But Beijing-Pakistan is different about this.
Because in his eyes, no matter whether the flu team is officially created or not, it can be seen from the first round of C that these people are really studying the fantasy westward journey, not just relying on hardware, no matter whether their background is like Beijing’s eyes, these people are worthy of respect.
And the flu team’s opponents want to sweat on their foreheads.
After his comeback, this should be regarded as his first bitter battle, and his opponent’s routine is really good. This is different from the time when he led Sunset, your ex-boyfriend and the arry team gank. After all, at that time, the hardware of both sides had already pulled a method to recover what Honghe lost, and there was no special burden, but this game was different.
Although their hardware is not as good as that of the flu team, it will never be pulled much. After all, after Beijing Bus lent him hardware, his hardware also exceeded one million, which means that the personal hardware department of five members of the Dreamer team exceeded one million!
What does this mean? That is to say, the dreamer team is half a step away from the hardware team card.
What really makes Fang want to feel the palpitation is the emotional flu. It seems that he is not much older than himself, but his command level is not weaker than himself. The road surface is quite successful, and at this time, Fang wants to command at most and return to the peak state of about 60% to 70%.
If you are in the peak period, you may be able to think of ways to reverse Gan Kun immediately in the face of such a situation, but now you want to come to an impasse.
It is also at this time that the first round of the contest is over.
Although the flu team killed several lp summoners, Fang Xiang, the dreamer team summoner bb here, dropped 3 for gank, but 5 for killing lp, and 5 for killing lp. Fang Xiang and Ruoshui’s blood volume were squeezed to the dangerous area, and they may be dropped by gank at any time.
And this dreamer is also in vain. After the first round, the dreamer team has been completely in a weak position.
When preparing for the second round of the field
Party want to forehead sweat is fine to take this time he actually can’t figure out a way to solve this mess.
This is the time.
Love tired heart slightly narrowed his eyes.
"If you need Cihang, I’ll come?"
If you nee Cihang, I will!
This sentence fell into Fang Xiang’s ear, thinking that the whole person suddenly looked back at his side and was tired of love.
Head suddenly "hum-"a.
Previously, because I had focused my attention on myself and Ruoshui, I thought that no matter what, I must keep one or two speeds to cast Cihang Purdue, but I ignored the statue of the Buddha who was tired of love.
It was not until this time that Fang wanted to react. I was tired of love, and my mind and body were also kind!
Didn’t the 15-level Cihang Purdue explosive suit identified in Jia Ling live broadcast just be bought by a tired heart?
Thought of here to mind is one more train of thought, the whole people suddenly suddenly!
I won’t give up easily even at the last second of the battle, but I have a sense of strength before the game is over.
The teeth clenched their lips tightly.
Fang wants to squint at the situation, but the corners of his mouth are already unnatural.
At this time, I just glanced at Fang Xiang from the flu side and saw that Fang Xiang wanted to face this situation and even raised his mouth. The flu also raised a bad feeling in his heart, but it was still arranged previously.
"One speed to pull Sumeru, two speeds to catch up, and the party wants to take them away directly with Ruoshui."
While your illness is killing you, you will naturally understand the flu. At this time, he also reserves the right to launch a storm on the dreamer team.
And the dreamer team
Chapter four hundred and ten Routine
And the dreamer team
After listening to Fang Xiang’s command
Love tired heart and others are frowned.
"Before you think about me, that is, you can’t finish discussing it. Press the treasure on me. If you have other ideas before, you can do it according to your ideas …"
When I heard Fang Xiang actually say that I want to let myself drink and prepare for the round of Cihang Purdue, I was tired of love and hurriedly said
Including others, I also look at Fang Xiang with a worried face. After all, I am tired of love. Although I cut the attribute of being able to do five things before the game, the speed in front of the first speed, the second speed and the card speed is still a bit insufficient. If I put all my hopes on it at this time, I will not be able to stand it.
It was when I saw so many worried eyes that I wanted to raise that confident smile again.
"Ah? Do you doubt me? "
"This is my command thinking."
"Don’t worry, don’t worry. I said before that I wouldn’t let everyone lose. Just go to C as I said, and the advantage will be caught by us after the third round."
Hear the party want to have said so, the end or Han Xuanxuan everyone is nai shook his head.
It is also at this time that Fang wants to squint his eyes, because their dreamer team has finished C here, and the flu team has also finished C. The second round is also so much better than the tension!
The field speed still holds the hand of the flu team daughter village, and at this time she directly chooses to summon a wave of instant sumeru.
Many people were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.
Because of this wave of flu, the team is obviously going to rush!
And according to the previous situation, once this wave of flu team rushed into that …
Consequences! It’s definitely not the dreamer team that can afford it. It’s very likely that the dreamer team will be completely … defeated by this wave of offensive!
At this time of the game, when the flu team called out as soon as possible, the sumeru hit Fang Xiang and if the water body each output more than 1 hp blood volume, the hp blood volume strips of two people have bottomed out. At this time, another wave of sumeru will completely fall down.
And when I saw this, many people also sighed.

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