"Damn it!" Seeing that the fans panicked and praised the agent Chris Fabry, they bowed their heads and scolded him. God knows that when they report for duty, everyone will know that Avril Lavigne disappeared at a birthday party she held.
This kind of thing is definitely a stain on Avril Lavigne’s image!
Besides, he has to worry about Avril Lavigne’s safety. He is worried about which fanatical fan took Avril Lavigne in the chaos … That would be even more troublesome.
But either way, this is definitely not a good thing for Avril’s business image!
"Call him!" Next to Ken Krongard low call way
Fabry woke up like a dream and took out his cell phone to call Avril Lavigne.
"Is it through?" Ken Krongard stared at Fabry’s cell phone.
"Yes …" Fabry listened for a while and then naively put the phone on. "Nobody answered."
"Keep fighting!"
Avril Lavigne’s cell phone rang there, and she didn’t answer it or hang up.
So the cell phone rang in the taxi again and again, causing the driver to look at Avril Lavigne sitting in the back row in the rearview mirror.
I noticed the driver’s eyes and Avril gave the driver a sweet smile.
When Changsheng cooked the noodles and brought them back to the table.
Put the fried egg noodles on the stereo and the prelude of "Im_Wih_You" just sounded.
Listen, Avril Lavigne, eating birthday noodles is a birthday together, right?
Changsheng chopsticks stirred up a mass of noodles and blew the hot air into his mouth. He was about to bite it when he heard a knock at the door.
"Benedict" knocked at the door and suddenly sounded, and he kept chopsticks to send noodles and looked at the door.
He wondered if he had an illusion.
But it’s three knocks.
Changsheng was sure that he didn’t listen wrong, so he bit off the noodles and put chopsticks to run to the door.
When he knocked on the door, he saw a panting Avril Lavigne
Her hair was tied in a ponytail, and she was wearing a cap. She bent over her knees with her hands and gasped.
He can’t see her face, but he is sure that this is Avril Lavigne.
"Avril Lavigne?" He was so scared that he swallowed the strips in his mouth. "Aren’t you supposed to be engaged in activities?"
Avril Lavigne gasped and couldn’t speak coherently. "I … ran and ran out!" "
"Ran out?" Changsheng was even more surprised to run out from the activity site. What is the concept? Avril Lavigne threw away the people at the event?
Avril Lavigne seems to have finally calmed down her asthma. She looked up and looked surprised. Changsheng felt very fulfilled. She proudly said to Changsheng, "I said I would come to celebrate your birthday. I said we would celebrate your birthday together. Uncle, don’t believe me. I’m serious!"
Then she stopped and took a few breaths.
Avril Lavigne’s song entered the room stereo.
"I was waiting at the bridge in the dark, and I thought you appeared at this moment …"
In the song, Avril Lavigne looks up at Zhan Yan, who always wins her, and smiles.
"I mean it! Happy uncle’s 30th birthday! "
Chapter one hundred and ninety As you wish
Avril Lavigne stayed in Changsheng apartment for two hours. Although the food was already cold, the two of them still ate clean red wine, but they didn’t drink it because Avril Lavigne suggested that it was better to drink beer.
Changsheng gave Avril a necklace, either gold or platinum or ordinary metal chain with a small guitar metal pendant.
Actually, it’s a worthless little thing
Avril Lavigne is very happy.
Because this is my uncle’s birthday present, and it is my first birthday present to myself.
However, Avril Lavigne didn’t send a gift because she left the gift for Changsheng at the hotel. She didn’t go back to the hotel and came straight here.
Changsheng said that the so-called person is the best birthday present.
Two hours later, Avril Lavigne left Chang Shengdu and returned to the couch hotel by car.
At that time, the frying pan in the hotel was in a mess.
But this has nothing to do with winning.
The next day, when Changsheng was having breakfast while reading the newspaper, he saw the news of Avril Lavigne in the newspaper.
"The protagonist of the birthday party mysteriously disappeared … Avril Lavigne suddenly disappeared after the organizer and fans carefully prepared the birthday party … but it was not found until the end of the event … But an insider revealed that Avril Lavigne returned to the hotel alone at twelve o’clock in the evening. At present, Avril Lavigne’s agent Fabry refused to disclose everything about Avril Lavigne’s disappearance …"
"Since her debut, this rock girl has attracted everyone’s attention for her rebellious character and maverick style. This time in Valencia, Spain, she let everyone see her unruly …"
Putting a newspaper often wins a laugh.
I don’t know what it is to see the protagonist in the news causing such a big storm. He has a special sense of accomplishment when he comes to spend his birthday with himself.
He is not worried that this matter will affect Avril Lavigne’s career, because Avril Lavigne fans may like such an eccentric idol …
After a sense of accomplishment, I feel a little lost.
Two hours together is too short compared with their separation before …
He suddenly misses the time when Avril Lavigne was not famous. At that time, Avril Lavigne could live here for two months at a time.
The two of them will not be recognized when they walk into the street, and they can do whatever they want.
This ordinary ordinary life is what Changsheng likes best.

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