"Is it a thousand-year family Covenant?" Female some uncertain way
"That’s true. Four sects, five families and hundreds of small and medium-sized families signed a family covenant thousands of years ago, which will expire in ten years. As you know, our Wei family has been paid attention to and taken hostage by all parties since it took over the secular world of the Great Patriotic Kingdom. In the past thousand years, its strength has been reduced to a dangerous level. Although we have taken many measures privately, it is still a drop in the bucket! If we don’t handle it well this time, we are afraid that the family will disappear. "
"Is it so serious? Don’t they also have scruples? " Female mouth is not right way
The man sneered, "Hey, hey, seven sisters don’t need to deceive themselves. Those people might still have some scruples when the fourth uncle was alive a hundred years ago. Now, the roots are gone. Think about our younger brothers who have disappeared inexplicably over the years. If the family still has some hope, eldest brother will not hide those good seedlings."
The woman was a little depressed when she heard this. "But even so, I’m afraid it’s useless for us to do these things now."
"Alas, man proposes, God disposes. Even if we can’t beat those people in the end, we can protect a part of the Wei family’s blood. After a thousand years, we have no chance to turn over." The man said that his face was full of sorrow and gradually disappeared, and it was indeed a face of decisive color
"That we come to this jiangyuan county, what is it? What is the purpose? "
Chapter XII
"eye? Hey hey, the most important nature of our trip is the Liang family, but it didn’t succeed. If we got the treasures left by Liang’s ancestors, we wouldn’t be so passive. "The man was annoyed.
"Third brother, you said that the ancestors of the Liang family really have the eldest brother to say so much? Is it really that big that he left the treasure house? Then how can his descendants be so miserable? In nearly one thousand years, even a cultivate immortality also can’t afford to "female some curious way.
"Of course, the ancestors of Liang’s family sent seven lords with magical powers comparable to the Nine-Day Fairy Buddha when the world changed greatly, and their net worth was naturally not less than that of Liang’s family. It is not surprising that although the ancestors of Liang’s family were fierce, it was tens of thousands of years ago. In addition to those powerful sects, the strong family will decline. This may be the fate of Xiuxian family!" Male wry smile way
"Don’t we have to do the same for the Wei family?" Women have some tastes.
"If we continue to go in the family form, the ending will not be much better than Liang’s."
"What about us?"
"In addition to Liang’s treasure house, this time we are stationed in Jiangyuan County to prepare for family transformation." The man smiled and said.
"Family transformation? Are the patriarch and several elders going to establish a Sect? "
The man nodded, "Yes, our Wei family’s dominant position in the secular world of Weiguo in this Millennium meeting will definitely be lost, and the position of the first family in the world of defending the country and cultivating immortals will also be lost. We must plan ahead."
"So what exactly are we going to do?"
"The first is to put on a tough stance to let the four sects and those families with ulterior motives prepare for the evacuation of the Great Kingdom after the Millennium Games in ten years."
"Evacuate!" The female voice suddenly rose to a high level. The Weishi family has been defending the country for thousands of years, and it has been deeply rooted in the interest chain of the country. Now it is equivalent to a strong man’s broken wrist to evacuate.
"Yes, the evacuation of the four sects is too strong in the realm of defending the country and cultivating immortals, and people are not allowed to leave this place regardless of the future family decline crisis or the current crisis."
"What about the second one?" Female slightly shocked in the heart continued
The man smiled and said, "The second is to pick out the first batch of younger brothers who have the best qualifications and take them to other places after the school was established."
"Brother? Isn’t it forbidden for the four sects to include scattered repairs in each family? How ….. "
"We can collect a batch in the name of recruitment and then send them to outland unnoticed ….." insidious smile said with a smile.
On the other side, Liang Yi, a small hotel, caught Jiang Yun hopefully and gave him a piece of rice paper filled with a list of herbs.
Jiang Yun took the rice paper, "Manna grass, aster tataricus l. f., Yin fruit, defective feather smoke, Hui Ling, Zizhi … What are these?"
"Why haven’t you heard of it?" Liang Yi disappointed way
Jiang Yun bitter face shook his head. "Look at these names, they all seem to be herbs, but this name is very uncommon. I have seen nothing but manna grass at an auction."
Liang Yinai said, "Oh, it seems that these things can wait for the exchange meeting in three months."
"Eldest brother is looking for a fairy spirit? It’s no wonder that a friend of mine spent five thousand two hundred gold to shoot three manna grass that is said to have been twenty years old at the Kyoto auction before, and was killed the next day, "Jiang Yun said with some regret."
Three days later, the Wei family, the first family to cultivate immortals in the Great Patriotic State, sent an invitation message to the small family of cultivating immortals and the low-order scattered practitioners scattered around the country, saying that the escalation of the war on the border of the Wolf Rong Empire in the north of the Great Patriotic State required a lot of air-entraining period and the support of the immortals in the foundation period. The Wei family plans to hold a large-scale low-order monk exchange meeting in Keith. Lu Mountain outside Jiangyuan County in three months, when the Wei family will pay a lot of money to hire a group of scattered practitioners to support the war in the north.
As soon as the news came out, the whole world of defending the country and cultivating immortals suddenly got up. For nearly a hundred years, the northern wolf Rongguo of the country of defending the country has been at war, but the scope of the war between the two sides has been kept within the secular scope. Even if there is, the forces of cultivating immortals on both sides have not really intervened, and even if there is, they have secretly intervened on a small scale, which will not affect the overall situation of cultivating immortals in the two countries. Now the Wechsler family has actually issued such an invitation. It can be said that the world of cultivating immortals in the two countries is on the verge of war
There is an unwritten rule in the cultivation of immortals. Once two cultivation of immortals break out, it must come from the secular world first. After all, the secular world is the foothold of the cultivation of immortals. More than half of the four cultivation sects are from the secular world.
Although this message from the Wei family has caused quite a stir, no one is nervous about it. The four major sects and major families will not pay attention to this small-scale war unless the situation is serious enough to be out of control. They will only intervene in the scattered practice and the small families will not be interested in the war of cultivating immortals. If the war really breaks out, they will just care about finding a safe country to continue to enjoy themselves. Anyway, no matter who makes a profit, both sides of the war will give them no money. The only thing I am afraid is that many monks who want to watch the fun or fish in troubled waters will have a good platform.
Liang Yi and Jiang Yun, a famous Zhai Tianlou pub, sat opposite each other. "Xiaoyun, you don’t want to participate in the border war between Lausch, do you?"
Jiang Yun nods, "There is this plan. I am also a member of defending the country and cultivating immortals. It is only natural that I should do my part in this kind of thing. Besides, isn’t the Weishi family also paid a lot of Lingshi? As it happens, we are also short of Lingshi now. "
"You don’t even believe yourself when you say this in the world of defending the country and cultivating immortals." Liang Yi smiled and said, "I think you’re going for that lingshi. Don’t blame me for not waking up. You just went to the border with your little strength now. The Wei family is also a cannon fodder. There is no good bird. You’d better consider it clearly."
Jiang Yun looked at Liang Yi strangely. "Eldest brother, you are so disgusted with the Wei family. Do you have any problems with them?"
Liang Yi-wen glanced around for a week and saw that no one was paying attention here before he opened his mouth and spoke to Jiang Yun.
Jiang Yunjiu knows a lot about people’s spoken English. After seeing Liang Yi’s mouth, his face suddenly turned cold.
"Destroy the race-hate!"
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Chapter 13 is a little girl?
"Oh, well, then we won’t go." Jiang Yun nodded obediently after one leng and put a chicken in Liang Yi’s bowl and then silently bowed their heads and chewed up the rice.
"Can two little friends take a seat?" A beautiful female voice broke their silence.
Liang Yi looked up and saw that it was about twenty-seven a year. The young woman dressed in a purple feather suddenly spent a foolish eye. She took a glance at the young woman’s right chest. Some confused eyes suddenly flashed a cool color. It turned out that the female feather was also embroidered with a pair of purple firebirds.
"Please!" Liang Yi expression way 1
Purple clothes young woman is also able to shrug off Liang Yi’s argument, dragging a chair and sitting next to Jiang Yun.
"What can I do for you?" Jiang Yun some uncomfortable took a glance at purple clothes young woman.
The young woman in purple smiled faintly. "Hehe, can’t you take a seat if you have nothing to do?"
"glug! Beep! " There was a sound of swallowing around.
"Mei Shu?" Liang Yi immediately became alert. Just now, if it weren’t for seeing the purple firebird on the female chest, he was afraid that he was also a virtue with those "pig brothers" next to him.
In fact, Liang Yi was wrong about this young woman in purple. Although this young woman has practiced flattery, she did not deliberately display it. It is because the young woman’s repair gap is too big that she will be tempted by the casual expression of flattery by the young woman in purple.
"Don’t you think it’s too crowded to have a table next to you?" Jiang Yun answered without buying it.
"Hey, my little sister has a hot temper!" Purple clothes young woman gave Jiang Yun a meaningful look, but there was no meaning of getting up and giving way.
"What did you say? Keep your mouth clean! " Jiang Yun a listen to immediately don’t want to "pa" slap on the table will be roaring up a table of dining tables.
"Xiaoyun sits!" Liang Yi see Jiang Yunbiao hurriedly stretched out his hand to press him and then fuels to purple clothes young woman; "You are a senior, but you can’t insult my brother at will, can you?" It is indeed a great shame for a big man to be called a little sister. Jiang Yun’s eldest brother Liang Yi naturally can’t let his brother suffer.

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