The child hasn’t stopped crying until now, and it’s getting smaller and smaller. It must be running out of strength.
"Go in and bring the child out" Cheng Dashan directly reached the command.
These policemen are all from the army or military academy. They are all burly, powerful, tall and straight. Neither of them can compete with Shen Jiading. No one dares to stop them when they look at this situation.
"You’re trespassing, I’ll sue you." Mrs. Shen couldn’t believe that a dozen men dressed as policemen just broke into her house.
"Mrs. Shen, are we trespassing? Can you ask your son first and then decide whether to sue us?" Cheng Dashan is not afraid of her intimidation.
KINOMOTO SAKURA was taken out in two minutes, and her face was still scared, but she would rather follow a strange policeman than stay in the villa, which really hurt Shen Ye.
He also knows that KINOMOTO SAKURA rejected him so much because he didn’t do his best from beginning to end. It is understandable that KINOMOTO SAKURA blamed him for rejecting him.
He doesn’t blame his daughter for being too filial to his mother, which caused him to be with Liu Ruxu. Now the situation has caused his own daughter to be so close to himself.
As soon as KINOMOTO SAKURA was taken out, she saw Meng Xin and her mother around her. She ran towards the willow catkins with her calves and shouted happily, "Mom, Mom …"
"Ah, KINOMOTO SAKURA," Liu Ruxu stumbled, and ran over to KINOMOTO SAKURA to hug her in her arms. The mother and daughter hugged each other and cried and laughed.
"Mom, does your face still hurt?" KINOMOTO SAKURA still remembers that Liu Ruxu was controlled by dinking and slapped by her grandmother. At that time, she was heartbroken and didn’t shout, but Dad was indifferent.
"It doesn’t hurt when my mother sees KINOMOTO SAKURA." Liu Ruxu shook her head. Her face was still swollen. Mrs. Shen was beaten hard, but she really didn’t feel the pain. Holding KINOMOTO SAKURA, she just hugged the world.
Will KINOMOTO SAKURA pushed a little bit from her arms, such as catkin did not notice that KINOMOTO SAKURA’s whole right face was swollen and swollen and shiny "KINOMOTO SAKURA, what’s the matter with your right face? Who will call? "
Don’t ask, don’t actually know who it is, but Liu Ruxu can’t believe what the former Shen Yetang said. KINOMOTO SAKURA is his own daughter and his mother’s grandson, but she was not in the villa for two hours, and KINOMOTO SAKURA was so abused.
"Mom KINOMOTO SAKURA doesn’t hurt either." KINOMOTO SAKURA didn’t say it was Mrs. Shen’s slap. She saw Liu Ruxu’s eyes and felt distressed. She didn’t want her mother to feel distressed. She lied to her mother and said she didn’t hurt.
Willow catkins shed more tears, and she made up her mind never to give KINOMOTO SAKURA to this vicious woman in front of her.
Forget about her daughter this time, and she will never allow either of them to touch her again.
"Good KINOMOTO SAKURA, good mother will take you home." Liu Ruxu held people tightly in her arms.
Shen mother’s face is getting ugly. Her granddaughter’s home is here. What makes this woman say that she will be taken away? She won’t be allowed to be taken away today.
Willow catkins with KINOMOTO SAKURA turned and walked before Shen mother immediately stopped.
A police officer came to take pictures of KINOMOTO SAKURA, and everyone could see the trauma clearly.
At the same time, Li Jinze’s tall figure in the previous step stopped Shen Mother from approaching.
"My name is Li Jinze, a lawyer hired by Miss Liu. My client will reserve the right to investigate your child abuse. Now we are going to take the child away and send it to the hospital for examination. Miss Liu is the biological mother of the child, and none of you have stopped it."
"I’m grandma," Shen mother wanted to scream. "My son’s horse is going to divorce Liu Ruxu, and the child’s surname is Shen. You have to find out."
"The court sentenced to? Has child custody been awarded to you? If there is no child, it is beneficial for the mother to take Miss Yu Liu away. Whether to divorce or not is not within our jurisdiction. "Li Jinze then escorted two women and left here with a child.
Cheng Dashan followed, and Shen mother just watched Liu Ruxu as a bitch in her eyes, and the woman took her granddaughter away.
"Liu Ruxu, you bitch, wait for me. I must sue you. We won’t give you KINOMOTO SAKURA." It’s not the responsibility of Shen mother to scream for KINOMOTO SAKURA, but she wants to make Liu Ruxu sad and make this woman regret being so arrogant in their Shenyang today.
"By the way, don’t worry, Mrs. Shen, you and your son will get tickets." Meng Xin took two steps and said back.
Willow catkins don’t want to talk nonsense with her. Meng Xin simply let the old woman tell the problem completely for nothing. It has long been decided whether to tell them or not, and their mother has to passively accept it.
Shen mother really wants to faint again.
From the end, Shen Ye has never been seen before, and he doesn’t know when he has become so good, and he doesn’t know when Liu Ruxu has become so fearful and powerful.
It seems to be just one night.
All this has changed so fast.
Shen Mu rushed back to the room and looked at Shen Ye, trembling with anger. She had never been so angry by anyone. "Ah Yu, now you see what kind of wife you married for our Shenyang family. Come back. What did I say at that time? Don’t marry her. You just won’t listen to me."
Now, right? This woman is so arrogant now that she took their granddaughter from Shenyang with a group of people. You can’t die.
"O Su, why don’t you talk? What did the woman say just now? She said that we will receive the tickets tomorrow. No matter whether it is true or not, we must find a lawyer to discuss this matter at once. I will fight with that woman to the end. I must let her know that she dares to do this. "
Shen mother trembled with anger, her teeth trembled, and her words were all about willow catkins. She hated this woman completely.
Shen Ye-tong has been silent for a long time. He has changed completely.
It’s also a woman who was bullied by her mother-in-law and her husband. It’s really silly to remain the same.
"Mom, don’t say that we’re sorry for them first." Shen Yetang didn’t want Shen Mu to push all the anger to Liu Ruxu. Just now, his mother slapped KINOMOTO SAKURA, and he felt heartbroken.
She didn’t go crazy, so she fought with Shen Mu because of willow catkins. It’s amazing how restrained she is.
"You-"Shen’s mother’s eyes were wide open. She said so much, and she was so angry just now. As a result, she said so lightly that we were sorry for them first.
How could she be sorry for that woman?
"Go and call all the lawyers invited by the company to my house." Shen Mu shouted at the housekeeper. She didn’t want to go to court with them, so they would try to see who was better.
By mistake, another person, Xiaoqian, took out a message to Wu Peiqian after thinking about Shen’s mother.
-dividing line-
After Meng Xin asked Li Jinze to put a line of three of them at the gate of the people’s hospital, Meng Xin thanked Li Jinze and Cheng Dashan, and then took Liu Ruxu and her daughter to the clinic to do ice compress. Both of them had swollen faces so high and so bright that they looked a little horrible.
After Meng Xin went to a restaurant to order food for two people, three people ate in Meng Xin’s office and brought it with them, but KINOMOTO SAKURA was hungry and ate two bowls of rice.
"How much do you eat? Don’t worry KINOMOTO SAKURA." Meng Xinchao said so.

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