Wu Cangyue nodded and said, "The leader of Xuanji has expected well. Uncle Yin and I have traveled all over the Central Plains from six months ago to learn from the younger generation. Many sects often don’t try their best to prove what they have learned in their hearts. Naihao, the younger generation, and Uncle Yin have made this strategy a little wild and let the leader laugh. I hope that the leader will not take it to heart."
Say Wu Cang Yue to Xuanji again.
Xuanji a face of bright smile "might as well it is rare to see young people so wonderful, so it was awesome! Cang Yue’s ambition for breakthrough and improvement also makes my husband admire him very much. Today’s discussion will surely make a good story in the spiritual world and help Cang Yue’s nephew become famous in the Jianghu! May I venture to ask Cang Yue’s nephew how much the young brother who challenged the Heavenly Practice Sect won or lost? "
Wu Cangyue smiled faintly. "Let the leader laugh. The brothers and sisters of all schools have not lost so far."
Oh ~ ~ ~! When Wu Cangyue said this, the five-element brothers were amazed and challenged. Is the young brother not defeated today? That’s amazing!
Xuan Ji’s face is more smiling. "The young brother Zhongkui, who holds the yogi conference in Chongxuan Temple, must be Cang Yue’s good nephew. Please be kind to my brother when the time comes. Hehe ~ ~"
"Good talk, good talk …" Wu Cangyue said here and looked at Li Feiyang. "Master Li, if there is an opportunity, let’s have a good discussion."
Li Feiyang smiled, "OK, but don’t blame me if I hit you hard?"
"Ha ha ~ ~!" Wu Cangyue hasn’t spoken yet, but Xuan Ji beat him to it. "Flying like talking?"? How can you be the opponent of Cang Yue’s good nephew? Cang Yue, my good nephew, I’m an apprentice who is stubborn and neglects discipline. Then you can be merciless and teach him well to let him know that there are people behind the scenes. "
Wu Cangyue’s eyes flashed off and he dared not take the liberty to ask Master Li to show mercy. "
Li Feiyang continued to smirk. "If you let me show mercy, I will show mercy. Are you afraid of me?"
Wow ~ ~ Taiwan is another uproar. The brothers of the five elements look at Li Feiyang’s face in distress situation. This crazy monkey, are you a rival? Isn’t it a beating to say such a thing?
Wu Cangyue is still a faint smile. "Since Master Li said so, then we’ll put our hands and feet to learn from each other. What do you think? When the time comes, if Master Li hurts me, even if it’s a serious injury, we won’t care. "
"Gnome male-"good when the time comes you don’t dare to say this ….. "Li Feiyang winks and laughs.
Wu Cangyue also smiled long and long. "Teacher Li is really a frank person! There are so many Junjie in the Five Elements Sect. This trip is really worthwhile! Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ "
Chapter 91 Hidden snake
In a quiet room where the five elements lived in water, a blue incense burner braved a faint and fresh breath. There was no extra decoration and decoration in the whole room. There was a futon sitting cross-legged on a wooden bed.
This man is kind and resolute, sitting motionless on the futon with his eyes closed. If you hadn’t seen this man sitting in front of you with your own eyes, you wouldn’t have felt him. He gave people the feeling that he was a dead man, and there was no temperature or breath at all.
This man is the one who changed his physique, Zhao Yuanba, by exerting the "going against the Five Elements".
Li Feiyang knelt in front of Zhao Yuanba and hung his head and muttered something.
"Master, I’m going to attend the meeting of heavenly practitioners. I think I’ll leave the Five Elements Sect after this meeting. But don’t worry, I’ll do it. Whether Li Jingyao and I really have it or not, I will help you defeat him one day."
Li Feiyang said that he was silent here. There are some things that even for this master who is like a vegetable, he dare not say easily.
For example, he crosses his identity, for example, he practices the immortal ring
This time, Li Feiyang really made up his mind to leave the Five Elements Sect. In fact, he had this idea for a long time. He was always in a bind. Mu Zhuo Qing Bu Hao Zheng Zhong Li and others told him not to give up a person who came here from other worlds. Li Feiyang’s loneliness in his heart was much stronger than that of the average person, and he inherited the original memory of the tiger and the monkey. The more he gave up these rare and precious feelings, especially Zhao Yuanba. Although he hated him, everything he did to himself might contain elements of anger with Li Jingyao, but this did not affect Li Feiyang at all.
On the other hand, when he was a child, his uncle’s shadow also overlapped with Zhao Yuan’s body at the moment because of special opportunities.
Li Feiyang has always been legally determined to leave
But the longer you stay, the stronger Li Feiyang intends to leave the idea.
These five elements seem to be noble schools, but I don’t know what Li Feiyang always feels that everyone is so gloomy.
Xuanji’s calculation made him hate it even more. Now he has given him a false career, and he will not be able to do it now for a short time, but he will definitely notice the problem for a long time.
Li Feiyang wouldn’t go to this practice meeting if it wasn’t for the chain rescue and punishment …
Two days ago, Wu Cang Yue and Yin left the five elements as usual. Mu Zhuoqing didn’t agree to Wu Cangyue’s request to get married, but she absolutely refused in the same way. Because Wu Cang Yue took out a personal letter from Mu Zhuoqing’s father and said that he knew that his daughter wouldn’t agree to follow Wu Cangyue, but it doesn’t matter who her daughter wants to be with, she must be the leader of the younger generation of practitioners, or win the championship at the Day yogi conference, or she must follow Wu Cangyue. If she doesn’t want to find a couple yet, it doesn’t matter, but his son-in-law must be a young
Words have been said to this extent, MuZhuoQing also have no room for resistance. In Wu Cang Yue’s view, this is tantamount to forcing MuZhuoQing to follow his first-class young Junjie. Who else but himself? He has fought all over the Heaven Sect, and none of his brothers are his opponents!
Wu Cang Yue is at ease, and he has made up his mind to abolish Li Feiyang at the yogi meeting in the day. He is not going to do this, but he dares to argue with himself for Mu Zhuoqing! Then he must pay the price! Wu Cangyue has been a lover, and when the time comes, the two of them will take the opportunity to completely abolish Li Feiyang and kill him.
After Yin and Wu Cang Yue left as usual, Xuanji went to talk to Li Feiyang, and it was almost what Li Feiyang expected. Xuanji had another plan. At that time, when Li Feiyang set out to make an appointment, Xuanji also chimed in. He meant to hope that Li Feiyang would have a reasonable reason to abolish Wu Cangyue.
But Xuanji told Li Feiyang more than he thought.
Taoist Tianfeng, the head of Taiyi Gate, is a calculating and ambitious person. He definitely won’t let his disciples go around challenging and touching others’ bad luck. Taoist Tianfeng will never do it. So what Wu Cangyue has done now can be said that they have other plans.
Whatever the picture is, it must be destroyed!
Xuanji showed great trust and esteem to Li Feiyang after admitting that Raytheon’s chain was banned and controlled. He not only explained to him in detail all kinds of techniques he knew about Taiyi, but also gave Li Feiyang a sword.
This sword looks a little similar to Yin’s sword, but it is crooked, with two forks at the top, like a long tongue and a pair of scissors.
Xuanji told Li Feiyang that this sword is called Hidden Snake Sword, which belongs to the Five Elements Sect. A senior master once wore a sword with great power. Wu Cangyue will definitely have a good weapon when the time comes. This sword will be just right for World War I.
Li Feiyang’s heart sneers at CV 21, so it seems that he has made things up instead of hurting him, but Li Feiyang firmly believes that it will appear sooner or later.
Be sure to leave Wuxing Sect as soon as possible and never deal with this old fox again before your strength is really strong!
The idea circled again in Li Feiyang’s heart.
Of course, Li Feiyang is still very satisfied with this sword. After he got it, he immediately received the instructions of cultivating immortality.
"The attack power of the D-class weapon of Hidden Snake Sword causes wind damage to the target, and increases the Spirit Power by 45, and increases the posture by 3. Equipment requirements require 7 points of Spirit Power and 6 points of posture, so that this weapon can increase its skill by 12 points when it displays its attribute skills. If the wind skill effect is increased by 3%"
"Additional attribute wind bait; If you put this sword ruby mirror (soul bait can be greatly enhanced by the ruby mirror, the effect is more focused on the wind. "
Chapter 92 I am Li Feiyang
Chapter 2 I am Li Feiyang.
In the future, Xuan will take the twenty young brothers together with BuHaoZhong to go to Chongxuan Temple with the Taoist priest Wu Xing Zong Zhang Zong.

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