Zhang Zhongxuan’s words when he heard the weathered cloud were just what he wanted, because he was busy making a bow, and this had to be vacated. However, the skinny camel was bigger than the horse. Zhang Zhongxuan naturally wouldn’t be careless enough to let the weathered cloud be planted in the jade void, so he hurriedly told Zhao Zifeng to play.
Zhao Zifeng heard Zhang Zhongxuan strolling through the cloth and laughed. "Brother, how did you get me less? I think we have been guided by the master for many years. The master’s business is our own business. He was attacked by us just now. Now we should also send him to the dead road together, right? Things have to end. "
Weathered cloud doesn’t know Zhang Zhongxuan’s meaning. "Purple wind, go away and don’t make trouble for me. I’ll take care of this old man."
Taoist Yu Xu is always the leader and younger brother. Although he is seriously injured now, he is also a veteran figure. When he hears Zhao Zifeng and Weathering Cloud, he seems to be angry. He snorted, "Even if two buffoons don’t know how to live or die, even if they are injured by being original, can you stand me?"
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled tepid way: "Although the two disciples I received by Yu Xu Taoist priest are a little arrogant, it’s no joke at hand. When you sent Xiaoyao and an elder, both of them couldn’t stand me. Do you think my disciples would be worse? Room to go out to the first world war "say that finish shape flew to the corner of the garden.
And they followed to fly out in accordance with the Buchal hall, and all the people were stunned by Zhang Zhongxuan when he flew.
Lin Mengying didn’t fly out with him, but looked at the hall and all the people turned to the two masks behind him. "What do you think?"
One of the masks, Tsing Yi servant, said, "The technique is really pure Kunlun technique, and in my opinion, this Chongyang should be learned by people in Kunlun department because Kunlun’s general brother is not allowed to touch the real Kunlun."
Another masked servant, Tsing Yi, also slowly said, "It’s really surprising that things have come to this point. We can wait and investigate for the time being about his killing of my two brothers in Shushan."
Lin Mengying showed a smile at the corner of her mouth. "Since the parents said that, the dream jade-like stone was relieved."
Three people figure all follow fly out together.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one God ()
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one God ()
Zhang Chongxuan looked at Lin Mengying and didn’t care that he was still holding the branches in his hand. As early as before landing, he took the branches and arranged them faster to make a bow, but the arrangement around his hands was invisible. This small array was transformed from a pictographic array, which made Zhang Chongxuan’s hands in that formation. Outsiders knew that Zhang Chongxuan was a negative hand and could not see anything.
Jade virtual Taoist priest looked at Zhao Zifeng’s hand to absorb the soul, saying, "You’re a strange instrument to absorb the soul. It’s really unexpected that Brother Kunlun will also be reduced here."
Jade virtual long find Zhao Zifeng nitpicking, that’s the wrong person. Zhao Zifeng shows a brilliant smile. "The road is not that I said that you are soul-sucking, but how do you know that I am using this soul-sucking complications to destroy the world? Can you not be a sheep in wolf skin? Isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing a wolf? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed and pulled out a hand to shoot a little light around, which was faster than arranging a pictographic array around him. "Yu Xudao said that I am a little blind when I do things in Chongyang, but I ask myself that doing things is not like some hypocritical people’s duplicity." When Zhang Zhongxuan said this, because he did not make the two sides fight, people around him were implicated, and the chivalrous heart of cloth pictographic array made his words more authoritative.
Jade deficiency Taoist priest is always a decent person who knows that Zhang Zhongxuan is telling the truth and doesn’t want to waste his breath. Now, he has no choice in this battle because Zhang Zhongxuan is laying it out to kill him. Only the bottom of his hand sees the real chapter, and a bright starlight appears in the jade deficiency Taoist priest’s hand. Both the weathering clouds and Zhao Zifeng feel an aggressive momentum, and they hurriedly offer their own instruments to resist the jade deficiency Taoist priest’s instruments.
The sword held by Taoist Yu Xu is forged from steel, and both sides of the sword body are inlaid with bronze patterns of the Big Dipper, and there are dragon and symbol patterns near the hilt. It is a seven-star sword. Taoists think that the sword is a powerful instrument to kill demons. Usually, the seven-star sword has two thin swords, which can be held side by side, and sometimes it can be called "double sword" or "combined sword". There is also a kind of peach wood carving with spells on the sword body, which is also called "peach sword".
And Zhang Zhongxuan appeared dignified when he saw the seven-star sword of Taoist Yu Xu. "Purple wind and Huayun, you two should be careful that his sword is not an ordinary seven-star sword. The sword should be a peach soul and then mixed with steel. It can absorb the essence of the moon. If it is cut, it will be made of peach soul in the seven-star sword. It will never be inferior to the heart."
"Good eye!" Taoist Yu Xu couldn’t help praising, "Yes, this sword is made as you said, but I added another skill."
"The essence of the moon makes the peach wood fire!" Lin Mengying mouth way
"Yes," said Taoist Yu Xu confidently, inserting the sword into the ground. "The essence of the moon is the key. It is not just the ability to rise for seven weeks, but also the ability to transform the seven-star sword."
Zhang Zhongxuan’s heart sneers at Yu Xu’s Taoist priest. He naturally knows that he deliberately leaked it, which attracted Lin Mengying and others’ attention to that aspect because his bow was made, and now he is putting the celestial art into the bow.
Taiyi Qingling Arrow is a treasure made by Taiyi Qingling Arrow, and its matching bow does not conform to the cold essence material of Taiyi Yueling, on the contrary, it needs to be the opposite. Naturally, people can’t see through one layer, so they can’t find the suitable bow all the time, because no matter what bow they want to take Taiyi Qingling Arrow, it will be chilled by the cold essence of Taiyi Yueling Arrow and automatically become stiff as a stone and break into several small pieces.
This Taiyi Qingling Arrow is also very strange. If it is placed on the human body, it will not produce any cold. Even if the artist can multiply it, he can’t see through it, which will make Taiyi Qingling Arrow a token.
It’s a matter of time for Zhang Zhongxuan to make the bow and cloth celestial technique. Zhang Zhongxuan can rest assured and look at the field to see if his two brothers are right after ten years’ absence.
Zhao Zifeng easily touched the tactic to absorb the soul. In his hands, the weathered cloud kept rising, but Zhang Zhongxuan was still in place for a while. He also felt inexplicable about the offensive of the two men. He suddenly saw a red gas flashing in the weathered cloud and a blue gas flashing in Zhao Zifeng’s body. Zhang Zhongxuan secretly praised, "I can’t believe that the two of them are so diligent." Zhang Zhongxuan took one look at Yu Xulong and shook his head. "It’s a pity that it’s not enough."
It turns out that Zhao Zifeng and Weathered Cloud were prepared to learn from Zhang Zhongxuan’s spiritual cultivation that they belonged to their own dharma formula, and this exercise absorbed the soul complications and dragon-dodging piles. However, Taoist Yuxu put the Seven-Star Sword into the ground to absorb the underground wood gas to strengthen the peach soul, which Zhao Zifeng and Weathered Cloud didn’t see was doomed to failure.
Zhang Zhongxuan knew that the bow had been transformed into a green arrow in the arms of Taoist Yu Xu, and now he had to wait for the opportunity, which would affect his future trend.
"Brother Hands-on" Zhao Zifeng drank his right hand and wrapped his forefinger and middle finger to move and absorb the soul. With a bang, he split out a huge wave and hit the jade virtual road leader. With several rotating evil wind clouds, there were several ghosts floating away from the evil wind clouds and several angry green fires flashing. At that time, amityville horror was covered by a haze.
The weathered cloud flew to the face of the dragon-dodging pile just after Zhao Zifeng drank it, and Zhao Zifeng followed it. The golden light of the dragon-dodging pile flashed over the two people, but Zhao Zifeng miraculously produced two other light rhymes. The weathered cloud is red and hot. Zhao Zifeng’s body is blue and chilly.
Lin Mengying showed shock and disbelief. "This is an air inlet and an air inlet!"
Zhang Zhongxuan also discovered the situation of Zhao Zifeng and the weathered cloud, and realized that he had just overlooked the two-person device entering the body. In fact, it is not difficult for the fix-true person. Otherwise, it is some protective devices, that is, the device entering the body to protect the dharma holder, but the air inlet device is different. The real meaning of the device is that the fix-true person can operate the device with its own qualitative formula or real elements, and it is not necessarily true that it can be truly integrated into the device.
The body of the instrument has a fixed property, but the holder of the instrument is unique, which is equivalent to two melting devices, and it is impossible to melt them together, while the weathering cloud and Zhao Zifeng have actually done it and done it very well
Three years ago, Zhao Zifeng and others had a fight with two brothers in Shushan, but they lost to escape. Zhao Zifeng naturally thought of the high spirit and Zhang Zhongxuan’s spiritual cultivation tactic meaning has always been unique in Zhao Zifeng’s heart. So they worked hard with the weathered cloud to finally refine this one, which was realized by two people. However, because Zhao Mu was missing, Zhao Zifeng was afraid of bringing out the master of Shushan, and the two of them never had a chance to move naturally to Yu Xu.
Jade deficiency Taoist cold hum 1 Although he was injured, he was always soaring. Just now, he was too careless, or he wouldn’t be injured by Zhao Zifeng and weathering cloud. Now, he naturally won’t despise his heart and lead the seven-star sword to emerge from the ground like a white dragon and blossom into a hot white dragon to attack the soul-sucking complications.
The white light of the Seven Stars Sword flooded into the soul-absorbing banners, and the haze devoured the haze faster than before. Those white bones and other parts in the dark clouds were scattered and lost, but at this moment Zhao Zifeng and weathered clouds chased after them from behind with the dragon-dodging god stake.
"There’s no chance to borrow the soul-sucking banner." Weathered cloud looked at the front and the soul-sucking banner kept shaking. It was forced by the seven-star sword and Zhao Zifeng shouted at the back, "Brother, it’s okay. He’s seriously injured now. If he breaks his seven-star sword, it’s okay."
"good!" Weathered cloud should be a roar in the air together. This roar is so loud that even Lin Mengying doesn’t know what the weathered cloud is going to do. One side, Zhang Zhongxuan knows that the weathered cloud is going to be crazy in Cheng Jiao shape. If it doesn’t, when it rises to the middle school, the weathered cloud Huo Ran becomes a dumpling shape, and it is filled with fire.
Zhao Zifeng sat cross-legged to burst into ice-blue brilliance, and an ice-blue tiger emerged from him. In that ice-blue brilliance, he actually appeared standing in front of the dragon-dodging pile, yelling at the ice-blue tiger. A long whistle resounded through the sky in the weathered cloud just now, and the exhausted roar responded to each other. Suddenly, the dragon-dodging pile sent out a golden light and hit it directly, which has become a dumpling-shaped weathered cloud.
Gold came to the body, and the weathered clouds churned. Huo Ran flew straight towards the Dun Long Shen pile, but at this moment, the tiger in front of the Dun Long Shen pile also went with the weathered clouds to nourish itself. The ice-blue tiger was gradually integrated into the weathered clouds, and the veins stood out in the weathered clouds revealed a trace of pain.
"cultivate the gods!" Zhang Zhongxuan’s eyes were shocked. I can’t believe that the weathered cloud and Zhao Zifeng actually forced the weathered cloud to the period of repairing the gods.
Zhao Zifeng jumped over and flew from the Dunlong pile, while the Dunlong pile unfortunately flew to the weathered cloud. The dumpling-shaped weathered cloud stepped on the Dunlong pile but didn’t stop, but hugged the Dunlong pile and rotated.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Falsehood
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Falsehood
Silent as death.
At the moment when it turned into a dumpling-shaped weathered cloud and the dragon-dodging pile rotated, the world seemed to stop without warning. At that moment, whether it was Zhang Zhongxuan, Lin Mengying or Taoist Yu Xu, they all felt that things were coming before their eyes, and at that moment, the dragon-dodging pile miraculously burned up.
A fierce fire was burning in the dragon-dodging pile, and the weathered cloud and the dragon-dodging pile finally rotated again. A huge ripple appeared in the middle, and a tornado hurricane followed. This hurricane was very calm and quiet, but Zhang Zhongxuan and others who were beside it clearly felt that the calm hurricane contained terrible destructive power.
It’s always calm on the eve of the storm
The jade virtual Taoist priest’s face grew dignified, and his hand-drawn tactic accelerated. Because the hurricane just weathered the cloud and cast a glance at him, it was sharp, and a single look forced him to retreat three steps. Three steps is three steps. Even his brother, the head of the Kongtong Sect, could not let him retreat three steps with his eyes, but now he has appeared in a spiritual practice. How can he not be surprised? How to make him not heavy?
Seven-Star Sword is inlaid with bronze pattern of the Big Dipper, and the two sides of the body flash seven lights, which are manipulated by Taoist Yu Xu to grow wantonly, and a red fire suddenly comes out from the tip of the Seven-Star Sword and instantly fills the body of the Seven-Star Sword.
"Will it be the result?" Lin Mengying watched the Seven Stars Sword and the weathered cloud that had turned into a hurricane collide, and her heart became tense.
The focus of several people in the venue was placed on the surface.
Bang! The polar world came out with a loud noise and became a hurricane. The weathered clouds collided with the Seven Stars Sword. They became a huge fireball, turning all the places in the pictographic array into flames, and the fire kept coming out.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan moved because he knew the result before it came out.
Lin Mengying didn’t find Zhang Chongxuan moving, but two masks behind Lin Mengying moved at the same time. Zhang Chongxuan also saw two masks. Tsing Yi servants flew towards themselves and knew that they had been keeping an eye on themselves. If they couldn’t grasp it this time, then he would be caught in a disaster because the strength of those two masks, Tsing Yi servants, was a few minutes higher than that of Zhang Chongxuan.
Kuang, when the Seven-Star Sword broke into several pieces like glass, it turned into a hurricane-like weathered cloud, but it didn’t stop and kept moving forward. Those pieces disappeared in the weathered cloud, and the hurricane flew back and headed straight for the Jade Virtual Road. The weathered cloud hurricane also dissolved in one breath and fell to the ground.
"so fast!" Yu Xu Taoist priest had an idea in his heart that the seven-star sword would fly towards him when it was broken into pieces, and in that number of light, Zhang Zhongxuan actually interspersed in those light gaps.
Jade deficiency Taoist priest got up and wanted to hide, but it was too late. A huge real yuan had enveloped him. He couldn’t dodge and bang! Powerful true yuan poured into the body of Taoist Yu Xu, and Taoist Yu Xu flew out, and the arrow of Taiyi Qingling in his arms also flew out.
"What does he want to do?" Lin Mengying finally reacted. She looked at Zhang Chongxuan and flew to her parents. What’s the problem?
The green light flashed, and Zhang Chongxuan had grasped the Taiyi Qingling Arrow in his hand. As soon as he turned around, his right hand had also grasped a bow and the arrow was on the bow. An icy light came from Taiyi Qingling Arrow, and the pupils of the two masks Tsing Yi servants were enlarged and dispersed on both sides respectively.
Whoosh Taiyi Qingling’s arrow jumped out of the string and suddenly turned into thousands of silver showers. When the two masks Tsing Yi servants didn’t react, their bodies had been shot through thousands of holes, but they didn’t shed a drop of blood. The two of them were instantly killed by Zhang Zhongxuan.
"You …" Lin Mengying flew to the front of two masked servants in Tsing Yi and looked at them and shouted at Zhang Zhongxuan. "What do you mean?"
Zhang Zhongxuan saw that two masks were killed by servants in Tsing Yi, and Taoist Jade Xu had been killed by himself. He sneered, "Miss Linda is boring to kill her."
Zhang Chongxuan is a light way, but Lin Mengying felt a chill. They are four people and everyone’s strength is not worse than Zhang Chongxuan’s. I can’t believe that now Zhang Chongxuan has died without hurting his own side. Three people, Lin Mengying, secretly blame themselves for their carelessness. Looking at Zhang Chongxuan coldly, gnashing their teeth, "This is what you designed early in the morning, right? Wrong novel network many words "
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and laughed. "Hehe, the situation forced me to stir up things like Kongdong and Shushan, but your appearance made me temporarily change my mind. Isn’t it more fun to have Kuncang’s power so strong and Kunlun Sect join in?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.

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