"Is this spirit still interesting, dusty courtyard?"
"That’s it! At the beginning, I brushed a bunch of advanced C grids in that examination room! "
Laughing constantly, Zhai Ling didn’t get angry at it, still waiting calmly.
A few young people who just accidentally let slip Zhai Lingling seem to have noticed this scene. Even though they did despise Zhai Ling in their hearts, they expressed their apologies.
Because if Zhai Ling complains to the college about this scene, young people will be deducted half of the commission, which is not what young people want to see.
It was the young man who just bowed his head and exclaimed-"A refiner! You … you are already a refiner? "
The young man showed a frightened expression. He never expected that this young man, who was only ten, was already a refiner!
Even if young people have reached the second grade, there are only a handful of refiners in the whole school, and it is not bad to produce so many three or two freshmen every year (it is not that it is difficult for a refiner to be born in a freshman, but that some refiner students are taken away by the rich conditions of his college)
Thinking that this might be a good opportunity to make friends, the young man hurriedly grabbed Zhai Ling’s hands and face, piled up a smile, lowered his figure and said, "Hello, Zhai!"! My name is Marty, second grade! Just call me by my name! Ask me if you don’t understand anything! Everyone is helping each other with the same door. It’s nothing! "
Zhai Ling smiled faintly, and Marty’s performance before and after was really too great. He also lost the reason and did not retaliate against Marty’s cold behavior before.
However, Zhai Ling didn’t find that the students around him looked at him like they saw a little sheep at the moment.
"I depend! It turned out to be a refiner! No wonder I just saw him, and I felt a sense of being a master with peerless secrets! I see! "
"Master! Whoa, whoa, whoa Hmm? Who the fuck just called the master? Get out here! Don’t you know I’m the younger brother of the master? How dare you be so arrogant in front of me! Pay attention to me every time … Otherwise-shit! Who specifically hit me? Shit! Stop it! Don’t hit your face! "
Blink of an eye just now also despised a group of students in Zhai Ling immediately face filled with laughter.
They are all apprentices, and suddenly they find that their classmates are actually a refiner, so they immediately start to make friends.
Eyes are exposed one by one, as if anyone dares to scold my eldest brother, I will try my best to find him. Zhai Ling is positive in front of me.
Even if Zhai Ling has got the residence permit and left, including Marty, a group of students are looking back as if they were seeing Zhai Ling off.
Even the students who are not in the vicinity are looking at all this stupidly and are beginning to ponder over the identity of that figure!
"Is he a city Mafia eldest brother? Wow, shit! That’s amazing! The dusty courtyard was infiltrated by his forces! Hmm! Be sure to join this organization some other time! Whoa, whoa, whoa I am so lucky! I met Brother Zhong when I first entered the school! Your grandfather! I dare to call me two after seeing who I am! "
"I depend! Who’s the little one? So awesome? I heard that several little princes also took part in the college entrance examination this year. He is not one of them, is he? No … Will …? Didn’t you say they didn’t come to Skyscraper Island? Wow, shit! Make friends! Must make friends! "
All kinds of wonderful ideas have been born.
After getting rid of a batch of stalkers, Zhai Ling finally found his dormitory with Nai.
"What about a quiet life?"
Sighed nai smile Zhai Ling pushed open his dormitory door.
Zhai Ling?’ One exclaimed that the dormitory was coming, and one person looked at Zhai Ling with surprise.
It is Liu Chengxuan!
Zhai Ling is also quite surprised. Is this a mixed dormitory?
At the moment, there is another person in the dormitory who is half lying in bed in striped clothes, but he is still tall and crouching, but that dark man with a handsome face in Zhang Xiuqing will definitely attract many girls’ favor if you look at his face.
"Hello, my name is Zhao Man Fighting." Striped bound boy also saw Zhai Ling, so he immediately got up and looked at Zhai Ling urn with a simple smile.
"Hello, my name is Zhai Ling Refiner."
Hands clasped together, and Zhai Ling immediately felt a force. From that hand, Zhai Ling smiled and remained motionless.
Zhao Man soon let go of a face of surprise. "I found two masters as soon as I was a master! Ho ho! You must fight with me later! Hey! "
Zhai Ling looked at Liuchengxuan in surprise. Liuchengxuan also said with a wry smile, "This guy is a martial artist. He has been persuading me to have a competition with him by shaking hands with others!"
Hear LiuChengXuan explain Zhai Ling shook his head and smiled and patted Zhao Man on the shoulder and then walked to his bed.
Stay where you are. Zhao Man is still wondering, "Is this a promise? No way! We can’t be so hasty! Be sure to make a good plan! After all, it is the first time for both of us to be carefully prepared! "
How strange it sounds to hear Zhao Man whisper that Liu Chengxuan has a strange face!
Just then the door was opened again!
Seeing a head with a pigtail and looking around emerged, except for the pigtail at the back of the head, the head was bare and sunny.
Seems to be to see the room Zhai Ling three people found their bearer embarrassed smile came in.
When everyone saw his head, they thought that this guy was more mainstream and didn’t give people a feeling of being fat, but when he walked into the dormitory, everyone was a little stupid.
Wearing a gray robe and bulging, I walked in step by step. The thick limbs seemed to be injected with the power of the wild. Every step seemed to make the whole dormitory tremble so many times!
"Hey, this is too fat!" Zhao Man couldn’t help swallowing saliva when he saw each other and his body shape.
Fat is so fat!
This is not only ridicule, but everyone suddenly feels a little pity for that petite head that is smiling.
"Hello, my name is Tang Fan. You can call me Candy or fanfan!" Big fat Tang Fan smiled at Zhailing three dozen hello.
Everyone responded to him politely.
It’s obvious that Zhao Man still has questions to ask.
At this moment, Zhao Man looked like a memory and said, "Is your name really Tang Fan?"
Tang Fan still smiled and said, "Yes! What’s wrong? "
Zhao Manmeng took a deep breath, like seeing a pervert, preventing his chest and exclaimed, "Just now, I heard that a pervert named Tang Fan chased a little girl and said that he would feed her ham! Shit, it’s not you, is it? "
Immediately three eyes qi qi into the Tang Fan.
Tang Fan all a quiver face smile was gone, very ugly angry way "depend! Who ruined my image! It was the little girl who said she was hungry, so I said to send her a ham sausage. Shit! When was the story made up so evil! Don’t let me find that man, or I’ll throw him into the oil pan and kill him with 1200 kinds of refining methods! His grandfather! " (grinding his teeth for a while)
"So you are … cooking?"
Zhao Man seized the details and sent out an inquiry.
Immediately just angry Tang Fan like deflated balloon peeked at Zhai Ling three people silently nodded.
Like cooking and painting, ordinary life elite colleges are more vulnerable to exclusion. Tang Fan is also a little worried about being laughed at by Zhai Ling and them at the moment.
It was Tang Fan’s imagination that things didn’t happen, and everyone was still just that friendly attitude, which also made Tang Fan feel relieved.
"Mm-hmm, you can come to me later! I promise I will let you taste our Tang’s secret food! Not only delicious but also reiki is definitely beneficial to cultivate good food! "
When Zhao Man came out, he shouted, "Wow! True or false, Tang Pang! A word from a man is 999 ding! Don’t go back on your word! "

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