Adolf and others immediately turned and fled without hesitation.
And that huge creature seem to have no desire to pursue it at all.
But the more the other party is like this, the more Adolf and others are afraid.
Soon a large number of tentacles began to appear in the cracks in the original object
These tentacles appear at an abrupt time.
These tentacles had not appeared when they came.
Seeing the crisis, it was not necessary for everyone to continue to retain their strength, so they began to make efforts one by one.
A little while, four awkward sounds rushed out of the sea.
And a huge shadow on the sea side looked at them quietly at a position about 100 meters above the sea.
That amazing size can’t be seen at all.
Adolf and others looked at the sea, and all of them were frightened than the huge figure.
Therefore, they all know that the huge figure is exactly what they are looking for.
I don’t know what this three-pillar god didn’t shoot at them, but just watched them leave calmly.
Otherwise adolf and others think that it is definitely not easy for them to leave even if they want to.
And there is a high probability that they will get away with it.
Adolf speculated that the reason for letting them go was that the three pillars of God deliberately let them leave.
Either the other party simply doesn’t care about these ants who have just diamond-level strength.
But no matter what kind of eye it turned out to be, they finally escaped safely from the Black Sea.
After returning to the sea without hesitation, Adolphs flew in the direction of Shuilu College at an alarming speed.
Hidden in the Black Sea, the Three-Pillar God Yisen Black Goat has found …
At the same time, the red moon shines on the ground
The so-called red moon shines on the ground is the range covered by moonlight after the strange red full moon appears.
The scene of this area is almost the same as that of the original Moonlight Forest.
Not only plants are distorted into a very strange shape by moonlight, but also creatures in life are mutated to varying degrees by moonlight.
And it is Huang Long and others who explore this area.
Adolf and others encountered similar situations in the Black Sea.
After entering this area, several diamond-level strong men such as Huang Long soon met with the attacks of those creatures polluted by the Red Crescent.
But for them, these creatures can’t cause them too much trouble.
Therefore, Huang Long and others are still moving very fast.
Going deep into the place where the Red Crescent shines, Hou Huang Long and others also saw what they and others needed to find.
See that it is a huge plankton in the sky.
Compared with the amazing three-pillar God Sen black goat in the Black Sea,
At present, the three-pillar god peristalsis chaos looks much slimmer.
Of course, this so-called slimness is also relative to Sen Black Goat.
See peristalsis chaos has a trunk similar to a human figure, and the whole body is made up of several tentacles intertwined.
The most striking thing is the penetrating and huge wings behind it.
This wing drags its body floating in the sky.
The length of the wings is fully close to 10,000 meters.
Covering the sun, the huge size has brought a terrible and oppressive feeling to Huang Long and others.
At this time, Huang Long and others also discovered that the huge red crescent was not natural but a wriggling chaotic eye.
If you look closely, you will find that the so-called red moonlight is not a simple light, but tentacles observed by naked eyes.
These tentacles are connected with several organisms infected by Red Crescent, just like puppets controlled by crawling chaos.
Adolf met Mori Black Goat, which was the same idea. After seeing the peristalsis and chaos, Adolf decided to let everyone retreat.
After all, as far as their diamond-level strength is concerned, it’s like throwing straws against the wind to deal with three pillars.
However, Hao Huanglong and others also encountered a situation similar to Adolf’s, although a large number of Baal infections appeared around them during their subsequent escape.
But the most powerful three-pillar god peristalsis chaos did not attack them.
In this way, Huang Long and others have returned to the alliance area in a thrilling way and told others the location of the crawling chaos.
Two of the three pillars gods have now been found out.
Now there is only one three-pillar god left, and everything belongs to one.
And the last three-pillar god, everything belongs to one area.
It is that strange fog that spreads differently from the red crescent shining and the black sea surging smoothly
People who have entered the fog have not been able to find this last three-pillar god in a short time.
More than they don’t even know if they are in the right place.
Because since they entered the fog diffusion area, they quickly lost their way.
The situation of fog spreading is very different when the Black Sea Red Crescent shines.
Most of the latter two places maintain their original natural features, but the fog shines strangely.

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