"Oh, it seems so. Come on in and sign the agreement for registration," said Zhong Yingtian.
"Oh, good"
After hanging up, Muhai successfully entered Qingshui Garden.
Walking into the hall, Zhong Yingtian is already waiting for him.
In addition to Zhong Yingtian Muhai, I also found a person who gave himself a big clock, Cheng Ming, and didn’t take it away from himself.
Looking at Zhong Yingtian’s back, Cheng Mingmuhai gherardini said, "Is Mr. Cheng there, too?"
It’s a good thing that Muhai doesn’t say hello. Cheng Ming has a stomachache when he says hello.
Clouds of evil thoughts rolled in from above his head
The rise of magic energy makes Muhai feel great.
To tell the truth, Muhai is here to collect magic thoughts today.
"Mr. Cheng, you should put away the clock. I will get it back soon," Muhai said.
Grass mud horse!
Don’t. I didn’t know you had taken the clock back.
Cheng Ming, like ten thousand alpacas, hurts when trampled on.
Clouds of magic thoughts rolled in from his head again, which made Muhai almost laugh.
Cheng Ming’s extremely generous magic thoughts contributed wave after wave.
Zhong Yingtian didn’t notice Cheng Ming’s ugly face. He laughed after hearing Muhai’s words.
How can I give you the national heavy weapon?
"Mr. Mu figured it out, then sign it."
Zhong Yingtian handed Muhai a confidentiality agreement.
"I’m a little confused now." Muhai didn’t answer the confidentiality agreement.
Clock should be dark forehead canthus light jump a few days.
Are you kidding me?
The clock should be rolling in at the thought of monty.
Every time, the Jiuding Magic Furnace was increased by 4 points, and the magic energy was so surprised that Muhai couldn’t come back for a long time. "The old man’s strength has broken through again."
Seeing Zhong Yingtian’s angry look, Muhai stared at him with a smile instead of dodging.
Are you kidding me?
"How can Mr Mu do this? It’s really not your place to go back on your word, "said Zhong Yingtian.
"Oh, it’s a pity that I’m not a gentleman." If you don’t get oil and salt in Muhai, you’ll be in a hurry. Such a stimulus has no feeling for the young guy to deal with him.
Zhong Yingtian Cheng Ming once again contributed several magic thoughts to Muhai.
Good man!
Be sure to talk about your life more later!
"Mr. Mu, please go back. We are very busy." Zhong Yingtian said that and got up.
"Zhong Lao, don’t leave in such a hurry. I’m here not to ask you for money, but for Zhong Jing," Muhai said.
"Xiao Jing?"
With doubts, Zhong Yingtian sat down again. "Tell me what is it?"
Muhai smiled and took out a jade bottle and poured out a grain of Dan medicine. "This is …"
Words didn’t say that finish MuHai not one leng gawk at his hands.
Just now, I took out Dan medicine in Muhai for an instant, and my eyes were fixed on Muhai’s hand.

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