Sect. At this moment, they have been firmly tied up by a magic weapon and can’t move at all. When everyone saw Luo Yangzhao coming, they all stepped aside to let Luo Yangzhao come here. On the contrary, at the moment, they didn’t find that they didn’t send troops in Changhuai Sect. Everyone was relieved.
What’s your name? How dare you come to the front of our Changhuai Sect? Did you come by yourself or did your patriarch mean that you came to Luoyang Zhao and looked at this man coldly. Only then did you ask him that he knew that the first thing he had to do was to find out that this guy was here for his personal break-in. It wouldn’t be a big problem. The Qing patriarch sent him here. Then this problem must be a small one.
The man looked up and said bitterly, my name is Tong Li, and I came here alone to send you away from us. Don’t lead the dirty water to us.
Luo Yangzhao sneered, I can’t understand your words. Since you sent someone to our door in the Qing Dynasty, you sent a letter to you in the Qing Dynasty. Now you still say that we are going to lead dirty water to your Qing Dynasty. How can you say such a stupid and stupid thing?
I’m not sent by the patriarch, but I’m coming to Tong Li’s eyes. I’m almost furious. I’m here to find you. Where’s the unlucky Guo Xiaosi in Changhuai ZongGuo Xiaosi? Why don’t you come? Where’s this little puss-head hiding?
Luo Yangzhao just wanted to heckle him. After hearing what he said, he swallowed his words and waved at Tong Li. Don’t worry about where Guo Xiaosi is. Look at yourself first. It’s cruel to bully us. If you don’t teach me a lesson today, are you really bullied by Chang Huai Zong? Somebody take him to my room. I want to interrogate him personally.
It’s the magic weapon of the patriarch offering that binds Tong Li. The master should drag Tong Li up towards Luoyang Zhaowu.
Luo Yangzhao turned to Huo Haiping and said, "Go to the Qing garrison and ask for an audience with the Qing patriarch. Tell him about Tong Li and say that you want Tong Li to be safe and sound. Come and visit our Changhuazong station."
Huohaiping turned away and Luo Yangzhao let everyone go and do their own thing, and didn’t let people go to Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi was called to the Nangong Sect by Liu Jian and others at the moment. These Nangong Sect members said that they wanted to thank a Guo Xiaosi, Guo Xiaosi, who couldn’t dodge Jia and Liu Mei, who came to invite him to gossip with others who had gone behind. They also pulled two masters to pass together. When they saw Guo Xiaosi, it was even more difficult for them to refuse.
Luo Yangzhao paced into the room and saw that the master was still there. Then he smiled and said, Brother Bao will remove this fellow’s magic weapon.
Brother Bao is still worried that Brother Luo, Li Tongke, is also a knot in Dan’s period of repair, so don’t leave him alone.
Luo Yangzhao laughed and said, Brother Bao worries too much. Don’t say that I’m not afraid of him, but I can’t fix him. You don’t have to worry that you can get rid of him and then retreat. Don’t worry that if you really have doubts, you can go outside. No one can come in casually. If things change, you can rush in and deal with him.
Brother Bao had to surrender, then took away his magic weapon and hid it, then turned around and gently took the door outside.
Li Tonggang wanted to talk, but Luo Yangzhao waved his hand and motioned him to shut up, and then murmured a word, and a wave of light covered him. Tong Li was surprised and didn’t know what Luo Yangzhao wanted to do, but Luo Yangzhao waved and smiled. Li Daoyou didn’t have to worry about this wave of light to tell you and me. My younger brother Bao was temporarily isolated from the outside, but he wouldn’t hear our conversation. Therefore, I hope that Li Daoyou can say everything, and I promise not to leak half a sentence.
Do you want to ask me what I want to find Guo Xiaosi unlucky? Tong Li asked doubtfully. He felt that today was really puzzling. He went to the border of Changhuai Sect and knew that it was like a moth to a fire, but he came back without hesitation, but he didn’t want Guo Xiaosi to see it and was caught by a master of Changhuai Sect. After being caught, he always felt that today’s death could not be avoided. The patriarch of Changhuai Sect must punish himself severely, but he expected that Luo Yangzhao’s attitude was extremely friendly, like talking to an old friend.
Yes, Luo Yangzhao nodded and smiled. You came to Guo Xiaosi for bad luck. But I have to ask you that you came to Guo Xiaosi for no reason, and you came to the front of our Changhuai Sect. If it’s really Guo Xiaosi, I’ll ask him to apologize to you.
Apologize. Tong Li became furious and shook his head like a rattle. I don’t need his apology. I want his life. Don’t talk about everything.
Luo Yangzhao’s face in his heart is extremely surprised. How can Guo Xiaosi really do harm to the pavilion? But he can bring trouble to you, the knot Dan and cultivate immortality, with a mere middle-level repair in the rotation period.
The patriarch didn’t know that Tong Li also felt that he had gone too far. He calmed down a little and explained that Guo Xiaosi attacked and killed my school sister Song Qianer at this Liwei conference. We had planned to guide Song Shimei to make a knot after this Liwei conference, and then I would practice both Yin and Yang. Therefore, I also lent my magic weapon purple silkworm gloves to Song Shimei, hoping that she would become famous in World War I, but I didn’t want Song Shimei to be attacked and killed by Guo Xiaosi.
Come here Luo Yangzhao thoughtfully, thinking quickly that Guo Xiaosi killed the Tong Li’s double-cultivation partner of Yin and Yang, and also took away his magic weapon, purple silkworm gloves. This hatred can be a big one. It is common sense to kill each other at the Liwei conference. After nine forbidden areas are stipulated, you can’t go to each other to seek revenge and provocation. Thought of this, Luo Yangzhao laughed. Well, Guo Xiaosi really shouldn’t take revenge, but it’s also in love. But I think Pavilion should also know that it’s not necessary to break the rules in this dragon and tiger mountain.
Tong Li asked the patriarch in bewilderment that Li could not understand whether the patriarch wanted to continue justifying a fault or affirmed Li’s revenge.
I’m never justifying a fault, and I’m not sure you’re taking revenge. I just want to remind you that you’re here to commit a crime and openly choose to fight against the nine main doors and make rules together. You said that even if I were willing to spare you, I’m afraid the Qing Sect would say yes or no to other clans for you.
Tong Li listened to Luo Yangzhao’s words, and he was busy worshipping the patriarch’s teachings, which made Li Tong Meng wake up. Tong Li was indeed hasty, but killing Song Shimei took my magic weapon and hated it. I still hope that the patriarch would show me the way. Tong Li also listened to some clues from Luo Yangzhao’s words. Does this mean that the patriarch of Changhuai Sect seems to have killed Guo Xiaosi?
It is well known that there are two estrangements between the north and the south of the Changhuai Sect, but Tong Li never thought that the two contradictions between the north and the south of the Changhuai Sect would rise to the point of life and death. It is really strange that a patriarch should be killed by others, even something that has not been done in the cultivation of immortals in the Great Song Dynasty for thousands of years
Openly seeking revenge against Guo Xiaosi in Longhushan has violated public anger. Isn’t it a way to die? Longhushan has found a chance to strike, but who knows that Guo Xiaosi has always been disrespectful to me? I have long seen that he is not pleasing to the eye and killed him. But I will let him stay with me in Longhushan for a few days, and then I will let him go back to Yan Mountain alone. Whether he can be killed depends on your own luck. Luo Yangzhao said slowly and looked at Tong Li with no color.
After hearing this, Tong Li suddenly realized that he had to worship quickly. Thank you, Patriarch. Tong Li didn’t forget Patriarch’s grace.
Luo Yangzhao haha laughed. Don’t say this before. I just said that whether you can kill Guo Xiaosi depends on your ability. Guo Xiaosi can survive from the forbidden area of Longhu Mountain, and it is also unique. Don’t steal chickens and costly.
Chapter two hundred and forty Wily
Tong Li’s face was disdainful, and he shrugged his shoulders and directly said that the patriarch was overrated. That Guo Xiaosi was just taking photos and repairing Li Mou’s timber, and he also entered the period of settling Dan to deal with such a person’s letter, which was still very sure.
Luo Yangzhao said with a straight face, but I let you go so rashly. I’m a descendant of the normal clan. If you can’t clear the patriarch, I’ll punish you a little. Don’t blame me for being unkind.

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