Maybe others don’t know the secret of the holy lake, but the leader of the holy witch cult knows it clearly. A big fish demon is stationed here. After he met the leader of the holy witch cult decades ago by chance, the big fish reached an agreement to help him improve his strength, and he gave him 900 childhood and 900 virgins every year.
Big fish cultivation is very strong. Every year, when serving in Japan, the leader of the witch cult will get a certain degree of strength from it. He doesn’t have to practice hard, but he can eat, drink and be merry in the rest of the year. He supports the leader of the witch cult with strong strength and integrates thousands of miles of Fiona Fang under the jurisdiction of the witch cult to teach a country in name.
And he is a true monarch.
But a powerful mysterious force suddenly wants to touch his roots so that he can not be angry.
Being in a high position for a long time will always lead to extreme self-confidence. All the leaders of the shaman cult don’t believe that the other side defeated tens of thousands of troops by just 200 people. He believes that this is a few leaders, but he said that although the number of the other side is small, there are at least nearly 10,000 people. If the fighting power is strong, it will not be a problem. If 200 people can sweep tens of thousands of people …? In other words, if this is the case, how can the hand be easily obeyed by others?
But just to be on the safe side, he sent out a lot of troops, not to wipe out the gang, but to shock the four sides, so that no one would dare to offend himself and dare to resist himself. He has made up his mind to kill these people, then cut off his limbs and heads and hang them in the wild corpse outside the city wall to severely shock those who have ulterior motives
The holy witch cult can teach heaven and magic, and the strength of the two barbarians and the Central Plains of Chu is equally strong. The leader’s cultivation is already in the Mahayana stage. Actually, if it is true cultivation, he should have already robbed himself, but he did not get it by himself, but relied on the big fish demon to give strength, but the real realm is far from it.
And his generals are also powerful, and there are many branches in the millions of troops that are controlled by strange secret methods. The military power is very earth.
In his opinion, whatever the purpose of these ten thousand people is, they are already different from the dead.
Li Feiyang is surrounded by 500,000 troops. They have almost no gap. If they want to escape, I’m afraid there is no other way but to fly out.
However, the leader of the Sanwu Sect didn’t know that almost 90% of the nearly Wanying people could fly imperial vessels. If he knew this news, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be the enemy.
Not to mention that more than 10,000 people have reached the realm of flying, not to mention that such an army can come and go freely. If it wants revenge, who can sleep well?
Of the 500,000 troops of the Witchcraft Sect, 300,000 are ordinary believers, and another 200,000 are the arms of the Witchcraft Sect that hold witchcraft and magic.
One hundred thousand sorcerers, one hundred thousand sorcerers, this base is half the strength of the holy witch cult against external forces.
The so-called witchcraft soldiers are actually practicing successful practitioners. It is not called witchcraft, but witchcraft. Of course, the secret method of practicing witchcraft is still somewhat different, which is close to the feminine curse
The magic technique is a major feature of the Shamanism. It is a special way to benefit exotic animals or insects. It is a secret way to cultivate monsters with great lethality and release them with amazing power when they are against the enemy.
The army slowly pushed forward the leader of the holy witch cult, riding on a huge black concrete back and looking at the people sitting there from a distance.
These people are short but strong, but they look very lazy. There are still many people sitting on the ground and resting cross-legged. It seems that they don’t notice that there are mountains and seas around them.
"How dare the demon come to my holy witch cult to run wild?" The leader of the holy witch cult speaks loudly but not loudly.
Li Feiyang doesn’t even care about getting married. He’s talking to Muzhuo.
"There is a demon in this lake, and it is a big demon. After fighting for a while, the guy in front will give it to you and Xiaojin to deal with the monster in the lake and give it to me."
Xiaojin is named by Li Feiyang and Jin Qilin. King Kong and Youyou have the same effect. Mu Zhuoqing’s evaluation is that Li Feiyang is the worst in the world.
Hear Li Feiyang MuZhuo counted nods "you have to be careful"
Li Feiyang smiled gently. "It’s okay. I won’t die in one hundred."
When I heard this, Mu Zhuoqing’s look changed slightly. Although I knew that there was no danger in front of me, the curse that weighed on my heart for a hundred years always came out from time to time to infringe on two people’s hearts.
See the Li Feiyang didn’t answer the wizard leader suddenly flew into a rage and reached the attack command without hesitation.
All the saints and witches moved together, and the huge power immediately scared the birds and animals in the forest to run around.
A strange brilliance flashed, and some holy witches in golden armor immediately picked up their weapons and recited a string of mysterious spells.
Then a strange beast appeared beside them, and there were many monsters with no shape, each of which was facing evil and amazing.
Then, these holy witch cult members decided to repeatedly pinch these beasts and monsters and immediately turned around and jumped to their masters.
At the moment of contact between man and beast, a layer of light water mist appeared, and all the beasts and the human department merged into one, and then they were surrounded by the water mist, and then they saw that the water mist twisted violently as if a big cocoon was struggling in it for a long time, and then the big cocoon suddenly broke and showed its strange and massive figure.
At this time, the saints and witches can’t tell whether they are people or ghosts. They are ferocious-looking, with some strange claws or sharp spikes protruding from their bodies, and their bodies have become tall and powerful, and they look like a monster with a combination of head, man and beast.
Everywhere you look, it’s dense
Together, 500,000 troops are more than amazing, and there are dense crowds everywhere. When these congregations turn into monsters, the ensuing awe-inspiring murder and great oppression add a dignified atmosphere to the surrounding area of the holy lake.
Is it what the soldiers should do or what they should do when they still turn a blind eye?
Not only the leader of the holy witch cult, but also all the congregation are furious at this time, especially those who were killed and ran away before. Looking at the people opposite, the situation is so relaxed that they can’t wait to tear these dwarfs to pieces on the spot!
The 200,000 members of the Sanwu cult who had been animalized moved forward after the Sanwu cult leader gave the order.
They were carrying huge weapons, and they were stronger than their bodies in the process of advancing. Their muscles twisted violently and their bones crackled and exploded. Everyone seemed to be inflated and expanded again.
A series of strange black lights wandered around them, and those extra claws and spikes became sharper and sharper under the influence of this black light, and the blood vessels in the body expanded sharply, almost bare to the outside of the body, looking like huge earthworms, which was very frightening.
200,000 method fighters combined the method beast themselves with the secret technique. This method is that the performer feeds the flesh and blood to give birth to the maximum potential of the method beast and the method worm, and the strength of short-term repair can be greatly increased.
At the moment, 200,000 method fighters have turned into 200,000 ferocious monsters, just like the evil spirits in the underworld, with heavy ShaQi and sullen rage, oppressing the soldiers in the clan.
Li Feiyang with the wave Monsieur beaucaire and Monsieur beaucaire with all the people should be up, many of them even had a stretch.
With a recruit to put the weapon and flew to their own hands, and then more than ten thousand people should be ready to line up to meet the blunt come over method of soldiers.
"roar ~ ~! !” At the front of the method of warrior a loud roar waved machetes to Emirates cut to the soil.
Soil Monsieur beaucaire sneer at a backhand hand weapon toward a knock.
When there was a loud noise, the martial arts warrior immediately burst and his weapon rolled and flew to the sky. Before he could react, Tujue had cut off his head with one move.
Water Emirates weapon is a Euphorbia halberd, and its edge flashes around like a horse. It adds its own unique water ability to add a layer of ice to the blade of Euphorbia halberd, which is even more invincible.
The soldiers of Ying clan are like chopping melons and vegetables. The weapons in their hands are waved at will, which makes these monsters who look bigger than monsters completely lose their resistance. Every time they bombard these monsters, they will be chopped into several parts by Ying clan.
They are used to fighting fierce beasts. Every time they make a move, it must be a force. However, these martial arts warriors are not as strong as fierce beasts. The base of the family’s manpower is immediately chopped to the end, and blood is flying everywhere.
Ying people are like a whirlwind whistling and rushing among 200,000 people, and then like a blade, they are raging and dancing in it, and the blood is constantly foaming at the mouth, and then all the corresponding people’s method fighters are killed by one stroke.
A face-to-face is cut into pieces
No martial arts warrior can stop even one Ying’s footsteps, which can be compared with the tremendous power of fierce beasts, terrorist movement and responsiveness, as well as physical strength and spiritual strength and spiritual practice, to make a killing knife together.
The army of the holy witch cult has been blindsided, including the leader of the holy witch cult. By the time they react, the 200,000-strong army of magic has turned into minced meat all over the mountains.
The thick blood gas and dirty rancid gas mixed together to make people want to vomit.
And that more than ten thousand people should even have no injuries.

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