Give up and throw the Hui Jian at the top of your head, read the mantra and cast magic. The sword suddenly changed from one to two, and then changed into four. Qian Qian, the king of ten thousand, stabbed Wu with a wave of his hand.
That battle was really as mighty as a heavenly punishment, and the sword was shining with cold light, like stars falling all over the sky
"I’d better go with me to see you."
Wu Ming immediately left his sleeve robe in the wind and his black cuffs grew like black holes to hold the Qian Qian Wandao Hui Jian together.
See his sleeve robe chug up several packets of the Hui Jian but how also can’t pierce.
How can I count this as a low-matching sleeve?
Wu Ming thought that it was impossible for Jin Xian to collect Sun Wu with one sleeve, but it was no problem to collect some weapons and small demons.
The growth king suddenly saw how he could escape Wu Ming even if he wanted to escape.
A few flicker will he catch a halberd dozen back.
The heavenly king couldn’t bear to shout. He fell from the cloud and was bound by a dragon rope released by Wu Ming.
"You …"
"Shut up!"
Wu Ming stretched out his hand and sealed his mouth. He was too lazy to listen to his nonsense and took out a jade bottle and put it in.
According to the cloud, the flower demon hasn’t run yet
"Can you tell me what’s going on?"
Wu Ming asked
The flower demon nodded and told her everything she knew before.
It turns out that the growth king once robbed a witch girl, met and fell in love, and gave birth to a flower demon. But one day, the king suddenly woke up.
On that day, the pro-killer of the growth king beat her to death and extracted her soul, threatening her mother to collect her essence and imprisoning her lotus flower here.
Wu Ming remembered the tree demon grandmother he met when he went to the East China Sea to look for medicine three hundred years ago.
Combined with the Flower Demon, he has been able to confirm that the growth king was once threatened by the tree demon grandmother after she gave birth to the Flower Demon.
I finally figured out a muddled account.
Wu Ming took the heart back, and it was sealed with Xiao Zhang Taiyuan God.
This blame is no longer carried.
But there are still some keys that are not very white. For example, what method did the growth king use to make the king and bodhisattva firmly believe that he killed Mrs. Zhang?
Let’s take it back to heaven to prevent accidents!
After all, it is impossible for Tianmen Shoujiang Wu Ming to handle it privately.
"You also go with me."
Wu Ming said to the flower demon
"But I’m the one that Lord Han took away."
Wu Ming nodded his head to draw a halberd on the square day and gently cut the flower demon body out of the mud with a shovel.
After you put it with you, you will return to heaven and go all the way to the worse gate.
"Who’s the heavenly king on duty today? How can I not see anyone?"
Wu Ming asked one day.
"Back to the real king is the king of growth. I have some urgent things to go out for a while and I will be back soon."
I don’t think he can come back.
Nodded his head, Wu Ming entered the Heavenly Palace and went straight to the front of Tongdian to visit the teacher.
He is not sure that the remaining three kings are involved in this matter, and they need teachers to deal with it effectively!
Chapter 175 Growth King Meteor Bodhisattva Gate
"Did you catch the growth king?"
Zhang Tianshi surprised way
Wu Ming nodded briefly said it again.
After hearing this, Tianshi couldn’t help but call a beadle with a solemn face and ask him to invite the remaining three Tianshi.
A little while later, Jingyang real person, Ge Xianweng and Qiu Tianshi were together.
After some discussion, the four heavenly teachers entered the Lingxiao Hall together to play the Jade Emperor.
The Jade Emperor immediately decreed that the Heavenly King would be taken into custody at the immortal post, and there was a trial in the celestial prison!
The efficiency of heaven can be described as rapid. Wu Ming arrested him early and executed him in Sendai at noon
Wu Ming personally stared at it.
"Duomu, you can’t escape. What happened to me today is the end of your day. Ha ha ha-"
Growth king was vigorously day ding press staring eyes shouted.
Jack nife, a flash of growth, suddenly, the corpse was separated and could not die any more.
"What are you talking about?"
Wu Ming shook his head. What’s the cause of this fellow? When he shouted, someone appeared to rob the giving ceremony. It seems that he thought too much. It is estimated that no one is so eyes open.
It is estimated that it will take several days for the new growth king to arrive at Nantianmen, which is currently guarded by several marshals.
Back in the house, there was a flower demon brought back by Wu Ming in the pond.
Heaven means that even if the growth king is determined, he can make him speak and spit everything out.
Wu Ming, the heavenly officer of the punishment division, listened to things with the increasing reason. The heavenly king almost said that there were many places that he didn’t know.
That fellow gave birth to evil influence during the robbery, so he needed nutrients to supplement him.
Wu Ming didn’t think that there was such a hardship in the fairy story. So how many gods and buddhas in the sky were born with evil influence?
This is not his concern. In addition, the growth king also revealed a mysterious man, and all his actions were assigned by him, including monitoring the entrance and exit of the heavenly gods Tianmen and stealing Wu Ming’s clothes once.
He threw the heart to the woman on purpose, lent his hand to the flower demon and wanted to cultivate a puppet, but he didn’t kill Xiao Zhang!
So it is said that someone has been watching him for a long time.
In the abyss of the East China Sea, the old dragon said that he was stared at by the demon god palace. Is this growth king a demon god imperial secretary?
What are the benefits of not being upright in heaven and falling into the demon palace?
And he didn’t say that he was assigned by the mysterious man to give him Wu Ming’s tracks and clothes. In addition, he was afraid that Wu Ming was too oversensitive and exposed the flower demon to divert attention
Besides, there are many things, big and small, but they are enough for him to live forever.
"king of growth"
Death is too simple, which makes Wu Ming a little uneasy.

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