Although he promised to be too cold before coming, it was also a trick. Yu Han said that if he wanted to pay, he would not let him come. At that time, he could say that he didn’t pay …
Now that we’re here, it’s natural to grab it
Yu Han took a deep breath and patiently explained, "Sister Ghost and Team Cheng have helped me so much. I just invited a meal. Even this professorship fell to me because of Sister Ghost. Do you understand?"
"how can I show my sincerity if I don’t pay myself and ask you to pay?" In the cold quickly say that finish looks into the eyes Chen Jundao "this you white? I have reason to pay! "
Chen Jun was silent for a moment and then gently moved his lip angle. "Okay, I will listen to you."
In view of the cold, I don’t quite believe in the car ahead. Chen Jun is afraid that he will rob to pay again later. After thinking about it, she held out her hand and said, "Give me your wallet and I will return it to you after I finish the account."
Since Chen Jun has really answered, he will never go back on his word. He took out his wallet and quickly handed it to Yu Han. "Are you relieved?"
In the cold, she took the wallet and put her heart back in her stomach. This time, she really put her heart back. After a simple conversation, they went back to the hall to see Wen and others come back and gently ridicule.
"I still want to default when you two don’t come back!" Xiang Wen leaned his back against the corner of his chair and knocked on the table. "This food is coming soon, so you should prepare well."
The potential meaning of this sentence is to let the two discuss it well and make everyone shameful when they get it.
"Senior, you can rest assured that you will eat well. I will never default!" The answer is that in the cold, everyone knows that paying the bill will also be her white. These two people will discuss everything and put their hearts at ease.
After all, if it really happens, they won’t know where it is.
It’s very bad to say it’s a treat if either party doesn’t talk.
It didn’t take long for the elegant students to push the cart and come in from the door. Their system is unified, clean and elegant, not kitsch at all, but it is very pleasing to the eye.
Coupled with the environment inside, everyone is smiling, and no one feels bad. Muming is facing some food and holding chopsticks. When thinking about what to eat, someone is faster than her when preparing chopsticks.
Holding chopsticks and holding a crayfish "try this"
Gu Jingke chuckled and put the crayfish neatly in Muming’s bowl. Muming’s eyebrows picked it. She just didn’t seem to order this dish. I believe Cheng Man and others won’t order it. So this … is it his order?
I haven’t waited for her to ask Gu Jingke’s eyes to blink slightly "eat before you talk"
Zhang Zhihao saw this scene not afraid dead sent a strange "gu police officer, ghost elder sister, your love is not so important to think about and we are single ….."
Wei Xiaoguang laughed "poof" and Zhang Zhihao was really not afraid of death. You should know that you would rather offend the team than the ghost sister, but Zhang Zhihao seems to be wrong. Perhaps it is too much stimulation that will lead to such nonsense.
"What do you like to eat?" Gu Jingke suddenly raised his eyes and asked Zhang Zhihao without knowing what he meant. Without thinking, he replied, "Scallop!"
Before he came to his senses, scallops disappeared from his front. After he came to his senses, he found that scallops had been moved to his front by Gu Jingke.
"Very well, you won’t eat today." Zhang Zhihao was almost ready to cry. He wiped his tears in his heart and looked at Xiang Wen’s eyebrows and jumped hard. He held out his hand and put Xiang Wen’s favorite food in front of him.
Xiang Wen knew that it was not good to watch him move, and his face was black.
They will eat this meal at nine o’ clock, that is, the school has just finished studying in the cold, and Chen Jun’s wallet will be returned as several people go back to school.
Yu Han and Chen Jun walked at the back and stood on tiptoe in the cold to give a quick kiss at Chen Jun’s lip corner.
"You did well today!"
The 15th is the Mid-Autumn Festival. I’ll make up for it now. Hey, hey, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Love you!
☆ What do two psychopaths see?
At this time, Xiang Wenzheng turned his head and held hands. Looking at two people laughing gently is equal to cold. Seeing Xiang Wenzhou’s face almost burning red and coughing badly, dragging Mu Ming and others quickly.
Xiang Wen stopped Wei Xiaoguang and Zhang Zhihao Jane and briefly said that she had just seen it again and decided to ask their opinions. "What do you think we should do?"! ?”
"Your proposal is very good and I agree with it!" Zhang Zhihao walked up to Chen Jun with a clap of his hands. "Brother, what did you just do?"
Chen Jun took a look at several bad friends and calmly said, "I just did it. Naturally, you can’t do things. Why do you still want to hit me?"
After the words fell, he ran away with a light voice. "Come on!" Several people are chasing on the road, while Cheng Man is walking slowly behind. If you don’t go far from the school, you should not have returned to the dormitory.
Slowing down is more conducive to handling cases, isn’t it?
A few people walked and slowly enjoyed the night view. Gu Jingke’s wrist stretched out backwards. Mu Ming naturally took the palm of his hand and held them together as simple as that. Qi Shaochen naturally felt that he could not fall behind.
Go to Cheng Man’s side and signal her to look at Gu Jingke and Muming Cheng Man, but they still don’t mean it.
Qi Shaochen coughed heavily. "Don’t you think these two people are out there?"
Section 255
Cheng Man turned his head slightly to look at him and quietly asked, "Are there any lovers who don’t stand out?"
Qi Shaochen looked at Cheng Man back and forth and decided, "There are you and me!" He reached out and held her hand in his palm. Hold the root tightly and let her escape.
Two figures interweave in street lamps, which is particularly beautiful, giving people a dim visual enjoyment. Walking behind them, Yu Han sadly urged him to lower his head and pretend that he didn’t see anything.
Cheng Man tried to retract his hand, but there was still some futility. He simply stopped moving his eyes and pointed at him. "It’s really nothing new to learn about harmony."
Qi Shaochen almost spat out an old blood from his mouth. What do you mean, nothing new? It’s like poking him in the heart-is there anything new to do in this street? She did it on purpose
When the group returned to the campus of the police station, the road was still going back and forth. Some boys sent their girlfriends to the girls’ dormitory building and hurried back.
Single dog looked at feel particularly dazzling!
Muming and others went back to the lounge to take care of themselves. The clothes bought back were also asked by Yu Han to hang on the hangers. Now it’s time to wait and see.
Just wait for the students to return to the dormitory, so the case is also a better progress.
A few people sat in a chair and silently looked at the ceiling without saying anything. They moved their lips and counted slowly.
The Lord is also anxious to sit in his office. If there is such a scandal in the school, it will be terrible!
All we have to do is to solve this matter secretly, otherwise there is no way to explain it.
"I don’t know what they are going to do when the time is coming!" The Lord walked quickly back and forth in his office without other thoughts and ideas, and he was anxious about it wholeheartedly.
If this matter is settled safely, then his name can be promoted to that time by the principal, and promotion and salary increase are not a problem. Maybe he can be transferred to another place to be the principal.
After walking back and forth, the Lord looked at it again and muttered, "It’s almost eleven forty-five. Wait, when the school stipulates to turn off the lights?"
The school takes this very strictly. There is a student union’s female student department on duty. If the lights are not turned off at the right time, points will be deducted. The students here are also obedient.
The Lord went to the water cooler and gave himself a quick swallow. At this time, he usually lay in bed and rested. At the latest, the dinner will not exceed twelve o’clock.
I broke the record today.
He went to the door and looked at the lounge. He saw that there was no movement inside and walked back and forth again. He put his cup heavily on the table and blinked and said, "Why hasn’t this person moved yet?"
Afraid of Cheng Man and others will forget things, he walked out of the door and closed his door. He walked to the door of the lounge and wanted to think and knocked gently.
"Mu forensic doctor, Cheng team!" He didn’t shout or shout, and soon came inside. The door was cold, and she knew the Lord best, so she could hear who the Lord was.

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