Later, when he flies his head, those who fall into the stomach and intestines will not fly with his head, and his head will become light and agile, and it will be easier to achieve his goal.
After flying head down, the head teacher no longer needs to suck blood, but he must suck the fetus in the pregnant woman’s womb every 7749 days.
Flying head down at this stage has become the worst nightmare for pregnant women.
Xie Yiming’s words continued. He said that once you practice flying head down, you must practice for 7749 days every time. If you don’t practice one day or you don’t get blood one day, you’ll lose all your efforts and you can’t practice flying head down again.
In serious cases, the head-dropping teacher may lose his skill because of this, and he will never be able to surrender again.
In the first seven stages, the head drags the stomach, and the flying height must never exceed three meters, so it is easy to get caught by things.
In case the head teacher is unlucky and fails to get out of trouble and return to the head teacher before dawn, then if the sun shines on the flying head teacher, even people will take the lead and turn into a pool of blood and never be able to survive.
Xie Yiming shook the five-claw anchor in his hand and said that this object was prepared to prevent Wu Xier and his gang from flying their heads to us.
At this time, Jiang Yan pronounced that he knew that Thailand could successfully practice head-dropping. Who are the head-dropping teachers? It is impossible for Wu Xier, who has few apprentices and is strict, to get started.
Jiang Yan said that he thought that the teacher who could make Wu Xier join his master was bound to be a shallow role, but when he heard me go to Baiyingbi, he felt that Master Wu Xier was insane and had something else to do.
However, anyone who is crazy and has some things to do, if the head teacher fails to practice successfully, he will be eager to find opportunities, and he will be ready to fly.
So then we can’t take it lightly
Jiang Yan said with emotion that flying head down is too harmful and life-threatening at any time, but it still can’t stop the head-dropping teacher’s enthusiasm for flying head down.
Jiang Yan gave me an example that Malays are very afraid of flying heads. Generally, residents will plant barbed plants on the roof of the fence to prevent flying heads from attacking.
At the same time, in the event that people and animals are killed by blood sucking, they will definitely go out to find a leader.
In this case, the villagers find the head-dropping teacher and are usually beaten to death by the villagers.
At this point, Jiang Yan pointed to the door of a fragrant mounting shop. To be honest, this piece of land at our feet is the best place to practice flying head down, because we here have no sense of urgency.
Jiang Yan’s words made my eyes dim and my heart could not be relaxed
Indeed, as Jiang Yan said, once the head-dropping technique is implemented here, it must be smoother than I do. I don’t want to add ghosts to this land because of my reasons.
I took out my mobile phone and called 11 private detectives to inform the police that Lu Wenhao was the suspect in the baby disappearance case, and then called the police again to Lu Wenhao.
Although it is my guess that the suspect in the baby disappearance case is Lu Wenhao, I believe my intuition. I hope that Lu Wenhao can be expelled from China as soon as possible through legal means to prevent the situation from further developing towards a serious trend.
I left a message for the police station saying that I saw Lu Wenhao driving a taxi with several babies in a street in Xiangbiao, fz City that night.
Shortly after I called the police here, I saw a police officer arrive at the notary office and took it away from the police station, Lu Wenhao.
Wu Xier and Li Tianzeng were stunned that the police officers took Liu Wenhao away. However, Liu Wenhao was unusually calm. Fang Wei was sitting in the seat and didn’t even get up and move. She narrowed her eyes and looked at the surrounding environment.
I made eye contact with Fang Wei at this time. Fang Wei stared at the direction of the paper-cut paper man and pulled up the radian of his lips.
Fang Wei’s eyes were cold, and my paper-cut paper man’s eyes looked at him, but he couldn’t help shrinking his body and instantly broke the message between me and the paper-cut paper man.
"What’s wrong with love?" Xie Yiming stood beside me and looked at me with concern.
I didn’t answer Xie Yiming’s inquiry first, so I turned my attention to Wang Dalang.
"I saw it too." Wang Dalang locked his forehead and nodded.
I told Xie Yiming about the situation just now, and the Xiangbiao store was silent.
I don’t know whether it is coincidence that Fang Wei can have that expression or whether he can really see through the hidden paper men.
The hidden paper man was still in a static state when he finished hiding in the air notary office. It is hard to restrain my dismay to deny that Fang Wei once peeped through the invisible paper man.
If Fang Wei can see through the invisible paper man, it’s hard to predict what he will do.
For a long time, Jiang Yankou inquired about Wang Dalang’s practice of hiding paper men, but there were mistakes. Wang Dalang shook his head and said there were no mistakes.
When Jiang Yan was silent again, he said that it might be a coincidence. Perhaps Fang Wei was born with a keen sense.
Wang Dalang directly denied Jiang Yan and two others. Perhaps judging from Fang Wei’s reaction, this is not a coincidence. No matter how keen people feel, they can’t perceive his invisible paper man.
After talking about this, Wang Dalang decided to rely on the spiritual strength of the invisible paper man
Wang Dalang once told me that the spiritual strength of invisible paper men can not only achieve the same effect as that of ordinary paper-cut paper men, but also make them more integrated into the air and move more in line with the air flow.
The best dynamic of stealth paper man’s tracking is that it can’t move quickly without a little turbulence.
When Wang Dalang decided to bless the spirit of the invisible paper man, I cut the paper man’s eyes again to see the situation of Fang Wei in the notary office
Now Fang Wei has withdrawn his sight and bowed his head to appreciate his fingers.
Chapter two hundred and forty The world is strange.
I noticed that Fang Wei’s slender fingers were trimmed into squares and painted with penetrating nail polish.
Fang Wei just sat quietly staring at his finger. Li Tianzeng wanted to wake up at the entrance of the notary office. Fang Wei was stopped by Wu Xier. Wu Xier asked Li Tianzeng to wait patiently.
It is definitely meaningful for Fang Wei to move at this moment. I will continue to stare at Fang Wei’s hands and look at them carefully.
That is, when I looked at Fang Wei, Fang Wei moved his fingers, and he kept changing his position in front of him, as if trying to sharpen his fingers and nails.
This situation makes me raise my eyebrows, and I can make up for it in an instant. Just now, the invisible paper man was peeped through, and it should also be Fang Weili’s nails.
I was surprised that this discovery made Wang Dalang control the invisible paper man to take him out of the notary office.
Wang Dalang nodded directly without asking why.
A few minutes after the invisible paper man came out of the notary office, Fang Wei always walked out of the notary office and glanced around and drove away with Wu Xier Li Tianzeng.
Wu Xier, the invisible paper man, instantly entered the car and continued to follow when he hit the door.
Fang Wei’s car Wu Xier takes the co-pilot position, and Li Tianzeng plays with his mobile phone in the back of the car.
I heard Wu Xier twist a head to look at Li Tianzeng and then asked Fang Wei if he had found anything different just now.
Fang Weiwei glanced at Wu Xier’s face sarcastically and looked straight ahead again without responding to Wu Xier’s inquiry.
Wu Xier is also not annoyed. It seems that Fang Wei’s attitude has become accustomed to taking a nap by closing his eyes on the back of the chair.
Wu Xier’s face is getting paler, and her lips are about to lose color.
Wang Dalang asked me at this time that I just asked him to get the invisible paper man outside the notary office.
I told Wang Dalang what I just found. Wang Dalang shook his head and felt that there was no wonder in the world. I didn’t expect his invisible paper man to be a glimpse of a small fingernail.
Segmented reading 16
I don’t know how to feel relieved to see Wang Dalang in a gloomy mood. I am also deeply shocked at the moment. China and France believe that Fang Wei peeped through the fingernails to see the trace of the invisible paper man.
Jiang Yan walked beside Wang Dalang and patted Wang Dalang on the shoulder, saying that Wang Dalang was sorry for his loss and said that he had pulled out Fang Wei’s fingernails and Wang Dalang’s invisible paper men were still peeping through.
Jiang Yan’s words broke the dull Wang Dalang laughed and said that Jiang Yan was right.
Xie Yiming and Jiang Yan Wang Dalang discussed the evening joint Suxiang mounting shop, saying that in this way, there are things that can be done quickly to cope with the changes.
At this time, the bell rang Han Tianqin and asked me why Xie Yiming and I hadn’t come to the full house at this time. Was it because I was devastated that I couldn’t get into bed seriously?
Han Tianqin’s voice is very loud, which has been silent since my bell rang. Xiangbiao Store can hide and enter other people’s ears through the handset.
I see Wang Dalang and Jiang Yan’s joking eyes again. I firmly believe that if Han Tianqin stands in front of me at this moment, I will definitely kill him.
Avoid Han Tianqin and pronounce again. I will answer Han Tianqin quickly. Xie Yiming and I will arrive at the full house in 20 minutes and let him and Tang Sike wait patiently.
After I finished speaking, I hung up before Han Tianqin said anything.
My eyes glanced at Wang Dalang and Jiang Yan, and they immediately went to pick up the complicated objects on the ground.
I glanced at Xie Yiming and Xie Yiming slipped away to take out his clothes from the suitcase and take my clothes to prepare for my trip to a full house.
Several reactions in front of me helped me raise my voice and at the same time I couldn’t hide my smile.
I am lucky to meet them.
I feel very happy that my relatives are together. If grandma is reunited like that at the moment, I think it is almost complete.
When Xie Yiming has packed his suitcase, we will leave the Xiang Biao store Wang Dalang and Jiang Yanli Xiang Biao store together and tell Xie Yiming and I to pay attention to safety.

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