Since no four people naturally continue to look for it, Meng Qi did buy some Dan medicine made by Zhu Ji in the later period, which is naturally for Zi Xuan.
After walking for a while, Hu Xianer suddenly presented a treasure and cried, "There is another booth selling elixirs over there by Meng Qige. Let’s go and have a look."
Meng Qi nodded in the direction pointed out by Hu Xianer, but this time it was still disappointing. After all, Meng Qi’s Black Emperor Sect is the strongest in the southwest cultivation of immortals. The cultivation pills issued by the cultivation of immortals are rare outside, and ordinary pills naturally cannot enter their eyes.
I have been shopping for a long time, but I have no income. Some of Meng Qi’s interest is waning. I just want to say that I am going back. But suddenly, Zi Xuan pulled Meng Qi’s corner and said, "There are many people over there, Master. Let’s go and have a look."
As Zi Xuan pointed out, it seems that there is a booth surrounded by many monks. There are probably some rare objects, but Meng Qi has been shopping for so long, but he lacks some interest and doesn’t want to go.
But looking at Zi Xuan’s eager eyes, Meng Qi remembered that Zi Xuan was actually just a child. Naturally, he liked to join in the fun and said to the two women around him, "Let’s go and have a look."
Two women naturally won’t object to nodded as Meng Qi footsteps to the other side.
It’s quite high to say that Meng Qi’s party of four people is here, especially Meng Qi, a’ fake Dan’ monk, who just walked around the crowd and released his breath a little.
The original look was very devoted, and everyone was surprised, especially after Meng Qishen’s predecessors had a commotion, and they gave Meng Qi a passage, not only because Meng Qixiu also had the card on his chest that represented the black emperor’s life.
After staying at the innermost part, Zi Xuan emerged from behind Meng Qi, and in front of them was a khaki jade.
To say that this Fang Lingyu looks really extraordinary, although there is no fluctuation of spiritual force on the surface, you can see with a little eye that it is a treasure hidden in spiritual rhyme.
It is not uncommon to release spiritual objects from aura, but it is rare to collect them. Generally speaking, such spiritual objects are quite rare.
However, although such spiritual objects are rare, they are not all large. Although some spiritual objects are strange, they have no practical place, but they are just a chicken rib.
But that kind of thing should not attract so many people to watch. Meng Qi is a little strange
Immediately, I listened to the monk who sold this jade, saying, "This jade was acquired by chance. I once showed it to my master, saying that this jade has a great chance, but it can only be opened after it is destined to be opened. Unfortunately, it is not destined to be owned by that person. Now I will let this treasure out. Maybe you are the one who is destined. Come and have ten high-grade stone with the highest price!"
Meng Qi almost laughed at this guy’s words when everyone was an idiot. So a piece of jade that didn’t know what was at sixes and sevens and didn’t even work in the way was also out of ten high-order lingshi at a sky-high price.
If this thing is really worth it, it can be auctioned at this price. How can it be sold in such a stall? To say the least, even if there is a great chance, who will talk about ten high-order lingshi to gamble on this illusory thing?
Besides Meng Qi, I’m afraid there is no ten high-order Lingshi, which is not a small sum of money.
Sure enough, the man said for a long time, so many onlookers were present, and there was no mouth, not even a bargain. Meng Qi saw this situation and was about to leave, only to find that Zi Xuan was gently pulling his skirt.
Meng Qi looked strange at Zi Xuan, saw Zi Xuan looking at himself with a long face, and then quietly pointed to the piece of jade, just as a child sees his favorite toy and wants an adult to buy it for him.
Meng Qi looked at Zi Xuan and then laughed and touched Zi Xuan’s head. A puzzling paternalism that appeared from nowhere was filled with Meng Qi’s thoughts.
Meng Qi stepped forward. "You dare to sell this broken jade for decoration so expensive? I think it’s worth a few pieces of intermediate lingshi at most. "
After hearing Meng Qi say this, the man suddenly wanted to despair. If you don’t buy it, forget it. How can it ruin people’s market? But feeling Meng Qixiu looked at Meng Qixiu’s life card, the monk suddenly dared not say anything. He said with a bitter face, "This Taoist friend is wrong to say so. What’s the price of things is whether you buy them or not? It’s your business. Since the idle price is high, it’s good not to buy them, and you won’t buy them or sell them."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Auction
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Auction
Meng Qixiao smiled and said, "I naturally want to buy it, so I will say that your price is too high. You know that your price is too high. I will also sit back and pay back the money, but if you have such a high price, it is not as good as giving me a gadget as a plaything at a low price."
When the man heard that Meng Qi wanted to buy something, his eyes lit up and he said, "This Taoist friend is interested? What if Taoist friends really want five high-level lingshi? " Say that finish also make a dreary exercise.
Meng Qi held out a finger with a wave and said, "The price of ten pieces of intermediate lingshi is not low."
When the friar heard that Meng Qi’s original hard training was suddenly gone, he really turned into a face that was even more bitter than before, and said, "Taoist friends are too hard to bargain. Ten pieces of intermediate lingshi will never be sold now."
When Meng Qi heard that the monk had not finished talking about death, he naturally knew that he could still bargain and asked with a smile, "What price is the Taoist prepared to pay?"
The friar came to get the jade, but he really wanted to sell it at a low price. He was reluctant to give a seemingly impossible price, but if someone really bought it, he naturally knew that it was impossible to sell it at his own price. When he heard Meng Qi asking for the price again, he considered it and said, "If Taoist friends really want to buy two high-grade stone?"
To tell the truth, this is the ideal price for this monk.
However, Meng Qi naturally won’t spend two pieces of high-order Lingshi to buy a plaything for Zi Xuan, and listen to each other’s tone of voice. Meng Qi knows that the price can be lowered a little.
"Twenty pieces of high-grade lingshi, Taoist friend, can you sell this thing for two pieces of high-grade lingshi if possible?" Meng Qi held out a finger again and said
The friar quickly waved his hand and said, "Although it’s not only a great chance in this jade, there is something missing from the 20 middle-order stone and a high-order stone."
Meng Qi said with a smile, "You yourself say it’s possible. You and I both know that there is a destiny in your heart. Hehe, do you think everyone will believe it? I’ll make another step of 30 pieces of stone?"
Meng Qi said that the friar also had some resistance to the spirit jade being so good that he would sell it. He has been a little tempted by Meng Qi’s 30 pieces of medium-grade lingshi, but it still exceeds the bottom line in his heart. The monk said, "So this Taoist friend is right, but 30 pieces are too small, and I will sell you 50 pieces of medium-grade lingshi."
The friar almost gnashed his teeth and said these words, and then his face refused. It seemed that Meng Qi really didn’t want to sell it if he didn’t promise him.
Meng Qi wanted to think, if it is a plaything, the price is really high. Meng Qi is hesitating, but he sees Zi Xuan’s shining eyes and gnashes his teeth and says, "Forty-five dollars is forty-five dollars."
Meng Qi took out 20 pieces of medium-order Lingshi, added 1,250 pieces of low-order Lingshi, put it in a bag and handed it to the monk.
After the monk ordered it, he found that there was no problem. Although there were a lot of low-order Lingshi, he didn’t care much about a face of flesh pain and handed the Lingyu to Meng Qi.
Meng Qi handed the spirit jade to Zi Xuan Zi Xuan happily, hugged Meng Qi, kissed him and said, "That’s very kind of you, master." Then he took the spirit jade and went to enjoy it in half.
Meng Qi didn’t think that a piece of jade was fun, but he smiled at Zi Xuan and said to Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer, "Let’s go to the auction. It seems to be coming soon."
Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer nodded and gently took Meng Qi to the auction again.
In fact, there are differences like auctions. For example, like Meng Qi, monks will be able to afford to buy things. They belong to the lowest group of people, and these people are actually very large. After all, the base is very large.
Moreover, most people are not independent monks like Meng Qi, and many of them are representatives of the family of cultivating immortals.
Their high-ranking monks are not competitive, but they are different from these ordinary low-ranking monks without background.
After all, many people who cultivate immortals have their own secrets, but these are not as good as Meng Qi’s. What he can compete with is just something that is not too good.
For example, you can break through Jin Dandan’s medicine. His spirit stone root is not enough. Of course, except for the residual spirit fruit, but Meng Qi won’t buy it either.
However, it is possible to buy some uniting pills, but I’m afraid I can’t buy too much. After all, he also wants to leave some high-order lingshi to break through.
Although the promotion to the Godsworn then will give out about ten high-order lingshi as the most basic level, you have to have more high-order lingshi like Du Sheng if you want to be promoted quickly.
So Meng Qi can now buy Dan medicine, that is, those low-and middle-level lingshi.
When he came to a magnificent building, Meng Qicai sent Du Sheng a jade symbol. Because Du Sheng was promoted, he had a private room in the first hall of the auction.
Although he himself is not only Meng Qi, this married with children naturally wants one.
Soon Du Sheng came to see Meng Qi and asked with a smile, "How did Brother Meng buy what he wanted?"
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "I have been shopping for hours without buying anything. If I had known, I might as well chat with Brother Du."
Du Sheng patted Meng Qi on the shoulder and said, "Well, it’s not befriending. I’ll take you in, or it’s a pity that all the things you want to buy will be missed in front."
Meng Qi hey hey smiled two no longer speak with Cheng Rewei three women followed Du Sheng and went in.
Du Sheng and Meng Qi walked into the auction house. Just after they went, someone came and bowed down and said, "Elder Du, are you going to your room?"
Du Sheng nodded, and the younger brother led the way in front. Soon he took Du Sheng to a room and said, "This is your room. What else does Elder Du command?"
Du Sheng waved him to leave on his own, and the younger brother also saluted Du Sheng and left.

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