Holding Yanxi, you can easily squat down. Zhou Zichen’s arm is long. Just grab the phone and it will reach his hand.
"I" saw that the other party didn’t want to give her back. Yan Xi didn’t want to.
The word "confiscation"
"Why" stare
The word "noisy"
"You think you are a teacher and I am a student who steals mobile phones in class." Protest
Some people ignore people directly.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
Waiting outside the hotel for a long time, Zheng got on the bus as soon as he saw Zhou Zichen coming out.
Yan Xi, whose foot was injured, was put in the back seat of the car first. Zhou Zichen told Zheng Yuan to "go to the nearest hospital"
"Ah, the factory in the north of the city" has already received an order from its own boss to bring the car over and wait for him and his wife to come out.
"Go to the hospital first" does not refute the tone.
"Don’t want me not to go to the hospital" has been afraid of hospitals since I was fourteen years old. Is it a serious illness? Yan Xi buys medicine from the pharmacy himself.
Besides, Yan’s family also has a family doctor who really can’t eat well by himself, so he can trouble others to go there.
"It’s just a sprained ankle. It’s not a big problem. Just rub it with safflower oil."
The brooch was sent out and the chapter was revealed.
Recommend a friend Wenji Peach Blossom.
The future door owner of Sword Shadow Gate, a swordsman who is popular in Yunguo, has put on hatred for many years and silently guarded for life.
It’s cool and indisputable that the sovereign has scruples and suspicions about her, but he lost his heart unconsciously, preferring to give up his life rather than have an accident with her.
The enchanting charm of the villa owner met by chance, gained the love of his life and almost paid the most painful price.
The mysterious cult owner is infatuated with her, and she can ignore anything with a smile.
The merchant on the rich side of the game was determined by the heart, but because of her sudden glance at the moment of saving him, a heart was completely tied to her.
Lai lazy nephew always sneers at her peach blossoms everywhere, but when did he become one of them?
33 Zhou’s unique tuina
Please visit the latest chapter of "Don’t want sex in Yanxi". I heard that Zhou Zichen’s handsome brow was slightly wrinkled, and he spoke to Yanxi in a tone like a father reprimanding his disobedient little daughter.
"I don’t have sex. Are you making a mountain out of a molehill?" She rolled her eyes and climbed outside the car. Anyway, she would rather die than surrender.
"Honest sitting" hand block Zhou Zichen is really a headache with each other.
She won’t listen to anything you say.
"Zheng Tezhu, I just heard what you said about the North Factory". The car route was blocked by Zhou Shaoshao. Yanxi couldn’t push his arm. He had to look to Zheng Yuan. "What’s the matter? Is it urgent?"
Know the past and ask the truth. Zhou Zichen has told her that she has to go ahead because of something urgent. Yanxi still doesn’t know what it is.
"An accidental explosion occurred in the north factory, waiting for the boss to take charge of the overall situation in the past." Zheng Huan replied with his head hanging slightly.
"Oh, my God, the plot is too bad, not too serious." Yan Xi, with his hands covering his lips, immediately said to Zhou Zichen, "I know what’s wrong with my feet. Don’t delay listening to this little thing. Just wait for you to take charge of the overall situation in the past. Zhou Zichen, why are you still wondering?"
"boss, do you want to arrange a car to send the young lady back to my old house?" Zheng Huan answered Yanxi’s words and gave his own opinions.
"No" I can take a taxi back.
The unspoken words died in her stomach because Zhou Zichen was one step ahead of her. "The car went to the factory in the north of the city" meant to take Yanxi with him.
"it’s boss"
"Alas" is there such deprivation of personal freedom?
Sapphire Maibakh quickly started Yanxi, looking at her while taking a nap to recuperate, and the man protested that "Zhou Zichen is older than you".
"Be quiet if you don’t want to go to the hospital."
seckill; speed kill
""YanXi this time is not quiet all not a line.

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