"What!" Li Shehun didn’t care to get the drawings in his hand, so he couldn’t leave the line of sight any longer. "The drawings of the middle-class village …" Even he was so excited that he stammered.
Weeks want to nodded with a smile.
"Zhou master you play with me! Why not take it out earlier! " Li she complained
Weeks want to embarrassed smile said "this a few days ago in a bad mood since forgot this thing" words after export provoked Li Zhuang and Li involved on both sides.
"Hurry up and upgrade the village!" Li Zhuang eagerly told Li She that the village head was established by Li Zhuang and Li She. I heard that Li Zhuang was absolutely no less excited than Li She.
Li She ran back to the village chief’s office and made the drawings, which made Li She look forward to the unified sound. It also sounded in her ears, which made Li She didn’t expect it to be so simple.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Congratulations on your successful promotion to an intermediate village in Tianmen Village. "
It’s as simple as that. Don’t add nonsense. "Unified you cow! I really can’t guess you. "Li expressed his feelings by gnashing his teeth, but the director still wanted to dry up and look at the attributes of Tianmen Village.
Cunmingtianmen village
Intermediate village
Existing residents; Maximum resident 2; one
The surrounding area is 2 square kilometers.
Residents’ satisfaction 95
Village awareness 1 (a little interest)
It’s still the same as the low-level village, and nothing has changed. No wonder Li She will be very upset.
Chapter 10 County Bearer
The first thing Li She did was to increase the number of residents by 100. Then Li She saw a’ buildable building’.
The logging yard shall establish appropriate rest places in logging places; The effect is to increase the logging efficiency by 20%, and the construction conditions are a number of’ logging yard drawings’ for the people;
The sentry tower sets up a high-table building around the village; The effect is to strengthen the construction conditions of village building security alert; An intermediate bricklayer, a citizen, and a’ tower drawing’;
Private schools enlighten children in sacred places; The effect of the first class is that the child’s intelligence is permanent +1 and cannot be superimposed; Construction conditions: a mason, a Confucian scholar, and a’ private school drawing’;
The grocery store has set up a shop where people are not allowed to buy one thing and go far away; The effect is convenient for people to improve residents’ satisfaction; Construction conditions: a mason, a businessman, and a’ grocery store drawing’;
Boxing hall people keep fit; The effect is that for the first time, the force value of the people is permanent +1 and cannot be superimposed; Construction conditions: a mason, a boxer, and a’ boxing hall drawing’;
Li She looked at the upgrade conditions again. It is necessary to complete all the buildable buildings and then have the’ intermediate village drawings’.
All these drawings are from the Fu Hu Zhai room, and Li She also has talents.
Nonsense is an intermediate mason, and there is no problem in building these things; Zhou thought it was Confucian scholars who asked him to teach the children by the way, and Zhou thought it would be very happy; Among the prisoners, there is a middle-aged man named Ding Qian who used to be a shop owner and a businessman. It is no problem to be the owner of this grocery store. In the boxing hall, the blackhead has already been built.
Doesn’t this mean that Tianmen village can become a senior village, and these people can be naturalized after they become a senior village, but now there are still 40 or 50 people who haven’t been naturalized!
By noon, Li was in a better mood because the prefect of Nanjun sent someone.
Li She is still in the office, and she is worried about the food problem in the future. She suddenly wants to run in and tell Li She that the Southern County prefect has sent someone to send something. This is very happy. Li She hurried out to meet the messenger.
The messenger saw the bearer and said, "But Li She, the head of Tianmen Village."
"Exactly!" Li said respectfully
The messenger pointed to a dozen cars behind him and said, "I’m the chief thin Han Sheng, and I’ve been ordered by the prefect to send something to Li Cunchang for him to check."
No, Li told Zhou to send someone to pick him up.
"Please thank the prefect’s adult for me," Li said.
"Good talk, good talk," Han Sheng said.
Seeing Han Sheng leaving, Li She said, "Master Bo will stay in our village and have a drink before you go!"

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