Xiao Xiaoer’s words are rough and not rough. It seems that the truth is simple but very realistic. Xu Ren still agrees with him when he wants to master enough resources.
"In that case, let’s continue to explore the depths of the ancient battlefield. I want to see what is hidden in the depths of the ancient battlefield."
After taxiing, the small demon leopard ink scale is not only stronger, but also more daring and curious.
"All right, then let’s take a deeper look, but we must be careful. If we feel like an ancient battlefield, we have to hurry out."
Although decided to go further, Xu Ren also had some concerns in his heart, but he still charged the little boy, Shen Tengyun and the little demon leopard.
Of course, Xu Ren’s words mainly charged the little demon leopard because he knew that the little boy and Shen Teng Yunji wouldn’t wander around, but the little demon leopard ink scale might not.
"I know that I still care about my life."
Small demon leopard ink scales, of course, know that Xu Ren words are addressed to him, but he is also unawares.
After three people and one demon discussed it, they left the remnant city and headed for the deepest part of the ancient battlefield.
On this day, they are walking deep in the ancient battlefield, but the small demon leopard ink scale has stopped.
"Is something wrong?"
Xu Ren saw that the small demon leopard ink scale stopped and stopped.
Not only the ink scales and Xu Ren stopped, but the little darling and Shen Tengyun also stopped.
"I feel like there is a fight ahead."
A pair of furry ears on the head of the little demon leopard kept swinging to capture information from the wind.
"Why didn’t I feel it?"
Xu Ren felt very strange. He was alert, but he didn’t hear anything.
"This is an avatar who appeared after my taxiing. Fiona Fang has a special sound for dozens of miles. If you don’t believe it, you can put your spirit or bite the spirit worm to find out."
Small demon leopard ink scales are confident in their perception ability.
"Fiona Fang dozens? Then your ears are not windward? "
Xu Ren stared at the small demon leopard’s ink scale ears and his face showed excitement. With ink scale, their spirit could be saved.
"clairaudient? That’s a good name. Then my avatar is called clairaudient. "
The little demon leopard ink scale is also very excited. He thinks that Xu Ren’s name for his avatar is quite domineering.
"I explore a spirit"
Within dozens of miles, Xu Ren felt that his spirit should still be able to detect even if they were deep in the ancient battlefield.
Not long after, Xu Ren really found the fight ahead, and a battle picture emerged in his mind, with people he knew.
"How did they come here?"
Xu Ren’s face was puzzled. I didn’t expect this group of people to go deep here.
"Who did my brother say it was?"
Little darling looked at Xu Ren curiously.
"It’s you, Yuehua Xianzong, several senior sisters and my brothers Xuanji Xianmen."
Xu Ren didn’t hide it from the little girl.
"Are they? So who will do it, the ancient battlefield spirit or the monks of other forces? "
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, Xiao Nan frowned. Since it is her elder brother Xuanji Xianmen, the elder sister of Yuehua Xianzong, who is in trouble, they certainly can’t ignore it. Since we have to take care of it, we must first distinguish who our opponents are and know each other before we can fight a hundred battles.
"It’s a monk, but you can’t tell which force it is. Anyway, it’s not a thousand-month fairy monk."
In fact, each Xianmen or Xianzong has different marks, and even everyone has different marks. Xu Ren’s spirit can clearly distinguish those marks.
"No matter whether they are Qianyue Xianzong people who dare to touch Yuehua Xianzong and Xuanji Xianmen monks, they can’t ignore them."
Xiao Nan’s temper is really hot, but it’s more clever here in Xu Ren.
"Well, let’s hurry and meet those people for a while."
Xu Ren said and let the small demon leopard ink scale lead the way. They stepped up their speed and left in the direction of the fight.
Even Xu Rengu can’t put his spirit outside for a long time in the battlefield. Even if he tries his best to control the scope of exploration, it will still be a big consumption after a long time. Since the small demon leopard ink scale already has a pair of ears, it is naturally more convenient to lead the way.
Ink scale also didn’t say many words directly show shape in the direction of the fighting sound.
After the small demon leopard ink scales, the speed is faster than before. At this high speed, it is a little difficult for Xu Ren and Xiaoer to keep up with Shen Tengyun.
However, Shen Tengyun didn’t say much, even if he was struggling, he gritted his teeth because he knew that it was also a kind of practice to travel at such a speed.
Dozens of miles is not much for Xu Ren, Xiaoer, XiaoYaoBao MoLi and Shen Tengyun now, but it didn’t take long before they arrived.
After arriving at the fighting place, Xu Ren just flashed his weapon without saying much.
Not only did Xu Ren start work on the little boy, Shen Tengyun and the little demon leopard ink scales all pulled their posture.
Xu Ren, who laid siege to Qianyue Xianzong and Xuanji Xianmen, could also recognize that they were all monks of the Da Luo Empire.
Once, the monks of the Luo Empire suffered a lot. This time, they sent out the monks of Lingtai to be more powerful and stronger.
Now, of course, the strength of the monks of Yuehua Xianzong Xuanji Xianmen has also increased significantly. Although the confrontation between the monks of the Luo Empire did not take advantage of it, it did not collapse.
In particular, Su Qingshan, the elder brother of Tianfeng, has now reached the stage of GZ. Although it was in the early stage of GZ, his fighting capacity was no worse than that of the monks in the late stage of GZ. His current opponent is a monk in the late stage of GZ of Luo Empire, and the two men played inextricably.
In addition to Su Qingshan’s Tian Shu peak, Han Qingfeng, Han Qinglei and Yaoguang Peak, Yang Qing have also reached the gv 10. However, when they entered the gv 10, they were all one step slower than Su Qingshan, and their fighting capacity was also poor. These three men had some difficulty with the Godsworn in the later period of the gv 10 of the Luo Empire. Now they are being beaten by the Godsworn in the later period of the gv 10 of the Luo Empire.
In addition to Xuanji Xianmen Friar, there are several Yuet Moon Xianzong Friars Jiang Mengyuan, Gao Mengyue and Wang Mengyu, who have now entered the gv 10. The strength of Jiang Mengyuan is a little higher than that of Su Qingshan.
In addition to these younger brothers, there is also a palace master whose strength has reached the peak of gv 10. Xu Ren, the palace master, also knows that it is Chu Yunxuan, the palace master of Yue Bai Palace.
Chu Yunxuan’s qualification is not good among all the lords of Yuehua Xianzong Palace. Perhaps it is because of this that when a younger brother is already in the Lingtai realm, she has reached the peak of the Lingtai realm.
Of course, it can’t be ruled out that Chu Yunxuan deliberately suppressed the repair because he entered the ancient battlefield.
Now, the opponent of the Palace Master is two Godsworn in the peak of the Lingtai of the Da Luo Empire, and those two Godsworn are not simple. The Palace Master Yue Hua Xianzong Chu Yunxuan is also in a very passive situation.
The little boy’s body flash has reached the Yue Bai Palace, and the palace master Chu Yunxuan has stopped the two Godsworn in the peak of gv 10 in the Da Luo Empire with a sword.
Xu Ren, Xiao Nan, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yao Bao Mo Li were also discovered by the two Godsworn in the peak of Ggv 10 in the Da Luo Dynasty. They didn’t expect these three men and a demon to meet several monks in the north. What’s more, they didn’t take Xu Ren, Xiao Nan, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yao Bao seriously.
This interest has entered the ancient battlefield. There are many monks of the Da Luo Dynasty, but almost none of them have experienced an ancient battlefield trip. They don’t know Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao. They know that one of the three men and one demon is the peak of the gv 10, and the remaining three are nothing in their eyes. Even if these three men and one demon start to fight, they still have a great chance to win.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Swallow
Xiao Nan’s first move was made because the palace master of Yue Bai Palace, who was immortalized by Yuehua, was almost unable to hold on.
Chu Yunxuan, the Lord of Yue Bai Palace, didn’t expect to meet small children, Xu Ren and Shen Tengyun here. The demon family around three people made her feel strange, but she also knew that it was not surprising that Xu Ren always had more means to surround all the demon families in the taxiing period.
"Do you want to mind their own business? Do you know who we are? "
The two Godsworn in the Peak of GV in the Luo Empire were sullen. They never thought that everyone was also the Godsworn in the Peak of GV, but the other one could easily intercept them both.
"What do you mean, mind your own business? Can I still stand by and watch?"
Little darling’s voice became a little gloomy. Her good temper and cleverness are just in front of Xu Ren’s opponent. That’s another matter.
"stuff? When did the northern territory produce such a powerful figure? "
After listening to the words of the little boy, the two monks at the peak of the gv 10 empire were full of doubts.
"This is none of your business. Since you dare to provoke my stuff, today is your death."
When Xiaoer spoke, she stepped up her offensive. Even if her opponent was two top monks in GZ, what could she calculate in front of her? You know, although Xiaonan Erxiu has the peak of gv 10 now, even the monks in then can fight. What’s worse, there are several monks in gv 10 peak.
"We were wrong. You let us go."
The two monks at the peak of the gv 10 empire didn’t expect that the attack power of the little boy would be so strong. They had been hit hard by a blow, and that was because they all moved their own defenses, baby. Otherwise, they would have died by this blow.
"Why didn’t you want to let them go when you were bothering my classmates just now?"

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