As soon as my voice fell, I quickly slipped from the tree to the middle of it and took something in my hand and hit the earthworm.
I heard the earthworm suddenly raise its head, but its dark mouth didn’t open
To make him open his mouth, I reached into my bag and found the paper. I immediately bit a finger and dropped a drop of blood on the paper.
Mo Yibai played earthworms one by one, trying to get them to attack him, and then opened his mouth wide, but the earthworms held their heads up motionless and looked lazy.
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.
He meant it, didn’t he? He wanted us to attract it to the surface, he said.
Maybe it’s not sure if it’s waiting for you in the face. Do you want to swing your whip to see it? Maybe it’ll drool and open its mouth, I said
Still no, I’m afraid I’ll be soft and fall directly into someone’s mouth. I’m afraid that if I fall in, I won’t be able to climb. It’s not terrible to see the dead, but I don’t want to be a ghost with a greasy smell. I don’t want to spend unbeaten and shake my head hurriedly or beg for it
How can I beg you? Say it.
Open your mouth with that aunt. I’ll give you a delicious meal, Grandpa. After that, I secretly looked at it. We said that this is how I tease my dog on weekdays.
I think my face was black at that time, but when eleven screamed and said that his mouth was open, I had to sit up and take notice of Hua unbeaten, which made him choke.
When I was dark, I made a ball of paper ready in my hand. The paper was very accurate and fell into the earthworm’s mouth.
Several of us breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, and then we all stared at the earthworm without blinking, and we didn’t know if we could succeed.
I heard a flame burning sound in the earthworm’s stomach, and then the earthworm was radiant, and the light disappeared in an instant, and the earthworm disappeared.
have/has/had disappeared
No, I gave it a sign and took it to the palace of hell. I climbed from the tree as I spoke. We have to hurry. I don’t know when it will come back.
As I planted the tree, the other three also planted it neatly.
It will come back to the palace of hell, and it will come back. Generally, it is not to go back to Yaohua unbeaten.
Yan is not interested in it but will throw it back, I said
Eleven said with a smile, it’s really an old dragon and grandson. It’s quite unique. You’re taking revenge on the Yan for killing you with monsters, aren’t you?
As we walked, we were talking. Mo Yibai was on the road ahead, and I urged the eleven flowers behind us to walk faster.
Even if my spell lasts for a long time, that thing can really go to the palace of hell, but I’m afraid the strength of hell will have to roll back to the ground as soon as I take something of cutting.
Mo Yibai’s physical strength is very good. We haven’t been tired in the road ahead. We have been walking behind for a long time. I want to switch places with Mo Yibai. When I go my way, Mo Yibai can’t sayno. Finally, we have to continue to follow him.
Probably scared by the earthworm, Mo Yibai’s road is extremely fast, and we are also walking very fast without rest.
In the Woods, snakes, insects, rats and ants have a lot of faces and hit a spider’s feet. A snake is afraid of losing a few caterpillars. When things happen one after another, the flowers are unbeaten and the flowers are pale and screaming. At the end of the day, when a few people see a snake crawling on their feet, they don’t change their faces, even if it is a poisonous snake.
The deeper I go, the darker and wetter the forest becomes. There are more and more strange insects gathering in wet places. I have always been a city dweller since I was a child. Except for the death of Yan, I have lived a very leisurely and comfortable life. I really have never suffered such a crime. I am still a little disgusted with insects.
I don’t know if the other three people have never been afraid or are fighting hard like me.
Halfway through eleven, I asked me what the hell is like. I thought about it and finally told her that the hell is similar to a person. My impression of the hell is quite clear in my mind, but I’m afraid that the hell is a man who is more beautiful than a woman. I’m afraid most people can’t accept it. Even when I saw the hell in those years, he was not the hell. In my impression, he should be an ugly and tough middle-aged man. Chapter 13 The poisonous snake struck.
After that, we moved faster and faster, and when it was getting dark, we finally reached the first stop.
After passing through the messy forest, it is an extraordinarily orderly forest. There are no weeds or low spiny plants on the foundation, which is particularly clean and bare. The trunk is full of leaves, which looks like an artificial forest.
Mo Yibai stopped for nothing. After we walked beside him, he glanced at the map and said, We will rest here tonight.
Eleven flowers unbeaten means no problem, probably because they are exhausted. After listening to Mo Yibai, they immediately found a place to sit and rest for a while.
Although my physical strength is not particularly good, my endurance is excellent because I often take part in some hiking or mountaineering activities. Besides, the Yan gave me training every so often. I found that I didn’t feel tired after walking for so long.
I’ll let some people rest first, and I’ll pick up branches before it gets dark so that I can make a fire later.
Mo Yibai leaned against the edge for a while and said with a knife to come with me.
The two men were silent and picked up the branches, but there was no expression in their faces. Long bangs covered their eyes and made people unable to see through them.
I bent down to pick up a branch and secretly looked at Mo Yibai. I always thought that this person was strange, but I couldn’t say where it was. I wanted to ask him what it was this time. I have always been a straight person. Looking at Mo Yibai should not threaten me, so my curiosity became aroused. According to the slang, Mo Yibai is not as different as flowers. Money is not as exciting as eleven, and it is even more impossible to find grandpa like me. What can he do? Is there anything more unfathomable hidden in that tomb?
You just said a word, and Mo Yibai suddenly reached out and pushed me. I didn’t take precautions. I was hit hard in the back. When the tree rang, I almost felt that my bones were almost broken.
I looked at Mo Yibai strangely, and his eyes shone with cold light. The knife in his hand was half raised in the air and he was about to cut it at me.
No wonder Mo Yibai, a loner, suddenly wanted to pick up branches with me. I stared at Mo Yibai with wide eyes. I’m sure my eyes were frightened and incredible at that time.
What are you doing? I almost screamed at Mo Yibai.
Just when I was about to be chopped off by Mo Yi’s knife from scratch, I saw a flash of white light in front of me. The knife actually took a gust of wind in front of me and slipped over my shoulder and then came back.
Pa, I felt something fall from my shoulder to the ground.
After a pause, I took a look at my hand and held the knife tightly. Mo Yibai looked down again. At my feet, it was a snake with a triangular tip that broke into two pieces. My head was red as if a flame was burning. I have never seen a snake before, but I am sure it will be a poisonous snake.
Look at that. Mo Yibai saw a snake and saved me. I’m sorry. Look at Mo Yibai. Thank you. This is the second time that Mo Yibai has saved my life.
Mo Yibai is still very alert. She looks around her face with no expression. There was not much explanation just now. I really don’t know if I misunderstood him and killed me. Will he still be too lazy to explain?
I kicked the snake corpse and picked up the branches scattered when I was pushed just now.

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