As a result, although he is pure blood [abyss demon], he can also change his vest to act as a god …
In this way, with the passage of time, Olga, who is at the center of the light beam, has changed more and more in all aspects.
Finally, when the light beam stopped completely and he opened his eyes.
Olga has been reborn, and all aspects have ushered in the ultimate sublimation!
Abyss-Demon Lord
Chapter 566 【 only dominate 】
Open your eyes and look around.
I confirmed my present position through the chaotic light Olga around me.
【 market ember deep 】
This is a special area in the abyss dedicated to decomposing things.
It is equivalent to a stomach in the abyss.
There’s a big limit here. You can hold anything.
And things that enter here, whether living or dead, or regular things, will be destroyed by differences here.
That is to say, Olga, who is a sacrifice and a contributor, can stay here for the time being.
Otherwise, even if you are a demon in the abyss, there will be destruction in other fields.
And when he woke up, a countdown appeared in his heart.
That’s all he can stay here. If he exceeds the time limit, he will be digested directly!
With a little curiosity, I watched the surrounding situation for a while and recorded some chaotic light energy fluctuations in the vicinity. After that, Olga did not stay for a long time and directly chose to activate the one-time traffic limit given by [Abyss Will] to run quickly without challenge and stimulation, and then left at the last stage.
It’s really cold here if you die because of unexpected factors …
[Virtual interlayer]
This is the buffer zone of each layer of abyss white compartment.
This is full of destructive air currents, and all kinds of energy contacts will be instantly wiped out if their strength is a little weaker, or exiled to the unknown. Only the [demon] class can barely live here!
But there are no real eggs here.
In addition to all kinds of devastating disasters, there are all kinds of strange abyss creatures wandering around in this barren polar region. If you have time to mix here, you might as well just find an abyss and squat down. At least there are all kinds of mobile dry food running around, so don’t worry about eating and drinking!
Now, because the target size of the advanced [Demon Lord] is too big, Olga has been listed as an unwelcome target by most of the main abyss layers, and he can be kicked to this bird-less place.
When he saw a burst of red light, his figure appeared in the middle of the storm at a certain time.
For Olga at this time, the height factor is meaningless. If you want, he is bigger than the whole universe and smaller than the smallest grain, but his strength will not change because of it.
For convenience, he now maintains his height about two meters.
The energy storm that can destroy the stars around him is as light as a breeze, which is not necessary.
"Shout …"
Just exhaling casually is like BIGBANG’s light streaming out of his mouth and forcibly dispersing those storms.
After doing this, he glanced at all dimensions around him.
Most of the cover-ups in his eyes are equal to nothing, and the distance of hundreds of millions of light years is just around the corner.
It didn’t take long
It was a round of scanning Olga that found an artificial dimension hidden in another dimension.
As he thought, one of the wings behind him flapped slightly-it immediately crossed the link …
[Faroe Courtyard]
This is an artificial otherworldly world in the [virtual barrier]
Ruled by exorcist-Korunyael, the plane of Akerlu.
The type is the academic dimension world.
There are hundreds of thousands of wizards living here and hundreds of millions of slaves experimenting with Warcraft.
In the past, its biggest thing was that all mages exchanged and studied and transported mage-type talents for all alliance forces!
Relatively speaking, its name is very good in many places.
Of course, it is just very good …
A world that can stand in the abyss can be very friendly even if it is friendly.
Buying and selling people, using various low-level planes as test sites, or trying to colonize heterotopic planes … are all basic exercises of the wizards in Faroe Courtyard …
Although this trivial move will sacrifice blood to the whole plane race, maybe it will kill the whole city [bottom abyss] by bringing a dog out at random.
But it is enough to say that they are not soft-hearted.
With Olga’s action
A certain ability he possessed after he advanced to [Demon Lord] started.
That ability Olga will be called "the only domination"
If you want his power to cover, then everything that is not higher than him will be dominated by him!
Including but not limited to birth, old age, illness, death, emotion, mind, cause and effect, fate …
As his wings eroded [Faroe Courtyard]
[Faroe Courtyard] Inside a magnificent Beemage Tower in the most central area
Dressed in a costume and holding an artifact staff, Colunya El was doing daily meditation with his eyes closed, and immediately opened his eyes in horror.
He was built through a large number of casting materials and special ceremonies, and a large number of resident early warning spells just came to him with an exception!
The fiercest one will automatically break directly.
This means that they perceive that the crisis is not their own level of resistance.
In the face of this situation, I dare not even think about it. Korunya El directly waved his staff in his hand.
【 Super Magic Enhancement-Ectopic Face Delivery 】
With the help of the staff, he forced a door to a strange face before preparing.
That’s his secret base.
No one knows the specific location except himself!
And everything in the Faroe Courtyard is going to give up because of the urgency.
Life can say anything.

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