This floor is the office of Shui Ying, which is the place where Terumi Mei stays.
Cheep, there’s a big door coming.
Buried in the file pile, Terumi Mei raised his cicada’s head and saw that Chiba was coming. He smiled and said, "Dear, you’re here. Sorry, I haven’t come home yet."
Chiba spoil watching Terumi Mei come behind her and help her massage her neck and shoulders.
Terumi Mei was dressed in a blue Shui Ying, less sexy and charming than last night, and more intellectual and capable.
It is also very sensible to stop water without others in the office. Outside the door, everything is blocked, which disturbs your big brother and sister-in-law’s loving light bulb.
"It’s okay. I understand that shadow body is not an easy job, but it’s tired to be a dog on the surface. Your body hurts my heart."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Ghost lamp endure surgery
"Uh-huh, I know …"
The so-called nodded Sanhao Qing Hai smiled and looked aside. Terumi Mei proudly said, "I’ll let you know that guy is just an embroidered pillow."
Laughing at the 13 th, Qing Hai broke free from his father’s palm and jumped into the field and shouted "I’m coming!"
Listen, Sanhao Qinghai sound stage’s eyes suddenly gathered around him, and this feeling of high attention made his face proud, which added another point.
Hosting a duel is the sword of the dark army. In the original work, he once did the rebellious pursuit of the village in the fog, and the captain of the army was personally responsible for pursuing the six-tailed column force bubble.
Being able to be responsible for chasing the village, it seems that he also has two brushes. At least Shui Ying and the elders are quite trusted there
Looking at the coming Sanhao Qing Hai Jian eyebrows a wrinkly to look to the rostrum, it was indeed as expected to see the big elders calm face with a sigh and my heart scolded, "I don’t know how to be a fool!" Chiba’s strength is that you can challenge. "
However, he is also not good at participating in high-level political struggles. He is secretly scolding a big elder who has lost his strength and is willing to use his own grandson as a tool.
Sanhao Qinghai didn’t notice the ugly face of the dark army sword striding forward with a smug smile. "Chiba, let me try how strong your fighting strength is."
Lazy lift my eyes looking at the front of Miho Ching Hai Chiba is too lazy to answer.
"Miho Ching Hai challenges Chiba. If necessary, one party can apply for referee intervention. Of course, once I step in, I will signal that one party will fail and the duel will officially begin." Look, Miho Ching Hai has come to Jiandenai Avenue in the center of the field.
This is not a village battle, there is no surrender, and there are not so many rules.
San Hao Qing hai pie mouth
As the sword retreated, the atmosphere in the center of the training ground suddenly became tense!
Looking at the high platform and looking at the two places, they all moved with great interest. They also wanted to know that one was able to fight against the six-tailed column ninja alone; One is that the seven people who have been famous for a long time can compete with each other. Is Shui Ying a foot high in fog or a foot high in fog?
The podium loquat ten Tibetan frowned and looked at the imposing Sanhao Qinghai with a slightly ugly face. Although Chiba’s strength surprised him, he did not know how to recover from his serious injury.
However, he glanced at Terumi Mei’s pretty face next to him, a face of calm and no worries, and Chiba’s cousin stopped water and even closed his eyes. It seemed that he was more interested in dozing than in watching a duel in the field.
Loquat Ten Zang gave a wry smile. He believed in Chiba once, but his family didn’t worry about himself. It’s really urgent for the emperor to worry about himself.
Looking at the random stand in front of Chiba Miho Ching Hai, I laughed at a pair of hands slowly stretching out, slightly silent and suddenly shooting a few bitterness quickly.
With the bitter, good, clean sea, the soles of your feet slammed on the ground and your body rushed straight to the near hand. When Chiba rushed, the hands of the three good clean sea were slightly bent and the palms were covered with some cold awns.
When it was only half a meter away from Chiba, Sanhao Qinghai’s figure suddenly stopped, making his right hand draw a sharp arc and take Chiba’s throat directly.
Wuyin village is good at water evasion. Whether it is ninja, body art or illusion, it has water evasion.
Look calm and look at the bitter moves coming from the disease. The palm of Chiba is not urgent or slow. Raise the palm slightly, curl the palm, violently open the thrust of the earth and rush out …
This milli-omen has a huge thrust. Sanhao Qinghai’s face changed, and his body shape was like being hit by a heavy hammer. His feet quickly retreated for more than ten steps before he stopped his body shape.
Several hardships were also swept away by Chiba’s palm.
The rostrum looked at this scene, and the elder’s face changed. Sun San was good at clearing the sea. He didn’t know that it was easy to break rocks and cut off the giant bear’s head with a palm.
Never expected to be easily hit by Chiba, why not let him be really shocked?
If Chiba knew that the other party would sneer at the law, he made Naruto in the original immortal mode make the immortal mode for the first time, so he could cut off the black stick and lift a huge rhinoceros with both hands.
To tell the truth, Chiba is not as qualified as Naruto, but it is more than enough to deal with Sanhao Qinghai.
His face was slightly surprised, but he was excited and patted the table and laughed. No matter how old the elder’s face was livid, Terumi Mei finally looked at him and his beautiful eyes stared at him, so he converged.
However, Terumi Mei saw that her husband, Chiba, took over the wind with one blow and lifted her heart. Although she believed in Chiba’s strength, it seems that Chiba’s strength has indeed recovered.
Among them, that is, water stop knows Chiba’s strength very well, but they fought side by side with three forbearance, one orochimaru and the sand forbearance, the red sand scorpion, and he also knows that Chiba learned the forbidden art from the spell orochimaru, and the metempsychosis is not a surface power.
Touched some chest tightness in the chest, Sanhao Qinghai’s face was slightly discolored and he asked.
"You … what is your body?"
Chiba glanced at him lightly, and immediately lowered his eyeliner and ignored his ability, but how could the ninja secret be easily revealed to his opponent and he was still a rival in different villages?
Looking at ignored his Chiba Miho Ching Hai face a slight shake teeth a bit mixed with anger once again rushed to Chiba.
At the same time, quickly print and then drink "Water Dun Water Cannon Practice!"
Sanhao Qinghai continuously makes the water iron cannon at the same time, and at the same time, it accumulates a certain amount of excess chakra in the cuff and sends out a stronger water dun water iron cannon technique.
The synthetic water curtain of several water columns quickly hit Chiba.
Water-Iron Cannon, which is a kind of magic lantern clan, is very powerful. It shoots a pistol from the fingertips like a bullet, which runs through the enemy once with one blow. I love Luo and turn into Onogi sand.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Duel begins
Chiba listened to Terumi Mei’s affectionate words, her eyes narrowed slightly, and she gently lifted her head and kissed it for a long time.
The corners of the mouth stir up a subtle touch and move around the palm of your hand to slowly hold Terumi Mei jade hand Chiba lightly smiled. "Don’t worry, I won’t leave your eyes in this life, let alone a buffoon."
Looking at the confident Chiba, Terumi Mei tilted his head and smiled, "I believe it!"
"Of course you believe, after all, I am your husband and I’m afraid you have seen my strength? !” Chiba gave her a white pie mouth nai way
Looking at Terumi Mei, who seems to be depressed, nodded slightly and smiled. "Being able to compete with her husband’s strength even in Terumi Mei is far behind …"
"Let’s go daughter-in-law!"
Chiba touched the nose and palm, patted Terumi Mei’s head, and then waved his hand and walked towards the agreed training ground in Wuyin Village.
Hundreds of ninjas stood in the huge jungle training ground, and most of them were male ninjas.
This is a good thing for people to watch Chiba make a fool of themselves. Although Chiba masked man helped Wuyin Village, they were also extremely indignant when they married the goddess in their hearts.
Their idea that they only want to take advantage of nothing is quite disgusting, but it is a lot of human nature.
Chiba followed Tui, but he had revenge for killing the teacher. However, Chiba knew that he could not endure Tui before mastering Ninjutsu, and Tui had two kinds of magical skills, namely, great power and evil spirit. Except for local tyrants like peony, most people could not endure it.
Chiba is also the reason why the mantra orochimaru has just begun to study the combination of column cells with sharingan, but it has not yet reached the point where it can be mixed with sharingan’s power to open up Yi Xie Na Qi.
Although I didn’t kill Daitu, I became half a man’s strength, and this wave is not a loss.
The training ground is surrounded by lush and tall trees, and some high-level people in Wuyin Village sit on the high platform. The central area is Wuyin Village, and among the elders, there is grandpa Mihao Qinghai, the elder of Wuyin Village.
Most of the ninjas in Wuyin Village who are waiting to see the drama are male ninjas with a playful face.
Loquat ten hidden calm face looked at the field with a scoff. The ninjas in Wuyin Village sighed gently. Chiba wondered if you could survive this after your strength was restored.
Although he has returned to Wuyin Village, his heart still supports him to take him in when he is down and out. Besides, Chiba is still his benefactor, who chooses which side compared with arrogance and arrogance.
Now the loquat and the ten hidden treasures have become seven people, and the team leader has a high status and can be equal to the elders.
"It’s almost time. Why hasn’t the Konoha ninja arrived yet?" Loquat ten hiding next to the big elders frown asked.
Ten Tibetan loquats glanced at him obliquely and said lightly, "What’s the hurry yet? How come the elder didn’t even have this determination? "

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