Xue Zhong walked slowly without saying a word all the way, and Mu Yun was one step behind Xue Zhong without saying a word, so it was quite strange that they walked silently.
A moment later, Xue Zhongshi couldn’t help it and asked curiously, "Don’t you … have anything to ask me?"
Hearing Xue Zhong’s words, Mu Yun smiled quietly and said, "If you want to talk, I won’t ask you, and if you don’t want to talk, you won’t come out and talk to me alone. It should be Mr. Xue. You have something to tell me."
Mu Yun composed calm is surprised Xue Zhong heart can not help secretly nod.
After listening to Xue Zhong laughing for two times, Nai said, "You are too young to play charades with you. To tell you the truth, I went to see Master Baili first and then I saw Brother Baili."
Mu Yun was not surprised when Xue Zhong said it. Before Mu Yun thought of asking Xue Zhong for help and knowing his secret, there was only one grandfather. It was Xue Zhong who agreed to help without asking anything. This was what surprised Mu Yun.
Mu Yun was still meditating and listening to Xue Zhong continue to say, "Mu Yun, I promised my master to keep your secret, but a doctor, I want to know one thing. What is the cause of your illness?"
Looking at Xue Zhong with a serious expression, Mu Yun couldn’t bear to cheat, but he was afraid that he would get involved in something else after telling the truth. After all, he promised Master Mu Yun that he was hesitant or cruel to say, "The cause of the disease is similar before you infer that some magazines blocked the vein and led to the entry of Qi method into the abdomen."
Listening to Mu Yun’s serious tone, Xue Zhong did not doubt that it was mumbling, "So that’s the case. I’m still a physical problem …"
"What? Mr. Xue, what did you just say? What physical problems? " Mu Yun suddenly a surprised asked.
Xue Zhong didn’t pay too much attention to Mu Yun’s surprised expression, but explained, "Oh, well, when I went back, Master was closing, and finally when his old man came out, I told him about your situation. He pondered for a long time and said that it might be physique because some people are born with special physique …"
Xue Zhong’s words shocked Mu Yun, because Mu Yun vaguely remembered that Master once said that there was absolutely no one in this continent who could recognize this "congenital yang body".
But this master Xue Zhong hit the nail on the head. What kind of master is this? Mu Yun decided to visit one day and learn more about this "congenital yang body" if possible, because after all, Master’s old man’s house has died and there is no one to ask.
Xue Zhong got the answer he wanted, and he was relieved. He chatted with Mu Yun for a while and then left the mountain.
Just as Mu Yun was just about to practice sitting on a stone, a nifty and lovely figure appeared in front of Mu Yun, not to mention bells.
Mu Yun practice interrupted the in the mind is quite uncomfortable.
But then a word from Bells made Mu Yun feel great at once. Listen to Bells Jiao Jiao and say, "Wood, we will leave early tomorrow to take you to find the demon spirit."
Chapter 49 Rescue
The hot sun shone through the cracks in the leaves and sprinkled on the forest. Although it was nearly noon, the fog in the forest did not dissipate at all, but it became more and more intense.
There was a loud bang, and then a huge monster body fell from the sky and smashed the ground out of a deep pit.
Then a dexterous figure also fell to the ground lightly and slapped the dust slightly. Looking at the monster beast that was already dead in the distance, he couldn’t help mumbling "Thirtieth"
Take a closer look at this tall and straight figure. It is with Bells that they go out to look for the demon spirit. Mu Yun has been inadvertently present since the sunrise. A month has passed, and it is said that it is not long or short. After these days of war, Mu Yun’s face is gradually being baptized, and it is a decisive and sharp gas.
The place where Mu Yun is now located is called "Fog Forest", which is located in the northwest of Qinghai. It is named after the thick fog that haunts this place all year round.
The "misty forest" covers a vast area, with a wide variety of loops and forks, and the monster beast is a veritable "death land"
However, the gathering place of monster beast is not the place where the aura of heaven and earth is rich, and there are countless treasures in this "foggy forest".
Therefore, although this "misty forest" is extremely dangerous, occasionally some expedition teams will enter it to find all kinds of rare medicinal materials.
"It’s been a month since Bells met all ordinary monsters and their strength is weak. When can I find a suitable monster at this rate?" Mu Yun sighed with a frown and couldn’t help secretly anxious.
One side, Linger’s beautiful eyes glanced at Mu Yun pouting and said, "What’s the hurry? Now it’s not even the core of the’ misty forest’. Besides, did I tell you to look for a demon spirit in these monster beasts? Stupid wood "
"Khan is not looking for the demon spirit. Are you looking for it?" Mu Yun eyes once again nai thought, "it’s just that I have to rely on this little girl to find the demon spirit myself. Let’s not provoke her for the time being."
Bells looked at Mu Yun beaten face full of triumphant "giggle" laugh.
Mu Yun walked and stopped suddenly, looked around for a while and said, "How do I feel … we just walked this road?"
"Well, let me have a look." After saying this, Linger looked around for a while and then said, "Well, it’s, er, wood. We seem to be lost." Linger pondered for a moment and said calmly.
"I’m dizzy, aunt, don’t play. You brought me in this’ misty forest’ and you chose the way. Now you tell me I’m lost?" Mu Yun said in disgust.
Looking at Mu Yun’s anger, Bells consciously pouted and said, "What’s so fierce? It’s not like there’s no way to wait for someone to ask?"
"people? This damn place doesn’t even have a ghost. You … "
Just as Mu Yun was about to get mad, there was a fight from time to time in front, accompanied by shouts similar to the roar of a monster beast
"No, it’s really someone …" Mu Yun looked at one side alone and was beaming at the thought of triumphant bells.
"How do I say there is a way? Dull wood hee hee "
The two men talked and walked forward …
As soon as I got closer to Mu Yun, I saw a group of people. Somehow, the leader, a man and a woman, Mu Yun, always felt that he had seen something familiar.
There are six people in the team, but one woman and two men seem to have been slightly injured and stained with blood.
In front of the six people is a lion-like monster beast whose body is several times larger than the average lion. In the maw, two fangs are sharper than the four claws burning with flames. A blood mark on the front paw is particularly eye-catching. Obviously, it is also injured. From time to time, the mouth spits hot breath with a burst of growls and looks a little ferocious.
"hey? I can’t believe that there are such monsters in the misty forest, but it’s a pity that the lineage is not pure and it’s a cub. "Bells first surprised and then said to herself.
"hey?" Mu Yun now also recalled that he had seen some monster beasts before, saying that the dragon was like a lion and liked smoke. No wonder it appeared in this foggy forest. Mu Yun murmured.
Mu Yun saw six people, and the six people naturally saw Mu Yun’s leading man’s face was slightly pale and there was still blood on his mouth. Obviously, the man had just experienced a big war, but he was a little dumbfounded when he saw Mu Yun, but then he recognized Mu Yun and said, "Pavilion is a bailigong in Qinghai City?"
Mu Yun didn’t expect the leading man to know himself, but he couldn’t remember each other. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and said, "I’m thyme Mu Yun …"
Listen to the man said, "I’m Brother Tanchen Baili of Juxianzhuang. Get out of here quickly. This monster is dangerous and angry now. I’m afraid it’s no match for the construction period …"
It turns out that this leading man is Tan Chenlai, the owner of Juxian Village in Qinghai City. He was entrusted to bring a group of people to this foggy forest to collect medicinal materials blindly. I didn’t expect to meet the monster beast on the way back. The sister-in-law is obviously also interested in collecting medicinal materials in Tan Chen. There was a war between the two sides.
Although there are many people here in Tan Chen, the sister-in-law is no ordinary monster beast. When he came to Tan Chen for a round of fighting, he injured two Tan Chen and released the life spirit, which barely caused some trauma to the sister-in-law, but Tan Chen’s face was obviously also difficult.
However, this Tan Chen’s heart-to-heart relationship with people has made Mu Yun feel good about it. In fact, Mu Yun has always been more interested in this business than one thing. But since Tan Chen is so generous to Mu Yun, Mu Yun can’t just sit idly by. People respect me one foot and I respect others one foot. This is Mu Yun’s code of conduct.
Mu Yun laughed. "It turned out that Master Juxianzhuang was disrespectful. Since this monster beast is already angry, it must be even more difficult to deal with. I wonder what I can do to help?"
Mu Yun words make Tan Chen a slight ash before listening to the woman next to Tan Chen, saying, "Brother, he can’t even coagulate the spirit. He will not help. Maybe we should separate people to take care of him. I think we should let him go."
Although the female words are not big, Mu Yun can hear them clearly. However, Mu Yun smiles and still looks at Tan Chen.
Tan Chen frowned and scolded a woman for thinking twice and then smiled and said, "In that case, please brother thyme. If you can go back alive, you must come to thank me someday."
Mu Yun smiled and jumped to Tan Chen’s side. Seeing each other again, the sister-in-law couldn’t help roaring. One or four paws grabbed the ground and were ready to rush over.
Although Tan Chen also has little confidence in Mu Yun’s skill, one person can contribute more. No, while the woman next to Tan Chen disdained to glance at Mu Yun and snorted slightly. Mu Yun laughed at this and didn’t share her common sense.
Slightly gasped Tan Chen said, "Brother thyme, I’ll be on the front for a while. He pesters you and your sister and them …"
Tan Chengang wanted to arrange tactics, but before he finished, he heard Mu Yun interrupt, "Tan Xiong, you are injured, take a rest first, and I will deal with this evil animal for a while."
Mu Yun said that there was no movement next to him, so he couldn’t help wondering. At the sight of Tan Chen and the woman behind him, everyone stared at himself as if he were the monster beast of terror.
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Chapter 50 Go it alone
Just when Mu Yun looked at everyone puzzled, he listened to Tan Chen’s uncertain tone and asked, "Brother Baili, do you want to deal with this monster yourself?"
"Yes, I have killed 30 people. Although this sister-in-law is a bit difficult, it should not be a problem." Mu Yun said easily.
Thirty? Tan Chen solitary doubt frowned, obviously don’t believe it, while Tan Chen behind them all don’t believe it, and one of them even spoke sarcastically. "You can kill 30 with this strength? Are you awake? " Other faces are full of contempt, and the affection for Mu Yun’s help has disappeared instantly.
The woman first sneered and then said to Tan Chen, "Brother, since people are so powerful, let’s not get in the way, don’t you think?"
Tan Chen hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, since Brother Baili is so sure, so be it. Brother Baili must not take great care."
Mu Yun looked at all the expressions in his heart, but he smiled at Tan Chenwei and turned his head and walked towards the sister-in-law.

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