Seeing Hu Yingxue Marley attached to the sword shadow, she controlled the sword shadow. When she intervened, the sword shadow did not directly hit the Jinding pangolin, but flew to the Jinding pangolin’s side, and the scales of the Jinding pangolin were hard. This time, it was shrunk into a ball and smashed into the soil for nearly half, but it did not hurt it.
After two temptations, it was not only Hu Yingxue who watched Mu Tianxuan, Wei Chihanyu and Li Feng, but also saw clearly that the Jinding pangolin could not pull itself out of the ground and Li Feng jumped vertically in the past. When the body jumped up, it suddenly became nearly five times larger and landed on the Jinding pangolin, so it stepped directly into the soil.
It’s not a big trouble for Jinding pangolin to be trampled into the soil. Before Li Feng jumped, Jinding pangolin disappeared in its feet. If Li Feng’s reaction force had not been exercised, it would have become it if he was stuffed into the pit.
However, Hu Yingxue had long thought that pangolin would drill a hole. After the appearance of the Jinding pangolin, a layer of enchantment was arranged on the edge of the land in front of the cliff. Because that layer of enchantment prevented Jinding pangolin from trying several times, it failed to get out at the base of the cliff.
Compared with before, the Jinding pangolin has not changed except that its breath has become a little unstable due to tension. However, careful observation of the gods can tell that it may be a good one from the fact that its muscles are tense.
At this time, Hu Yingxue was a little behind Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu to clean up the water at the roots of Miao Miao. Seeing that both of them raised their swords, Hu Yingxue was not busy raising his hands and his eyes did not fall on the Jinding pangolin, but on the opposite cliff.
The word "Cliff" has been added, which generally means that only by killing the Jinding Pangolin family can the field problem be truly solved. The key point is not to kill Jinding Pangolin noodles, but to find more clues in the word "Family", which is enough to say that there is definitely no Jinding Pangolin near here.
I’m guessing where other Jinding pangolins will come out. Three figures appear beside the Jinding pangolin, and two of them stand in front of it. The Jinding pangolins will project Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihan Yu to block the sword shadow, leaving a relatively small figure or staring at Hu Yingxue and running towards her.
I saw that the Jinding pangolin just jumped out and ran towards me, directly bypassing the strength. Now it is much weaker than her. The corners of her mouth can’t help but smoke. What doesn’t look right about her? These Jinding pangolins all seem to think that she is the easiest to attack.
Chagrin returns to chagrin Hu Yingxue didn’t forget to raise the Five Lingjian in due course, because it was almost time to test it before. This time, she went straight to the lethality, and it would be more than doubled. After listening to a short scream and flashing it, she saw that the Jinding pangolin had just rushed towards her and had been split in half.
Chapter 45 One thousand mirror test ()
Being split in half by Hu Yingxue is a female animal, and the other three are males. Seeing that the female animal was killed, the three males roared and wanted to rush over to avenge the female animal. But there are two men and a little male beast. How can the future wind roar beast BM allow the attack to be accelerated immediately and trap them in the same place?
At this time, Hu Yingxue turned to look at the eyes, and the sky was a lux, and it was almost time to blink, and half of the sky was covered up. She didn’t know what those seedlings were, but the fast approaching birds in the sky knew the golden flame, the three-legged crow and the sun.
No, Hu Yingxue woke up the other two people, a beast and a horse, and found that the golden-flaming three-legged crow in the sky is more threatening than the golden-crowned pangolin golden-flaming three-legged crow. This monster beast is not only addicted to all fire attributes, but also likes to spit fire and will see other living things burn to ashes.
In addition to ensuring that they will not be burned to death by the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow, the three people and one beast will also ensure that the seedlings will not be eaten by the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow. No matter which one fails to do this, it will be considered a failure. This seems to put considerable pressure on the three people and one beast, but there is excitement in their eyes.
Because there was no opponent Hu Yingxue who was fighting, she appeared in the sky after a flash of tiny figure. While there was still some distance between the golden flame and the three-legged crows, she took out the earth tripod and protected the four fields in the next battle.
Hu Yingxue, who has placed the earthen tripod, will directly sacrifice the remaining jinding, wooden tripod, fire tripod and water tripod to such a large group. She is worried that the defense of the earthen tripod barrier alone is not enough, and the fire property is similar. The water tripod has added a layer of jinding and fire tripod to assist in attacking the wooden tripod, but she has added a layer of defense to herself.
After making these arrangements, Hu Yingxue found that the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow still had a long way to go, so he put away the five spiritual swords and flew with his hands quickly to set up a light shield where the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow must pass. I don’t expect those light shields to block the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow, so I just need to slow down their approaching speed.
As expected, although those light shields can’t be said to be vulnerable, they can’t stop the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow from being hit by the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow for a few times. At most, they can persist until the fifth time, and the scattered light shield will bang and explode, with some lethality when it explodes. This is a success, which makes the Golden Flame Three-legged Crow slow down.
Mu Tianxuan, Wei Chihanyu and Li Feng will go into a violent state before Jinyan Tripod Crows come to the valley where the field is located. Jinding Pangolin solves Li Feng’s problem that he is a little injured because of his lack of combat experience, but his recovery speed is better when he is ready to face Jinyan Tripod Crows without Dan medicine.
Li Feng was a little embarrassed to give Hu Yingxue a three-person voice saying, "Sorry, I may have to hold you back."
Hu Yingxue turned to LiFeng smiled "we are friends, what’s this? It’s just because of the fire attribute monster beast. Don’t say how much you helped us before. Maybe we’ll have to rely on you. "
"Yes, we are friends." Li Feng shook his neck and Mao looked very heart-warming.
I noticed that Mu Tianxuan was looking at himself and Hu Yingxue raised his eyebrows slightly at him. "What’s the matter?"
Mu Tianxuan replied with a smile, "I remembered that a female practitioner of the God King level found you and said that she wanted to be friends with you, but she was angry with you for saying what a friend is and left without saying a word."
Hu Yingxue sneered, "I really didn’t know what a friend was at that time because no one had ever told me, but that person was also a root, and there was no sincerity in saying that he wanted to make friends with me. In fact, he was aiming at you who had been acting with me."
"At that time, someone still wanted to call my attention?" Mu Tianxuan’s micro-side head looked surprised.
Wei Chihanyu glanced at this side twice. "A piece of wood and an ice cube. Many people say that you are a perfect match."
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan embarrassed Wei Chi Hanyu together, and they can also divine divination. It seems that they are doing something, and it feels like a red rain.
Wei Chihanyu was a little uncomfortable and didn’t meet the two men’s eyes. He replied, "After all, it is necessary to know more about it if you want to act together, so I will pay more attention to it when someone says you."
After hearing Wei Chihanyu say this, Hu Yingxue feels that there is nothing to be surprised about. It is normal to team up with people she doesn’t know and not talk about what she would have been like before. Now she must know something. Wei Chihanyu is different from her before, but her personality is a little cold.
Three people and one beast talk. Jin Yan’s three-legged crows smashed Hu Ying’s snow one after another and condensed the light shield. After all three rows were smashed, they rushed to their attack range and kept paying attention to the situation there. When they saw this, they immediately turned their attention back there.
In the monster beast, the golden flame three-legged crow is not very big. What’s interesting is that the bigger the monster beast is, the lower its strength is, and the smaller its size is. Wang Yiding is the strongest crow in the flock, of course, which means that it is smaller than other golden flame three-legged crows in the flock at this time. That is the crow king.
There is a saying that catching the thief first catches the king, but it is not suitable for the golden flame three-legged crow. Although the crow king has absolute leadership in the flock, the flock will not be scattered because of the loss of the crow king, and the crow king will be ranked second without strength, and then it will go to the top until the last one is gone.
However, attacking Crow King can still disturb the attack pace of birds. Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu exchanged eyes, and there was a dispute in their hearts about Li Feng’s body, wind and ice. At this time, the concentration of fire spirit force in the valley and the fluctuation of golden flame’s three-legged crow’s body force made it uncomfortable to obey the command.
In this case, it’s not who has a strong attack, but who can do more. It’s important to cooperate with the forecast that the golden flame three-legged crow and horse will break through the last row. Hu Yingxue played two tricks and a water curtain appeared in the golden flame three-legged crow group.
Fire and water don’t go hand in hand, and they are all braving anger. The golden flame three-legged crow will definitely not like the water. When he sees the water curtain hitting him, he immediately spits fire at the water curtain, and when it meets a piece of fire, it is immediately covered with dense white fog.
Mu Tianxuan raised his hand at this time and played a few hands to listen to the roar and looked at the opposite white fog. I don’t know whether Lei Guangying was on the rampage or Jin Yan’s three-legged crow was on the rampage with Lei Guangying anyway. It was a mess inside.
Hu Yingxue turned to Li Feng "Li Feng, it’s your turn"
Li Feng can’t breathe in when he hears the words, and he can’t breathe out at the white fog. Although he spits out the white fog from his mouth and runs directly across to Hu Yingxue, he still feels that there is air conditioning to roll over and look down at his feet. The water tripod enchantment is closer to the white fog, and there is actually a piece of ice.
Looking back, Hu Yingxue continued to focus on the opposite side, guessing that Li Feng spit out the Xuan chill, and it was almost there. She didn’t hold the sword, and her hands moved again. Another water curtain appeared there, just when the water curtain dispersed the white fog filled with thunder, light and shadow, Li Fengxuan chill reached there.
This time, the three-legged crow finally sounded messy and called the golden flame. Because the sound will make them unable to concentrate on spitting fire, it means that they panic. Now the opponent is their best chance to take the initiative to play.
Before Jin Yan three-legged crow approached some three people and one beast, he took the initiative to meet him. Considering that Li Feng’s direct attack on Jin Yan three-legged crow is likely to be countered by Hu Yingxue, three people will arrange it behind the house. Hu Yingxue mainly pays attention to three people and one beast’s defense, Mu Tianxuan’s auxiliary attack and Wei Chihanyu’s main attack.
This was the best team formation before the team had four players, but when it was about to get close to the birds, Hu Yingxue suddenly remembered that she had stuffed it in the Gankun Ring and brought it from the human world. When she rose to the human world, it looked like a strength equivalent to the Mahayana period. When she arrived in the celestial world, she discovered that the rise was restricted by the laws of the human world
Although it is a puppet beast, I will still maintain the red dumpling nature. The fire crow is a fire-loving attribute. The spirit plant red dumpling is a fire-loving attribute. The monster beast is so flamboyant like the golden flame three-legged crow that it will show all its anger. That’s the red dumpling’s favorite.
Moreover, although it is a machine, the puppet beast devours those golden flame three-legged crows, there are still many advantages, not only full of fire spirit, but also the body of those three-legged crows will become the soul of the beast. When the animal soul reaches a certain strength, it can get rid of the shackles of the puppet body and regain the body through cultivation.
Just like Jiuyou, although there is a contract to determine the subordinate Hu Yingxue, she has never faced up to that layer of contract. No matter how to conclude the contract, the friend is a friend, but there is a contract approaching or some discomfort. She will find an opportunity to dissolve the contract.
But it’s a little different from Jiuyou. If you want to cancel the contract with Jiuyou, you can wait until Hu Yingxue’s strength exceeds Jiuyou and Hu Yingxue wants to rise and cancel the contract, except for letting Hu Yingxue’s father, who is closest to the saint in the smell, break through the bondage after he has accumulated enough soul power.
Although this is in the Millennium mirror, those golden flame three-legged crows’ souls should be real, that is, those who lost themselves in the Millennium mirror, and how can they wake up? It’s just that it’s gone, so it’s not cheap. It’s just that they need spiritual strength.
Millennium Mirror is not limited to taking things from the tools you carry with you, but it’s not small, but even if it’s too big, it’s hard to take it. Hu Yingxue still found the knowledge of ascension from the Gankun Ring, and it was a little difficult to wrap it up and drag it out from the inside, but there was not much extra consumption.
Ascending in the Gankun Ring has been dormant, and now it’s time to see the light of day, and a large number of fire monsters are dangling around before they come out of the Gankun Ring. They wake up immediately, turn their heads to the white fog where they can clearly see people, and their eyes suddenly become bare and full.
Excited by the synchronous induction of the contract, Hu Yingxue smiled and said, "Go."
Wen Yansheng immediately jumped to the opposite side and dived in the past to see a red dumpling flying over. A few years ago, the three-legged crow refused to leave the golden flame, and quickly gave an alarm with a somewhat shrill cry, so the order was restored because of the scattered thunder and light, and the birds were messed up again.
However, at this time of chaos, the golden-flaming three-legged crows can still ensure some order under the command of the crow king. A dozen winged crows with golden-flaming three-legged crows jumped out of the flock and surrounded the birds that quickly approached them.
Without the ten golden-flaming three-legged crows, which had been hidden in the past, the crow king was quickly found in the middle of the flock, so Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu took this opportunity to move there together because they were ready to attack. It was just flint to scream from raising the sword to the other side.
The flame three-legged crow listens to the command of the crow king, but its loyalty to the crow king is not high. Seeing that the crow king received a triple attack, no one wanted to help resist it. On the contrary, I don’t know who left some more there for convenience.
It’s not convenient to set aside land for Hu Yingxue’s attack. It’s convenient for the crow king to put out his hand, but Hu Yingxue’s three-person attack density. The crow king didn’t strike back for the time being except for the defense of the Ministry, but the crow king was the crow king. Even if he could hold the force to condense the retaining wall for defense, Hu Yingxue’s three-person attack still failed to hurt it.
I took a small part of the fire, and the number of golden-flaming three-legged crows was still very large. When Hu Yingxue attacked the crow king with fire, those three-legged crows that didn’t surround the golden-flaming three-legged crows flew towards them in half. This is what Hu Yingxue had been guarding against before. When his fingers moved, a light shield became a roadblock.
Before, many golden-flame three-legged crows ate the light shield. Although none of them died, they were as painful as being stripped of a layer of skin. Therefore, they saw that the light shield appeared again and was about to rush toward three people and one beast. Golden-flame three-legged crows all moved.
Grasping that moment immediately, WeiChi Hanyu and Mu Tianxuan attacked the other side together. Hu Yingxue then controlled the light shield to temporarily avoid the attack, but also released a simple surprise dragon nine change. Is it Li Feng after her or spit it out on the other side after taking a deep breath as before?
Chapter 451 The tip of the iceberg is emerging
Although the joint efforts of three people and one beast can’t be underestimated, the number of three-legged crows is too large. After the original crow king was killed, Hu Yingxue and others killed three successors in succession. When the fourth successor assumed the role of crow king, the bird base had adapted to their attack rhythm and fought back.

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