Jiang Zhuomu hasn’t reacted for a long time. Just now, it was Miss Yan. Is she the mastermind behind the scenes? It’s really hard to judge a delicate young lady by her appearance.
Liu Yichen came out of the detention room and walked out directly without stopping.
Jiang Zhuomu looked at Liu Yang and said, "Lawyer Liu, please go in."
"Good" Liu Yangchao Jiang Zhuomu nodded and pushed the door and went in.
Brother Long saw Liu Yang come in and smiled and asked, "Are you a lawyer?"
"Tell me everything." Liu Yang sat where Liu Yichen had just sat, took out paper and pen from his briefcase and looked at the man with a scar in front of him.
"I tried to kill" longge slowly confessed everything.
Finally, he said, "Yan is a woman who hired me to kill people. I heard them call her Miss Su."
Liu Yang was recording her hand and suddenly looked up and asked, "What did you say her name was?"
"A woman named Sue seems to be the man and woman just now" longge repeated.
Liu Yang threw the pen, jumped up and hit longge with a fist, blushed and glared at him. "You should be glad you didn’t try, or you didn’t know how to die."
Brother Long was startled, clutching his bloody nose. Isn’t that the man just now Miss Su’s man? What, does he feel that this lawyer is Miss Su’s man?
Liu Yang took back his hand and arranged a suit to suppress his emotions. If it weren’t for the police station now, he would have hit the man opposite, who didn’t even know his mother.
Sit down again. Liu Yang’s fingers are a little tight. "Go on …"
Longge took a look at the opposite man in the chair and laughed. "If I guess correctly, do you like this Miss Su? I can’t figure out how a Lujia maid can make you two men who seem to have a lot of status so infatuated with her? "
Longge looked at the man in front of him. If he didn’t like that woman, he wouldn’t treat his opponent. The man just now was much more gentleman than him.
Liu Yang looked up at Brother Long and his eyes were as cold as a thousand years’ ice. "If you want to go out early, just tell me what you know."
Brother Long regarded him as freezing to death. He saw that although the man looked violent on the surface, he was not as black as the man just now. He remembered that he threatened himself with a photo. This is killing people without seeing blood.
At present, this man is angry at most.
But he still told the truth because he didn’t want to go to jail for a lifetime.
Liu Yang packed up the information and put it in his briefcase. He got up, took two steps, then folded back and looked down at Brother Long. "Do you know who the murderer was yesterday?"
Section 62
"Isn’t it just a maid in Lujia?"
"maid?" Liu Yang poof laugh seems to wake him up, and he seems to satirize himself. "She is a housewife in Lujia." Then he went out and never looked back.
Brother Long sat there for a long time without moving. So that man was Liu Yichen just now? No wonder he had such a big deal to find out his photos of drug trafficking.
Brother Long broke out in a cold sweat. In L City, Lu Yichen’s name is Yu Xiao, but he rarely appears in public and does not accept media interviews. He has heard the name but has never seen a real person.
Liu Yichen didn’t say a word after coming out of the police station. Jiang Zhuomu sat in the co-pilot seat and secretly glanced at the man behind him in the rearview mirror.
This result surprised them too much.
It never occurred to him that Miss Yan wanted Miss Su dead.
He knew that Miss Yan liked Manager Lu, but he didn’t expect to like this abnormal condition.
Liu Yichen didn’t say where to go. Jiang Zhuomu asked the driver to go to Lu independently. It’s still early and he should go back to the company. Besides, Yan Mumu is now in the company. Manager Lu will definitely get even with her at the first time.
Liu Yichen raised his hand and rubbed his swollen temples. He has always been his opponent. He was right to deal with Sue. I didn’t expect it to be Yan Mumu.
Glanced at the scenery outside the window and told the driver in front to "go to the palace"
"Good manager Lu" made a steering wheel and headed for the palace.
Liu Yichen took out his mobile phone from his pocket and called the apartment servant first to ask about Sue’s late love situation. It was also reassuring to know that she had dinner and medicine on time.
Then I made another call.
"Hey …" Yan Muqing rubbed his eyes blurred when he didn’t wake up.
"Half an hour later, the palace" Liu Yichen said and hung up.
Yan Muqing was completely awake when he saw his eyes. At 9: 45, Liu Yichen was not in the company class at this time to make money and let him go to the palace.
He didn’t fall asleep until dawn last night, which will make him sleepy.
It’s rare for Liu Yichen to call him. There must be something wrong, otherwise he wouldn’t be looking for him at this time.

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