Gu Yi came to see him. He obviously wanted to talk to him, but he just saw Zhong Yi-nan’s hair wrapped around his button.
They fell unsteadily on the sofa. She must have misunderstood at that time.
Mo Jun took a deep breath at night. Did he care about his anxiety and ignore her feelings?
"Master, the results of the investigation of mercenaries came out."
Aly knocked at the door and came in to pass the situation to Mo Jun at night.
Mo Jun’s eyes were dark at night, so he picked up his clothes and walked out "to my old house".
Mo Anyan, a camphor tree with lush foliage in the courtyard of the old house, was quietly there.
It was already dark, and he was dressed in solemn black as if he wanted to blend in with the night.
However, there is a bright white in his hand, which is a delicate chrysanthemum.
Cinnamomum camphora has a small mound, which is very inconspicuous.
There is a small card with the words "Mo An Yan died" written on it.
That’s Mo Anyan’s handwriting. He wrote it himself, stroke by stroke, as if he had tried his best.
His child has no remains, no clothes and no name.
As if it had never appeared, it had disappeared.
Mo Anyan didn’t know how long she had been there until the whole person was almost unconscious.
He once thought about what it would be like if he had children after seeing Azeri more than once.
Will it be as clever as Azeri? Soft and small will call his father, he will teach him many things and take him to see the world together.
But these ideas can’t be realized at all.
He doesn’t even know he has a baby! Wait until the doctor convinces him that his child is gone!
The veins stood out on the back of one hand. Before Mo Anyan, he gently placed the flowers on the surface of the small mound.
Mo Anyan’s eyes are unprecedented malicious crime.
Whether it’s those who come at him or that heartless woman!
He won’t just let it go!
Mo Anyan went back to the room and the housekeeper came in quietly.
"Master, Miss Tsing Yi was discharged from the hospital over there."
"Is she alone?"
"Accompanied by Miss Gu"
Mo Anyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and she deserves to be a strong woman. This small operation really doesn’t matter to her.
"Let a person look at her and don’t let her run away! I have to settle accounts with her slowly! "
The housekeeper should nod slowly and exit.
Mo Anyan in the room looked unpredictable.
Think of that woman’s sad face when she woke up. Mo Anyan found that he would still be heartbroken?
After she cruelly killed their child, he actually hurt this woman!
How ironic!
How ridiculous?
Mo Anyan grinned and almost burst into tears in her eyes.
This woman is poison! He knows! But it’s incurable
"Master Mo Jun is here at night."
Mo Jun pushed the door in a hurry at night and saw Mo Anyan slightly zheng.

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