Kong Zong doesn’t care that he knows his majesty. It’s not as good as that the five family owners can deter an ordinary elder from talking about some elders.
In fact, Kong Zong is also very curious in his own heart.
Because Zhong Tiandao in the main hall rarely rings, this time he doesn’t even know what it is to see Mo Wen’s face livid.
Chapter seven hundred and nine The emperor stepped in
Chapter seven hundred and nine The emperor stepped in
A moment later, Kong Zong saw that all the elders in Tiandaozong had arrived at the discussion hall, and his face was slightly relieved and he gently coughed to quiet many elders in the discussion hall.
"Elder Mo didn’t know that you sounded the alarm and had something important."
Kong Zong looked at the grim-faced Mo and asked a little curiously. Mo asked the ghost wolf at his feet and asked.
"Patriarch’s adult, please make your own decision."
Don’t ask Mo’s family how much respect they have for Kong Zong, the patriarch, as if they had never seen Kong Zong in their eyes. But at this time, Mo asked Mo to cry at Kong Zong as if they had been greatly wronged. This gesture made most elders in the hall stunned and confused.
"What the hell happened to Elder Mo?" Kong Zong’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and he was puzzled and asked directly.
"The patriarch’s adult Xia Qi’s elder has made a ruthless move on my son regardless of the laws and regulations of Zongmen. I implore the patriarch’s adult to order Xia Qi to take back the Xuanjie."
Don’t ask eyes flash across position awe-inspiring said
Kill Xia Qi and recover the metaphysical world.
Hear mo asked Kong Zong heart quiver startled than.
"Elder Mo, what on earth is this? The mysterious world is a reward given to Xia Qi by the Emperor of Heaven, and it is also my heavenly Sect that focuses on cultivating elite brother Mo."
Kong Zong had a bad feeling in his heart and sank to drink a way
"Patriarch, elders, my son was almost destroyed by Xia Qi’s killing body, and now I can live in a ghost wolf’s body. All elders can verify this. It can be seen that Xia Qimu’s laws and regulations don’t respect the master. If Patriarch doesn’t make Xia Qi take back the metaphysical world, do you want me to stand on all sides of heaven?"
Mo asked to pick up the ghost wolf around him and cast the secret method, but he saw the light flashing and the ghost wolf’s body seemed to melt away, showing the ghost wolf’s soul.
This soul is impressively human, and it can be clearly identified from its face that it is Mo Wen who is alone.
"Mo Liang"
"It’s Elder Mo alone."
"What’s going on? Elder Mo fell into such a situation that he had to live in a ghost wolf."
"Elder Mo is a true brother, and he is extremely tough. Even though it is not far from Jin Xian, Xia Qi is just a beginner in the celestial world. How can he be forced into such a situation?"
"Look, Mo asked so angrily, I’m afraid it’s really Xia Qi."
"Do you really want to take back the metaphysical world?"
Many elders looked at the ghost wolf or the shape of the ghost wolf, and Mo Liang was amazed, but the eyes of these elders flashed slightly, but they all cared about it.
It’s a good thing for them to take back these elders in the mysterious world.
"Mo Liang is my true brother, Xia Qi, a mere elite brother, who dares to be so overbearing and so must be punished."
"So you can’t be lenient."
"If Xia Qichang is not punished, all the sects of Heaven will collapse."
Mo Wen’s voice just fell, and a few of the elders in the hall conspired with Mo Wen before, and the elders in Xia Qixuan’s world just came in and drank sternly.
Kong Zong sat in the first place and his face suddenly changed.
To punish Xia Qi and recover the mysterious boundary, these elders naturally agree with each other, but for Kong Zong, who is slightly suspicious of Xia Qi’s life experience, this group of elders’ words make him feel completely cold.
If we really let this group of elders succeed and Xia Qi’s identity is as he guessed, then we will burst the day and the whole Sect of Heaven will be trembling.
"Elder Mo, you must not hide anything from this matter in detail."
Kong zong was a heavy to mo asked to drink a way
He also didn’t have the usual attitude to several big families, and he gave off a majestic patriarch, even if it was a few big families, they were slightly awe-inspiring
Mo asked that although he reacted to Kong Zong in this way; It’s a little strange, but I don’t care. He believes that it’s also a long-awaited recovery of Confucius in the metaphysical world, and it is impossible to stop him.
Thought a mo asked what happened in the vein of phlogistic copper fairy mine.
Of course, it can’t be true if Mo asked, but he thought it over and came up with an excuse.
It also means that Xia Qi received a bronze fairy beast who went to the phlogistic copper fairy mine to kill phlogistic copper fairy beast, and then Mo Liang met him. Who knows that Xia Qi was jealous of Mo Liang’s ghost wolf and secretly attacked Mo Liang, which eventually led to Mo Liang’s physical destruction and had to take possession of the ghost wolf and escape his life.
This statement seems to be watertight, but a group of elders present are wily, and after listening to two or three words, they will know that Mo Wen’s words are full of loopholes.
They all know that Mo Wen is extremely fond of Mo Liang, who is the only one. On weekdays, there are two immortal peaks. The strong never leave the guardian Mo Liang and Mo Liang are also immortal peaks. Even if they meet Jin Xian Mo Liang, they can run for their lives.
Mo asked that Xia Qi took the initiative to make moves to Mo Liang, which really couldn’t stand scrutiny. It was just like a joke.
However, even so, dozens of elders in the hall questioned Mo Wen’s words, and they looked indignant as if they really believed Mo Wen’s words.
Kong Zong will look at these elders in the eyes, and this group of elders will not believe Mo Wen’s words, but hope to take back the mysterious world through this excuse.
"The patriarch Xia Qi’s office is too bad, and it is urgent to take back the mysterious world."

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