And uchiha madara also saw the previous forbearance wars and was provoked by the black, so he planned to launch the fourth forbearance war.
Plaque is the pursuit of justice, and he chose a more extreme way. He chose a very extreme road in the face of a world that has completely lost confidence, so that the great illusion way can establish an ideal dream world.
And all this star from that justice in his heart and the real peace he has been seeking for a long time.
Since the death of his younger brother Quan Nai, there have been others in his eyes, and he has his own friends-pillars, and it is this egoism that has caused his extreme psychology, and all this is rooted in his deep-rooted mentality of being competitive and not losing, and it is the root of his stepping on this road to lead the world to extinction.
From the starting point, both Spot and Zhu are pursuing a road of eternal peace, but it is precisely because of his strong personality that he does not want to live in Zhu’s personality that their roads are seriously different.
Spot once said that he didn’t like to be relegated to the background, and the letter fetter built by the pillar gradually cracked as he learned that the stone tablet had been tampered with by Hei Jue.
He no longer believes in others, but hopes to achieve everything by his own strength. He gave up the road of fighting with the column and chose another more extreme method, which can be achieved overnight-limiting Harle to take control of everything in the world and never causing disputes again.
But it is precisely this so-called method to achieve permanent peace that is actually a big barrel of wood shining night to revive himself and arrange a lie. When Spot absorbed the sacred tree and approached the moon to start the reincarnation of sharingan, he could not escape the fate swallowed by the shining night, and finally he ended the world and himself.
Spot’s persistent pursuit of peace was defeated by Hui Yeli’s generation and finally he was able to marry others.
After Hui Ye was knocked down, he really opened his heart and admitted his failure. Although his dream had fallen, he didn’t see that Spot was too unwilling, but frankly admitted that maybe the column method was correct.
This spot column is a real ending, and it is also a mirror for Sasuke and Naruto to take the road in the future.
Naruto, on the other hand, chose another road, different from uchiha madara, similar to but not the same as the thousand-handed column.
The Thousand-Handed Column is to balance the strength of the five major countries by distributing bijuu, so that mutual fear can achieve peace.
Naruto, on the other hand, achieved peace through his friendship with ninja comrades in four countries.
Is this because Naruto was discriminated against, abused and neglected from childhood to form a character?
Because Kyubi no Youko attacked Konoha for four generations and sealed Kyubi no Youko-positive chakra, it was still a baby singing for four generations. I hoped that Konoha villagers would regard Naruto as a village hero, but the villagers widely regarded Naruto as a neglected Naruto who had destroyed the village peace and Kyubi no Youko incarnation, so Naruto gradually developed a rebellious personality.
Naruto’s poor grades in school, his love of evil dramas and his expectation of being recognized by everyone are Naruto’s greatest characteristics, which often make him a laughing stock of his classmates and a headache for his teachers
Later, Naruto was recognized by teacher Iruka of Ninja School and grew up gradually.
Iruka’s parents both died in Kyubi no Youko’s attack on Konoha. Although Iruka found it difficult to accept Naruto at first, as he got along, he found that Naruto was lonely. Gradually, he accepted Naruto and understood what he hoped to get everyone’s approval, because Iruka had the same expectation for everyone when he was a child.
Iruka can be said to be the first person in the village who can accept Naruto. He left an indelible impression on his body. Iruka is like a true relative of Naruto, because Naruto has overcome his years of sadness through him.
Naruto is a humorous person. He often faces the world with a smirk, but sometimes he smiles to hide his anxiety from others. He is worried that he is a happy-go-lucky person to outsiders, but his friends can often see that he hides his worries.
Naruto’s belief is very firm. He always believes that people can find light and justice, and at the same time, they are rational. The road of justice is "not an easy road, and that road will encounter many difficulties and obstacles."
He also attaches great importance to friendship with his companions, and remembers Kakashi’s motto, "People who can’t finish in the ninja world are waste, and abandoning their companions is even worse than waste."
Although Naruto seems to be slow and reckless, he is not a fool. There are often many strange tactics and ghost points in his battle, such as the tactics of changing tactics against Inuzuka Kiba, the temptation to lure the enemy in two places at the corner of the battle, the strongest spear of the three generations of Thunder Shadow and the strongest shield, etc. It can be seen that Naruto is not a reckless man. Please browse and read the mobile phone.
Chapter six hundred The finale
Chiba has unified the forbearance world in disguise, and the shadow of his great country has also been cancelled, only keeping Huo Ying and Shui Ying. Of course, Shui Ying is now a status symbol but not powerful.
In the Five Dynasties, Muhuoying was Uchiha Shisui’s inheritance of the will of fire, and his base was recognized by Konoha Ninja.
The new generation of elders are also borne by Uchiha Itachi, Hatake Kakashi and Nara Shikaku, while the old generation of Konoha elders are Gang Shou, Jiraiya and orochimaru.
Perhaps because of the outbreak of forbearance for the fourth time, Gang Shou realized that he married Jiraiya and lived in seclusion, while Jiraiya also put away his lustful career and taught his wife to earn money to support his family.
Jiraiya has turned over a new leaf and doesn’t peep at the women’s bathhouse, while Gang Shou, a "yellow gambling poison" and "big fat sheep", has never given up this hobby.
Gang Shou’s promise of salary and bonus before leaving the post of Konoha elder in Chiba was also effective, but Chiba also gave them a generous pension for watching Gang Shou and Jiraiya work hard.
But such a rich pension comparable to Huo Ying’s salary is not enough for Gang Shou to squander the Sea of Jiraiya. Bah, he continued his writing career
Oh, it’s called "Naruto", and it’s about Konoha’s five generations of eyes, Naruto, Uchihiro Chiba’s strange story, which was very popular when it was released, which eased Jiraiya’s problem of raising a family.
Of course, due to Jiraiya’s resignation, Kakashi’s intimate paradise continues to be miserable, but Kakashi is not without his replacement
In fact, Kakashi found a better way to vent his anger, that is, Hatake Kakashi married Yakushi Nonou.
The pharmacist Nonai Yushi is young and Kakashi is a generation. After Chiba, Hongdou and others set them up, they also came together.
Yakushi Kabuto is not unhappy at all about this. Yakushi Nonou is his adoptive mother, and it is impossible for Yakushi Kabuto to stop her from getting married. But Yakushi Kabuto also believes that Kakashi can take good care of his mother.
Yakushi Kabuto, on the other hand, negotiated with Chiba, orochimaru to open a biotechnology company, which mainly developed column cells to improve gene repair of broken limbs. This company has also become a pillar industry of wood leaves.
In fact, the root cause of every war of forbearance is the competition for forbearance resources, and the number of ninjas is increasing day by day. Moreover, most of ninjas’ funds come from
The rivalry has become the direct cause of the war of forbearance.
However, Chiba showed Ninja many ways to improve the economy, and the fields of biology, chemistry, medical care, security and so on have released Ninja’s economic pressure well.
In this way, Chiba has a sufficient economic foundation for the unification of the forbearance world, which makes the forbearance world very peaceful.
Sarutobi Asuma still goes with Sarutobi Kurenai.
Uchiha Itachi also married his lover Uchihiro Shelly.
In Naruto’s generation, Naruto was with Ino, but Sasuke still didn’t escape Haruno Sakura’s clutches, while Vortex Xiang Phosphorus was with Hohzuki Suigetsu instead of unrequited love in the original book to save her.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"
A baby cried through the hospital delivery room.
A tall and handsome young man happily picked up his "son"
"Well dear marry what name? !”
"Um … Uchiha Saya!"
Young people are excited. Since it is the reincarnation of the big barrel Muhui Night, it is natural to have some connections. Of course, the young people, that is, Uchihiro Chiba, have long been wiped out, leaving her six foundations.
"What about our children? !”
Asked the red bean with a big belly
"Well, let’s call it Uchibo Peach!"
"… how dare you ugly name"
"This is a big tube of MuTao’s six foundations don’t call peach? !”
"Parasitic Soul" is a drinker.
official documents and correspondence
If people can come back from the dead, will they still be alive? Horrible deserted houses, mysterious five-element secret passages, and special people living in different places. The ancient people who disappeared from the earth are gradually awakening … The historical materials involved are fabricated. Please don’t sit in the right place.
Chapter 1 quotation
It’s late at night, everyone in the village is asleep, and the air is filled with the silence of death. Suddenly, a shout broke the silence of the night. The light suddenly came on in the mansion at the east end of the village. A man ran out naked in the courtyard and shouted, "Dad, Mom, the little dream seems to be dying. Come and have a look …" The lights in his room lit up one after another, and people began to come in and out. Everyone looked iron and black and dignified. Something must have happened to this family.

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