Then she tied him with a rope and sealed his acupuncture points to prevent him from playing any more tricks
This female breath he didn’t feel like a pool of deep water Yu Yilie at this time, the bottom of my heart could not help secretly regretting how he let people go back to the heights first.
"This is really just out of the den and going into the den again. Little Ye’s life is really bitter." Yu Yilie lamented from the bottom of his heart but did not dare to make any changes.
Originally, his father arrested him and put him in jail to find another auspicious day to marry him. Unexpectedly, this woman in black took a token and asked his father to let him out.
And this woman in black is like a killer born to hide in the dark, and it is possible to launch a fatal blow at any time, which makes him want to run.
Maybe he was not worried about his escape, so he just sat quietly opposite him and looked at him with an expression on his face.
"The little emperor’s palace invites you to the palace for a chat. Are you ungrateful and impatient?" The woman in black couldn’t help saying when she saw him being serious.
"Ahem that the elder sister Huang Dian and other distinguished identity how can you know me? Surely you have the wrong person? " Yu Yilie depressed said
"Hum to tell you the truth, the temple is thousand coagulation princess brother! What should you know about this? " Black women’s eyes with a playful said
Yu Yilie was stunned and immediately explained, "The princess and I just swam the lake. What’s the big deal?"
"oh? Is it? But why did I see you bullying her behind my princess that day? " The woman in black said coldly
"The amount can’t? ! Why didn’t you do this at that time? " Yu Yilie was caught by embarrassment and made excuses.
This black woman’s strange martial arts can turn into a shadow behind others. It’s a natural assassin!
"The princess is in danger, I will make moves! You are so small that you talk so much nonsense! Princess, seeing that you are your blessed temple, you really want to fix you up. You are lucky! " The woman in black looked at Yu Yilie at a loss and said lightly.
If this Xiao Zhen becomes a Xu, he may have to rely on him more later, but it is not good to offend him too much at this time.
It’s better to reveal some news to him before, so that he can remember his personal feelings.
"Isn’t it? But I haven’t thought about it yet. Can you let me go back and think about it? " Yu Yilie pull a long face and said
Although his heart has a good impression on Qian Ning, he doesn’t want to be taken by the overlord’s hard bow, which is no different from his father forcing him to marry Ning Ru Shuang.
Moreover, he is not disgusted with Ning Rushuang, but he just doesn’t want to be decided by others for his lifelong event without feeling reluctant.
"It’s late! We’ll be in Beijing in a moment. You’d better talk to the Pastoral Hall! " The woman in black said coldly
An hour later, the carriage slowly entered from the side door of the palace and all the way was clear. Obviously, it was ordered in advance.
The carriage went all the way to Yilie’s heart, but it became more and more uneasy. Can you walk out of the palace completely if you refuse?
You won’t castrate yourself and stay in the palace as a eunuch, will you?
"Get to the car!" The woman in black said lightly and immediately drew a tour to Baihua Palace and small lake.
Yu Yilie didn’t want to go all the way without seeing a maid-in-waiting and bodyguard, which made his heart feel even more strange. This must be the Hongmen banquet!
Walking through the winding corridor, Yu Yilie secretly remembers the route and can’t help but sigh that he will get lost when he is not careful in his freshman year.
All kinds of exotic flowers and plants are endless all the way, but he has no mind to pay attention to it, but thinks about how to deal with Qian Ning’s brother.
But at this moment, the sound of the piano came into his ears softly and sweetly, and then he saw two figures in the pavilion in the middle of the lake on the forest path
Yu Yilie’s heart was tight and he never molested Qian Ning as cool as a cucumber.
Seeing that he is getting closer and closer, his legs are as heavy as lead.
The woman in black took him to the pavilion and retreated to one side without saying a word, like a shadow without attracting attention.
While Yu Yilie was at a loss to see two people back in a sky-blue palace fuqin girl negative hand and stand dragon brocade robe youth.
In front of him is a stone table with a chessboard.
"Why aren’t you going to say something?" Brocade youth turned and looked at Yu Yilie light said
"I’m visiting the Imperial Palace. I don’t know what I’m looking for in the Palace?" Yu Yilie slightly hesitated and then bowed his head respectfully.
However, his hands are tied firmly, but it is a bit funny.
"You bullied my little sister but asked me what to find you. Now I’ll give you two choices to marry my sister first! Second, my sister marries you! " Brocade youth bullying said
Yu Yilie one leng this requirement seems too that what?
Looking at the restoration of women’s makeup, I can’t help but feel a shock from my heart. A flower comes out of the mud and doesn’t dye, clear and ripple, but not demon blue lotus.
The absent-minded girl playing the piano heard her brother’s words and immediately turned back and said, "Brother! What are you talking about? "
"Little sister, this is not to help you speak!" Brocade youth koo said with a wry smile
Qian Ning’s face turned reddish and he dared not look at Yu Yilie’s expression. He wriggled and walked to the pavilion, picked up a small snack and threw it at the carp in the lake.
On the other hand, Yi Lie, who was shocked by Li Mu’s words, said with a wry smile, "I wonder if there is a third choice?"
"Why? Don’t you like Qianning? " Brocade youth immediately eyebrows a wrinkly discontent said
"How do you know how to be happy if you are not a fish?" Yu Yilie looked at the fish in the lake and replied
Aside from Qian Ning, I heard that Yu Yilie didn’t promise, but I didn’t know the bottom of my heart, but it seemed a bit falling.
Li Mu is also eyebrows a wrinkly white Yu Yilie means forcing him not to sigh that Wynaut is tricky.
"It’s not like a fish knows that a fish is unhappy. How many princes and nobles of the peerless dynasty are flocking to you and you refuse?" Brocade youth puzzled asks.
At this time, the fish fighting for food in the lake suddenly spread out and quickly got into the bottom of the lake and disappeared, but it seemed like they were really unhappy.
After a few breaths, the golden carp, the size of a tail palm, swam leisurely to the lake and ate the snacks thrown away by Qian Ning.
"It’s this annoying guy who scares him every time!" Thousand coagulation show eyebrow light wrinkle quite angry and said
Yu Yilie Zheng, this little golden carp is seven times smaller than his carp, but it scares away all his big carp. How strange!
Take a closer look at this golden carp. A pair of small eyes turn round and round like staring at them, which is quite spiritual.
He felt that this golden carp had a touch of humanity, just like when he saw a golden eagle. Did this golden carp know how to practice?
"I dare not but strong twisted melon is not sweet! Temple or let me like this little golden carp roam freely in the sea of the box world, "said Yu Yilie, returning to Shennai."
"good! Emperor into you! But on one condition! If you can beat me, you can choose to take the carp or my sister; And if you lose, you must marry my little sister! How about it? " Li Muyi refers to the stone table chessboard confident said
"Well, don’t you think I’m still tied up here?" Yu Yilie earned a rope to tie himself and said
"Burn the shadow to untie him" Li Mu light ordered immediately a caress dumpling robe to sit on the bench.
Chapter 10 Game
Yu Yilie smiled indifferently and had some activities. He was tied up with some sour arms and then Li Mu motioned to sit opposite him.
"After the temple!" Yu Yilie right hand slightly tilted calmly looked at him and said
"Is the newcomer a guest or you first!" Li Mu flat and agile said.

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