"Master, can they shape Dan?" Liang Yi asked.
"Shaping Dan? Can’t "ChiYu cold slightly shook his head
"What? Master, isn’t that something that can reshape the flesh? " Dragon son looked at ChiYu cold with a puzzled face.
"Little girl, what’s your hurry?" ChiYu cold slightly shook his head and said, "It’s not that Master can’t bear to take two pills of Dan medicine, but that this Dan medicine is too strong for your parents to root out now."
"Then what should we do?" Dragon’s face was full of haze and his mouth kept whispering.
"Dragon son don’t worry" ChiYu cold patted Dragon son’s shoulder to show comfort. "This shaping Dan is actually specialized in refining the scattered fairy flow. Those spiritual deities are actually several robbed scattered immortals in the spiritual world. They are also seeking this Dan to reshape the flesh to avoid the last Armageddon."
The strength of the scattered fairy stream is uneven, and the strength is the worst. It is almost equivalent to a monk in the later period of Yuanying, but it is even worse than a monk who has survived three days of Armageddon. It is said that only after the Armageddon of the Three-dimensional God, will some true Yuan transform into fairy aura.
"The characteristic of scattered immortals is that some true elements have transformed into fairy aura, and refining this shaping Dan also needs fairy aura."
"Master, are you saying that my parents need to cultivate immortal aura so that Shaping Dan can reshape the flesh?" Dragon’s eyes suddenly lit up.
"That’s right, that’s what it means." Chi Yuhan smiled. "Now that we have Shaping Dan, we can remold the flesh if two Taoist friends can survive the three-dimensional celestial disaster. If you succeed, with the fairy aura, your avatar will definitely surpass the monks of the same order."
"But the three-dimensional apocalypse" Lin Jiacheng’s tone is still a little low. "What’s more, we have been stuck in the shackles of blood. If we have a good defense magic weapon for the first time, we still have some confidence for the second and third times." Little Yuan Baby kept shaking his head.
"Master" Dragon turned to Liang Yi and Chi Yuhan for help, and only they could help their parents.
"Don’t worry, Dragon. Your parents will be fine with me and Master." Liang Yi smiled and comforted Dragon.
"Thank you, master." Dragon son thanked his parents with joy and said, "Mom and Dad, don’t worry. I broke through the shackles of blood so quickly because of the help of my master and master. There are ways to help you."
The fourth volume Five baby vertical and horizontal Chapter DiErJiu plot against/respectively [the second more]
The fourth volume Five baby vertical and horizontal Chapter DiErJiu plot against/respectively [the second more]
"Yes, two Taoist friends can rest assured that we will help you read the net with all our strength." Chi Yuhan said, turning his attention to Liang Yi, a great alchemist. It is not difficult for Dragon’s parents to break through the shackles, and they can eat a lot of Dan medicine more casually than ordinary monks to improve their strength, without worrying too much about the fate of the Yuan God before the transition.
"You don’t thank me for your kindness." Lin Jiacheng, who is a baby, is still very hale and hearty. He took his wife and worshipped them but didn’t say much.
ChiYu cold nodded slightly, and then asked about this place after calming the two people.
It turned out to be the fourth floor of Xianfu, and this dragon and mink family was born here for generations. They all have a clear understanding of the first four floors of Xianfu, because they will be sent to the second floor of Xianfu soon after they are born, and they will not return to the fourth floor until they practice to the taxiing stage.
On the fourth floor of The Hunger Xianfu, the dragon and mink clan is considered to be in the middle level. In addition to the dragon and mink clan, there are two powerful demon xiu families in this floor, one is the sword crocodile family, and the other is the macaque family. Each of these two families has one less demon xiu in the later stage of Yuanying, and there are many strong ones in the junior middle school of Yuanying. Moreover, each sphere of influence has an eye-catching genius to grow.
"Now, it won’t be too good if you have a family brother to return after the elite of the dragon and mink clan has gone." Liang Yi said meaningfully after listening.
"Master, if you want to rob someone, just say so. You must find such a lame reason." Little Dragon seems to be a natural optimist, and his parents have fallen behind, and the whole person’s mood has also recovered a lot.
"It’s not just how are you, little girl?" Liang Yi smiled and patted the dragon’s little head
"giggle" dragon son smiled gently Liang yi pour some uncomfortable.
"Liang Daoyou, please have a look at this information about the Crocodile and Macaca." When Lin Jiacheng saw that Liang Yi wanted to deal with the Crocodile and Macaca, he was overjoyed and handed Liang Yi a blue jade slip from a bracelet of primitive simplicity.
"Well, thank you very much." Liang Yi smiled and took Lin Jiacheng’s jade slips and added, "It’s inconvenient for you two to walk outside now. Why don’t you go to my Pearl?"
"Jingzhu?" Lin Jiacheng couple although confused but nodded his head, and then Liang Yi put them in the Pearl River, and Little Dragon’s parents first met and drowned, so naturally he followed in and tried to catch up with his master’s pace. Chloe also entered Liang Yi Pearl River after breathing a sigh of relief.
"The consequences of dark clouds and insects" Liang Yi smiled slightly at the jade. "It’s a pity to leave them good things."
"Robber" one side blasted into shu yi smell speech small murmured a sentence.
"Let’s go" Liang Yi inadvertently smiled and took the lead in recruiting the mixed Yuan Tulingjian to fly to the west.
The fourth floor of Xianfu is smaller than the top floor. I don’t know how much Rao it is. It took Liang Yi and others more than three hours to reach the sphere of influence of the Crocodile family in the western region.
"It’s swamp again" looked at Fang Yi, and it was a misty swamp. Shu Yi sighed rarely. Obviously, this rich miasma made her very uncomfortable.
"Let’s go soon" Liang Yi smiled and took the lead in entering the thick poison.
Liang Yi, who flew in front after less than half an hour, suddenly stopped.
"Someone came first" ChiYu cold face calm way.
"Yes, it’s an old friend." Liang Yi smiled. "I didn’t expect to meet Xi Yigang here. You said that Bishu was destroyed by him, didn’t you?"
"Yes, at that time, I also knew that Tin was about to use the soul-collecting technique on Bishu. Bishu blew himself up on the spot and blinded his eye." Chiyu Cold nodded slightly. "At that time, it was almost well known that you killed his son and he would never let you go."
"Are you sure to kill him?" Liang Yi suddenly asked
"I’m not sure. It’s easy for me to beat him with Xuanwu and you, but it’s almost impossible to kill him. Somehow, he’s also distracted. The peak repair is hundreds of years earlier than my promotion. There must be some life-saving means. If we are determined to kill him, we are afraid that we will pay a great price."
"Then forget it, cut him some slack for the time being." The personal vendetta made ChiYu cold and Xuanwu lay down their lives for each other, and Liang Yi did a good job.
Liang Yi and others were just about to leave the tin, but they were just greeted.
"What a coincidence, several Taoist friends! I didn’t expect to meet you here." I was blind, tin just covered half of my face, and my attitude was really enthusiastic, and Liang Yizhao didn’t recognize him by wearing a silver mask.

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