"Of course, why should I lie to you?" Bai yinting smiled.
Bai Chengyu was very happy. "Thank you. When my parents bought you this piano, I was particularly envious. Although they later bought me a guzheng, I still felt that they were partial."
"In fact, they love you very much." Bai Yinting knew in his heart that his parents were really biased.
Even if he bought Bai Chengyu guzheng later that year, he secretly bought it with his own money and asked his parents to send it in their name. The price was not expensive, but it was Bai Yinting’s savings over the years.
Bai Yinting has never told Bai Chengyu about this matter. He will feel very gratified to see that he carries the guzheng back every day. He has also devoted all his love to this younger brother.
Chapter one hundred and forty Let your wife do it for you
Xia Zhu didn’t hear a quarrel outside the door all the time, but she also heard moving music. She was relieved and seemed to be well.
Back to her workshop, she turned around and put the doll in the packaging bag. She saw the lipstick print on the T-shirt hanging there, but it would not affect her.
What she didn’t throw away the T-shirt was also Xia Zhu’s warning to herself that she couldn’t let Bai Yinting down again.
Coming out of the room, I just saw Bai Chengyu coming. He saw Xia Zhu with a bag in his hand at a glance and suddenly narrowed his eyes.
"Sister, is this my doll?" Bai Chengyu floated up with small steps.
"Not a sister-in-law now?" Bai yinting followed him.
Bai Chengyu awkwardly took the bag from Xia Zhu and glanced back angrily. "Don’t be too picky, aren’t your sister and sister-in-law all the same?"
"Ha ha" Xia Zhu looked at them and didn’t know what to say.
Their Bai Yin court will hold Xia Zhu shoulder and then grabbed the bag from Bai Chengyu with the other hand and looked at it. "How old are you? Still playing with dolls? "
"What do you know? This is called collection! " Bai Chengyu snatched the bag back again.
"Hum" Bai Yin court method to understand, but he will not interfere too much, as long as he likes it.
"I’m leaving. I can’t wait to make the remaining dolls. Thank you, Sister-in-law." Bai Chengyu bowed.
"Don’t thank me, you should" Xia Zhu replied.
"How should it be? You don’t owe him anymore, white? " Bai yinting is still jealous
"Elder brother, this is just me and my sister-in-law’s friendship dolls. If you like to let your wife do it for you," said Bai Chengyu, proudly holding his head high on the stairs.
"hey!" What does Bai Yinting mean by glaring?
I can’t believe that my sister-in-law and your wife are so emphatic. Do you need to wake up? Bai yinting more think more angry.
Xia Zhu held his arm and was afraid that he would be impulsive again. "Yin Ting, let’s go back to the room."
"Huh?" Bai yinting is sensitive to these three words.
"Obedient" Xia Zhuyin’s gentle hands hold Bai Yin’s neck and eyes blink.
"This is your own request, don’t blame me." Bai Yinting picked up Xia Zhu and went back to the room.
Lock the door and draw the curtains. The old-fashioned Xia Zhu began to regret after being thrown into bed. What did she just ask for?
"Honey, I’m coming." Bai Yinting came with a bad smile.
Xia Zhu, however, Bai Yinting rushed over and pulled them up instantly. They were both covered in quilts and then stretched out their wrists and said, "What about this luminous watch?"
"Did you just make eyes at me to look at the luminous watch?" Even if you can’t see it, you can feel the collapse of Bai Yinting.
"Yes, or you?" Xia Zhu knows the past and asks.
This is also her temporary thought of perfunctory. It has been several days since she returned home from the hospital. Bai Yinting has not let her die.
"What if I have his request?" Bai yinting said with a hug Xia Zhu body will she fall.
"Why?" Xiazhu began to breathe rapidly.
"Love you" Bai Yinting said and kissed Xia Zhu’s lips.
Xia Zhuli also rebelled against the feeling that she likes to be held by Bai Yinting. Besides, she seems to have relaxed a lot after telling her heart today. Perhaps the indulgence of this bed several times is also a part of their love.
There are many kinds of love. Some people love your body and some people love your soul. It is really rare and lucky that they love both body and soul like this.
For Xia Zhu, now is her happiest time. After her health gradually recovered, she began to prepare to go to F Company to see what work she could do.
It’s been delayed for a long time because of this incident. It’s estimated that it’s already over to give it to her. I hope there will be a better opportunity.
One week after she was discharged from the hospital, she had to go back for an examination. Bai Yinting didn’t accompany her because of an important meeting, so the driver took her to the hospital. Huang Yubo personally took Xia Zhu for an examination.
Everything is going well. After the inspection, the results won’t come out until noon. If necessary, Huang Yubo will call them to inform them that Xia Zhuke has gone home.
On the way home, Xia Zhu suddenly remembered that he had not contacted Liu Yao for several days. This guy called her once since he left, and then he heard from me.
I don’t know how her mother’s condition is and whether she has gone home now. Xia Zhu is not at ease or called.
I called several times in a row, but no one answered Xia Zhu. Did something happen?
After calling several times, there was still no answer. Xia Zhu suddenly remembered that Liu Yao in the school dormitory seemed to have remembered her mother’s number.
Because of her anxiety, Xia Zhu asked the driver to send her back to school for a holiday, but because Xia Zhu came back, the guard uncle still let her in.
Soon she returned to the dormitory and found the man who called according to the face number for a long time, and a man answered the phone.
"Who is it?"
"Hello, is this the mobile phone of Ms. Sun, Liu Yao’s mother?" Xia Zhu is still a little nervous
The other party paused for a moment and seemed to have no reaction for a while. After Xia Zhu said who it was, he suddenly realized, "Who is this?"
"Oh, I’m Liu Yao. Is she still with her mother?" Xia Zhuwen
"What did you say?" The other party suddenly said in a sarcastic tone, "You said that that person has never been in contact with her mother for so many years. Now her mother is going to die of illness. How can she come?" Who the hell are you? What is it? "

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