"What do you care about her? Is it important for Lu to inherit or to be a good daughter-in-law in her eyes? " Liu Yizhi light asked.
"Of course, it is important for Lushi to inherit." Fang Nuo Nuo said without thinking.
Lu Yizhi gave her a look, and since everything was white, what did he complain about?
"But I just feel uncomfortable." Fang Nuo Nuo stamped her feet.
Liu Yizhi gave her a faint wind. "Stop that now. When I get that you are the hostess of Lu, I’m afraid that Wenyiting won’t curry favor with you."
"That’s right." Fang Nuo Nuo sat on the sofa and imagined herself as the hostess. When everyone saw her respectfully calling "Mrs. Lu", she was flattered.
Liu Yizhi glanced at Fang Nuo Nuo stupid woman with a smile!
Section 32
Liu Zhengying sat in a leather chair and quietly looked at Liu Yichen in front of him. Since he was a child, he has placed all his hopes, and now a woman has defied him like this.
Liu Yichen hung his head and looked at his toes. He looked at his father across the street with some aggressive eyes. He silently thought that the Chinese New Year was coming soon. He had to go shopping with Mrs. Lu to buy her some new clothes sometime.
Although she has grown up now, she should have no new clothes to wear in the orphanage for the New Year.
In the years to come, he will make up for what she lacked from childhood.
"Are your wings hard now? Do you turn a deaf ear to everything I say?" Liu Zhengying took a table and looked at her like a dead pig who was not afraid of scalding water and didn’t fight out.
Liu Yichen raised his eyelids and said, "Dad, I don’t understand what’s wrong with late love. You force us to divorce every day. Besides, when I married her, you and mom agreed."
"That’s because I’ve always thought she was a simple girl. I didn’t expect her to be so ambitious." Silly son, you won’t cry when she swallows Lu one day.
"Dad’s love affair is Su Kang’s daughter. I don’t think she has ambitions for her own company. Just like your other son, she is also eager to replace me." Liu Yichen said with some sarcasm.
How many small moves has Lu Yizhi made by stealth since he entered the company? He doesn’t believe that Lu Zhengying will not notice it at all.
Does he agree with him by default?
"Motherfucker, you also say that? I told you before that Lu was you, and he didn’t jump any more. "
"Ah …" Liu Yichen sneered and simply picked up some words and said, "If you really think so, you won’t know about his private wooing of directors, will you?"
Liu Yichen spread out his hands and continued to mock and said, "But what did you do? No, you didn’t do anything and gave him 5% of the shares. You promised Ma Lushi that you would never give it to Lu Yizhi, but now you have given it to him. What do you want me to say? "
"You …" Liu Zhengying looked at Liu Yichen in shock and didn’t expect him to know everything.
"I’m doing this in the hope that you can divorce Sue!"
Liu Yichen looked straight at Liu Zhengying and seriously asked, "I’d rather lose Lu than lose her." Then he turned and walked towards the outside.
Since he threatened him with Lu, it’s okay if he doesn’t want it
For him, Lu is not as valuable as Sue’s late love.
Liu Zhengying’s chest is fluctuating with this inverse, which really annoys him.
Liu Yichen walked directly from the floor to the living room with a cold face, picked up Sue’s evening package, pulled her up from the sofa and smiled at Wen Yiting and said, "It’s getting late for mom. Let’s go back first."
"… well," I’ve only been here for half a day and I’m leaving. "You two will move back to live during the Chinese New Year."
"Good mother" Liu Yichen promised to pull Sue’s late love and walked towards the door.
Liu Yichen took a big step. Sue had to trot to wait until she got in the car. She just took the car and kicked it out.
Wenyiting looked at the son is forced to stay away from here, took one look at the building, and went to the room to get even with Liu Zhengying as soon as he came out and lifted his feet.
Liu Zhengying was sitting on the sofa making tea. He was just being stingy. Isn’t that what he did to force him to divorce Sue?
Everything is good for him.
This ungrateful thing!

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