? Looking into the distance, there is a vast expanse of stars shining in the deep and dark void.
"It’s all our fault that we are too greedy, but we have fallen into the nether realm of the bodhi old zu, the nether eye." The ancient elder sister is a face of depressed tunnel.
"It turned out that it was a day. No wonder you can see through my invisible avatar." Shine suddenly …
Chapter 136 The bodhi old zu 2
? Xiao Lingyu is also pregnant with an eye, but he has some experience in letting the eye know the Lord.
After getting the eye of destruction, Xiao Lingyu first injected energy into it to activate it, then endured the bombardment of the lotus flower of destruction with the help of the power of chaos spectrum, and finally got the approval of the eye of destruction to become his avatar.
He gave this experience to Shine, and perhaps Shine can learn from it.
Nowadays, the eye of the nether world can automatically outbursts, and naturally it doesn’t need to shine again to activate.
What shine needs to do should be to find a way to hard carry the powerful devouring power of the Eye of the Ghost.
Shine now if the strength can stop the eye of the nether world, she will not be involved in the nether world again and again.
If you can’t do it by yourself, you can always have a special physique with the help of special magic weapons and magical powers. Shinji has never had any magic weapons, and there is no magical power to come out again at this time. She looks sad.
I don’t know how many years I’ll have to wait when I’m strong enough to carry the devouring power of the nether eye. Shine is not so patient. She is more worried that Xiao Lingyu will have an accident in the nether world.
Shine is in a dilemma in the mountain cracks that are hundreds of feet away from the tombstone.
A hundred feet away is the induction limit of the nether eye. If you move forward half a step, the devouring power of the nether eye will suddenly gush out, while a hundred feet away is Ann.
Outside, the strong ghosts also stared at the shine. Their quiet life for many years was disturbed by monks who came out of nowhere. The hunting of these three monks made them lose a lot. They naturally hated the three monks.
Now, two of the three monks are powerful and have not appeared for a long time. Naturally, they can guess that those two are trapped in the nether world.
There are only three monks left, one of whom is the one they hate and fear most. They hesitated a lot and called everyone together to prepare to kill the woman who devoured many of their kin.
A large number of nirvana phantoms poured into this mountain crack with several long-lived phantoms, and they gradually approached Linger’s position.
Shine is very sensitive to phantoms. She knows that a large number of phantoms are moving here, but she is not afraid.
Cheetahs are not afraid of rabbits, which are stronger than ordinary rabbits, or rabbits are a large group.
When the group of phantoms approached, Shine transformed herself into a plant that looked more strange than grass.
The grass kept shaking, as if it were in a strong wind, while the strong force was stronger than the suction force, and it rushed towards the group of strong people who came to the illusion.
Body state shine strength rose a lot, plus she will still have a soul nirvana realm repair place. If it is less than the infant nirvana realm illusion, it will be almost instantly bound by the thick suction and inexorably close to this side.
The powerful breath from the shining body makes the phantoms tremble and timid, and they choose to turn back and run away immediately in a moment.
Shine finally found a place to vent her anger at the nether eye, and she chased her out in her physical state
As a result, for several years, the monks in Hulu Bay were reluctant to set foot on Xingyu Island easily, and there was a strange and absurd scene.
A strange grass chasing a group of ghosts on the island is like a lion chasing a group of antelopes.
A ghost was swallowed up by the shine, which made the ghosts of Xingyu Island realize the crisis of life again, and they hid in the crack of the mountain around the bend again.
Shine also chased her in. When the eye of the nether world sent out suction to devour the group of ghosts hiding in, she also did her best to send out suction in the body state.
Two forces of suction at the same time in the phantom body, but they are still toward the eye of the nether world.
The suction that the phantoms shine towards the eye of the nether world naturally moves towards the eye of the nether world.
Boom !
Let shine didn’t think it was when he released the suction and just touched the eye of the underworld that the tombstone was suddenly blown up.
Lost the tombstone, and the Eye of the Ghost came closer to Shine for a moment.
Before the shine, the Eye of the Ghost kept a distance of 100 feet, but now the Eye of the Ghost suddenly moved forward a few feet, which immediately made the Eye of the Ghost feel her and swallowed her up.
Shine didn’t want to know how to hide. She didn’t stop her suction and continue to release her phagocytosis.
Shine and the Eye of the Ghost are both charged at each other at the same time, and the instant shine is about to break away from your body directly.
The Eye of the Ghost lost its goal and immediately put away its devouring power to calm down.
In a moment, Shine’s body gradually merged with the location of the Eye of the Ghost, and the Eye of the Ghost was directly wrapped up by her re-condensed into a body.
The eye of the nether world and shine turned out to be one like this.
I didn’t feel the eye of the underworld, and it was very surprised to shine on myself again.
Another moment, a mist floated out of her body and slowly condensed into an old man with red hair in a red robe in front of her.

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