"What are you talking about?" Ding Qiunan gave him a white look and a blush appeared on his pale face.
Li looked at Li Chu in surprise. It was the first time she heard such words.
At this time, a few people outside also noticed inside.
"Why did this girl run out by herself?"
Aunt Wang said in a hurry, "Why don’t you hurry up and help your daughter-in-law to the ward?"
Ding Qiunan was settled in the ward for the first time to see that she had two children.
"Hey, Li Chu, this child is so ugly?"
"Dead girl, what are you talking about there!"
The ward door was pushed open, and Seimi Zhang picked up Ding Ma and Ding Dad.
Ding Ma was furious when she heard her daughter’s words as soon as she came over.
"Why was this born so soon? This comrade used to pick us up just now, and I still have to toss up until midnight today."
"Mom and Dad, you are coming."
The nurse saw more and more people in the ward and drove them all outside.
Ding Qiunan is going to start breastfeeding the baby for the first time.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Go home
Li Chu led his brother-in-law, Wang Shu and Ding Da to the outside of the ward.
At this time, Aunt Wang asked Xiaozao to stew chicken soup.
Li Chu took the chicken soup and sent it in first.
Ding Ma and Li Qin are teaching girls how to nurse children.
The leaked snow-white skin stung Li Chu and her eyes hurt.
Afraid of making a fool of yourself, Li Chu didn’t dare to put a thermos bottle inside and came out quickly.
I haven’t known the smell of meat for nine months. I just glanced at Li Chu and felt my heart stirring.
In the corridor, I was talking with Dad Ding and Uncle Wang.
After a while, Aunt Wang came out and looked at Li Chu and said, "Little Chu Qiunan wants to go home and stay in the hospital. What should I do?"
Li Chu thought for a moment and said, "Then go back. You can rest better when you go back."
The girl is in good condition, there is no need to stay in the hospital, and it is much more convenient to go home.
After that, everyone got busy, and it was convenient for Wang Shu’s car to return.
Master Li hasn’t left the office yet. Li Chu told her in the past.
Neither can Li Zhu. If Ding Qiunan hadn’t been born twins, she wouldn’t have come here today.
I didn’t expect the production to be so smooth, which made her very curious about Li Chu’s physical conditioning.
You know, this is her first child or twins. To be honest, Li Zhu was holding a sweat when he came.
She was amazed at the smooth results. It was like eating a bad stomach and coming out with a little strength.
Li Zhu has made up his mind to ask Li Chu about this in a few days.
After Li Chu returned to the ward, everything had been packed. The two children were wrapped tightly. Aunt Wang and Ding Ma couldn’t get a Li Qin by themselves.
Ding Qiunan has also put on a cotton coat bed and wandered back and forth. I don’t see that this is a woman who just gave birth to twins.
Seimi Zhang drove them back to Li Chu with her brother-in-law and accompanied Wang Shuhe Ding Da to walk back slowly.
Dad Ding came here today and barely spoke, but he kept grinning and told you how happy he was.
When they got home, Ding Qiunan had been settled at home.
Both babies are sleeping soundly beside her.
Wang Jiayuan and her brother are lying on the bed and looking at the two babies curiously.
The family looked at the bed, the baby looked at his sister, and it seemed to him that neither baby was as big as his sister when she was born.
Xiaohei also leaned in. He didn’t dare to lie down before the bed and was educated by Li Chu. He could rely on his hind legs to look tired and have a rest. He continued to look at his neck and his long nose, and he smelled the smell of the young master.
Not long after I came back, Aunt Wang Shuhe went back.
Wang Shutian has a meeting, and it’s almost eleven o’clock now. He usually has a rest at this time.
When aunt Wang left, she also specifically told Li Chutian that she would come over to deliver chicken soup to the girl.
Sitting in the car, Uncle Wang sighed deeply and said, "This is finally a confession for Brother You and Sister Ya."
"Yes, it’s really reassuring to see Xiao Chu grow up, get married and give birth to me."
At some point, Aunt Wang’s eyes turned red. "But the thought of Brother You and Sister Xiaoya makes my heart ache badly! They left too early! These should be seen by themselves. "
"Alas," Wang Shu shook his head and said nothing. The couple’s excellent crisis in party member estimated that they couldn’t think of anything else.
It’s just a pity that they should enjoy all this today.
Li Chu, after Aunt Wang Shuhe left, tidied up the late-night sleeping room for her father-in-law and mother-in-law.
"Xiao Chu, let me live with Nannan later. You can’t take care of the children." Ding Ma was a little uneasy.
"Ding Yi, let Xiao Chu and the young couple study hard here. Can you stay here all the time?"
Li Qin thinks that his brother should stay with others late and can’t take care of you forever.
Ding Qiunan also advised her mother to have a rest. Can Ding Ma do it?
"Xiao Chu, if you can’t coax a child late, please let me know quickly, okay?"
Before she left, Ding Ma had to urge her to look at the bed and sleep side by side. She really liked the two little people.
When he and Ding Qiunan were left in the room, Li Chu looked at her and said, "Daughter-in-law, this is too fast. She was born at lunch."
Ding Qiunan lay on his side and looked at two children who were sleeping soundly. His eyes were shining with maternal brilliance and he ignored him.
"Hey, hey, wife, I’m talking to you."
"Don’t be noisy with the children."
Li Chu looked at Ding Qiunan with wide eyes and felt a little incredible. He said in a low voice, "It’s not … daughter-in-law, how … what’s this?"
"What’s the situation?"

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