Xie Yiming said it’s not that mosquitoes didn’t bite him, but that they bit less.
I held my arms and raised my eyebrows and stared at Xie Yiming. Xie Yiming pulled open his trouser legs and let me see the mosquito bite marks on his ankle.
Xie Yiming wouldn’t let me see it, but I was even more seriously injured when I saw it.
After my skin was bitten by mosquitoes, I got a big bag directly, and Xie Yiming’s skin was flat where the mosquito was bitten. There was only one little red dot.
"Don’t talk to me later. It’s not reliable to share difficulties." I felt the big bags on my cheeks and felt depressed.
"Honey, it’s not that I don’t want to be a mosquito. It can’t look at me." Xie Yiming frowned instantly.
"Even mosquitoes can’t look at you, and girls can’t look at you." I glanced at Xie Yiming.
"No, honey, please don’t abandon me and put some toilet water on you for a while. It’s still beautiful. By the way, honey, where do you think grandma will go?" Xie Yiming took the toilet water and then I put it on my skin to change the subject.
I can’t help frowning at Xie Yiming’s change of topic.
It’s almost eleven o’clock in the evening, and the stage has been put to rest. As soon as I think about this question, I suddenly think that I have been to that strange cave with my grandmother during the winter vacation.
Is that the yin pulse in the Tibetan poems of the corpse Dan? I wonder in my heart.
At this time, the door was pushed open, and grandma took Goo Tsai’s little hand and appeared in my sight. At first glance, grandma looked a little tired and Goo Tsai’s face was a little tight.
I got up from my seat to meet grandma and Goo Tsai and asked where grandma had just gone. Grandma smiled and said she was walking around and didn’t go anywhere.
"Goo Tsai tells you where Sister Ran just went." Grandma looked down at Goo Tsai after she finished.
"Walk around the village" Goo Tsai answered with a crisp voice and a smile on his face.
"Grandma, are you asking Goo Tsai to be a witness?" My attitude towards Grandma and Goo Tsai here is very good.
"Sister Ran, you’re wrong. It’s not a witness, it’s a ghost." Goo Tsai corrected me seriously.
Goo Tsai’s words are exported. Grandma laughs and pats a goo Tsai’s little head and praises a goo Tsai’s words. It’s very affectionate for Goo Tsai to run to Xie Yiming with short legs.
"It’s not a good boy for Goo Tsai to lie. What do you want to tell Sister Ran? Sister Ran will keep it a secret for you." I squatted in front of Goo Tsai to ask questions while Grandma went to wash.
"Sister Ran, I really have something to tell you." Goo Tsai glanced at the direction of bathing and lowered his voice.
"Goose boy, be good and say it quickly." I urged Goose boy to tell me the truth quickly.
"Sister Ran, your face is so ugly." Goo Tsai fell on my ear and spoke words that made me dizzy on the spot.
After talking about these goo-goo’s instant return to Yinzhu, I looked at Xie Yiming with sad eyes. Xie Yiming seemed to be holding back a smile and pulled me up from the squatting position, holding me and saying that I was not hurt or angry.
When I have a rest again tonight, there are no female ghosts singing in the small village. I can be invisible. I can see that female ghosts continue to absorb the ghosts of the ancestral temple without any rest.
I told grandma that at noon tomorrow, the female ghost level is estimated to reach the level of spectre, and grandma asked me to summon Gu Zi in Yin Zhu to appear.
When Goo Tsai comes out of the Yinzhu, tell him to suck out something fishy about the mask girl’s body and leave her a breath.
I said there was a little black snake on the wrist of the masked woman. The masked woman may also know ghosts.
Grandma said that the masked woman’s snake collar is a side door, no matter whether it is a black snake or a white snake, it is harmful to Goose. She said that the masked woman can’t resist Goose’s approach even if she knows ghosts and laws.
Listening to grandma’s affirmation that Goo Zi can be easily captured, I will tell Goo Zi to be the first and let Goo Zi leave.
Grandma Goo Tsai shook her head and sighed when she looked at me after she left.
I don’t know why grandma asked me. Grandma said I trusted others too much. Even if I told her, I should be skeptical. Only by judging the problem from my own point of view can I stand firm.
"Grandma, are you telling me to be wary of everyone?" I didn’t expect grandma to assert that she was right and gave me a vivid education lesson.
"But Xiao Ran should have heard the saying that relying on oneself is the most correct choice when relying on mountains and running by trees." Grandma looked serious.
"Grandma is my most trusted person." I don’t think I’m the kind of person who has a soft mind. I’m also suspicious, but if I have to be skeptical about grandma’s words, I accept it.
"Maybe grandma will sell you one day." Grandma shook her head and patted me on the shoulder.
"If grandma sells me one day, I’ll count the money for grandma." I answered grandma’s words stiffly.
"Grandma wants Xiao Ran to know that it is difficult for people to start this topic suddenly." Grandma sighed.
"Grandma is my most trusted person" I stubbornly repeated the previous words.
"Grandma knows that Grandma can bear three words that Xiao Ran believes most." Grandma patted me on the head with a smile.
Grandma’s last words made my heart a little wider. I gave grandma a big hug and then I began to worry about whether Goo Zi would be in trouble when he went to the mask room this time.
Calm down. I started tracking the masked woman and the invisible paper man.
I saw Goo Tsai enter the masked woman’s room, and the masked woman suddenly opened her closed eyes and looked straight into the room.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Fish scales
I will report the information I can get from the invisible paper man’s eyes to grandma in real time. I don’t want my goo-goo to have an accident.
When Goo Tsai’s mask girl looks straight at him, her figure hangs and she quickly takes out his rattle to urge the aura in the rattle to hit the mask girl’s face.
Goose boy is fast, but the mask girl’s reaction is also very fast. She quickly picks up half of the face of the mask, and half of the face of the mask is hit by Goose boy’s spiritual force.
After half of the face of the mask female mask was hit by Goo Tsai’s psychic force, the whole person seemed to have not been hurt by the psychic force blow just now.
I saw that half of the face of the mask female mask was covered with thick fish-scale objects except the eyelids and eyes, and the spiritual force was instantly absorbed into the fish-scale objects, which were more shiny.
This situation makes me frown. Goo-goo seems to be stupidly on the spot.
It’s just that Goo Tsai briefly stupidly. The masked woman suddenly peeled off her face and shot the scales at Goo Tsai.
I woke up in a hurry. Goo-goo dodged the scales from the attack, and then I urged the rattle in my hand to hit the masked woman again. This time, Goo-goo chose to hit the masked woman with the psychic force.
This time, the masked female body can avoid being hit by spiritual force, curled up in pain, and something congenial overflowed and scattered from the outside.
The masked woman took off her face before, and there was blood rushing out along the front scale position, but as the place soon grew new scales again, there was no more blood overflowing at that position.
Goo tsai kept urging the rattle to hit the masked woman’s body, which made the masked woman unable to fight back.
The masked female body is ghostly, and as Goo Zi keeps hitting her body, the spillover is even more rapid. Without long scales, half of her face is visible to the naked eye, and the speed is getting paler and paler.
I kept telling grandma what I saw, but when I stopped, I immediately took back the Yin Zhu.
I’m in the ancestral hall’s main room, but I can’t see the paper man. When I saw my grandmother stop Goo Tsai’s mask and the girl was dying, the female ghost in the ancestral hall’s main room stopped breathing.
After the female ghost’s fundus mood quickly turned sharply, she got up from sitting cross-legged on the ground and straightened her arms in the left and right direction. The left palm absorbed something fishy in the ancestral temple, and the right palm poured out something fishy, and the something fishy went straight to the position where the masked woman was.
The dying mask girl grew up immediately after she reached her side, and tried to suck it quickly.
So the female ghost’s continuous upward movement is interrupted, and it will take a lot of time if you want to restore the masked woman to her former normal state.
Seeing this, I ended my real-time explanation to grandma, and I asked grandma what the scales of the mask face were.
Grandma told me that if she guessed correctly, the masked woman should be born of a man and a demon, and the offspring would look and be evil, so the masked woman would be regarded as a demon-looking person.
It has always been inevitable for demons to turn into adults, and some characteristics of body shape are preserved. Only fish demons can have scales on their bodies.
Fish, monsters and monsters are all monsters with low power, but everything in the world complements each other.
When you keep your body, the scales have strong defense ability, which can protect yourself from being hurt easily, and those scales can absorb the external attack force, and those scales can be used as weapons to have strong attack power on demons and ghosts.
Grandma explained to me that when I asked grandma again, Goo Zi could enter the main hall of the ancestral temple.
Grandma said that it would take 12 hours to catch the ghost in a porcelain bottle before she could benefit.
Grandma said that it was already a ghost. It took the porcelain vase for twelve hours to look like a wandering soul. Only then could the female ghost in the ancestral temple let her guard down against the ghost and not be attacked by the female ghost as soon as it appeared.
Grandma asked me again after she finished, whether the residual yang that Goo Zi had smoked before could support Goo Zi to show up for a few minutes during the day.
I nodded and said that my grandmother told me to rest early and then lie down and fall asleep quickly.
After lying down, my grandmother also lay down and began to practice bamboo slips. The fifth floor didn’t stop practicing until it was dark.
I joined two invisible paper men in a small village. I saw from the message of the invisible paper men that the female ghost continued to give the mask to the female ghost until just now. After the female ghost stopped moving, her body almost stumbled and she looked very weak.
Female ghosts cross their legs and sit on the ground and begin to absorb the ancestral temple’s main house again.
After smoking for a long time, the mask girl’s color returned to normal, and once again she brought the mask with her half face to cover the mask with scales.
The masked woman opened the wide sleeves with hatred in her eyes and let the little black snake at the wrist absorb the blood of her arm again.
At noon, twelve hours before the ghost was collected into the porcelain vase, grandma opened the porcelain vase mouth in her room and pointed it at her nose.

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