Chapter one hundred and seven Guild Wars speech cases (4)
Guo Xingyue evaded the pursuit of golden light while thinking about the countermeasures. Although he has some knowledge about this array, he has not studied it in depth. It is really not clear that it is impossible to hard connect one or two lines, but he can withstand such a dense golden light. If he continues to do this, he will be hit by golden light sooner or later. It seems that he will not be able to fight back.
Guo Xingyue dodged the golden light while playing a hand tactic and an array body flew out of the bracelet with the hand tactic and landed on Guo Xingyue’s foot with a "cymbal". A crisp white light flashed through a five-fold defense array. The five-fold maze superposition has been displayed in the original place. Guo Xingyue was wrapped in the array and the golden light was continuously hit in the array, but the array was cracked, but the method defeated Guo Xingyue.
Hui Qing and others can’t help but be surprised and angry when they see Guo Xingyue hiding in the maze. It is Guo Xingyue who can engrave the law on the multiplier at any time to show his anger. Seeing that Guo Xingyue has nowhere to escape, he has come up with such a skill, which has turned all the people’s advantages into a bubble. Hui Qing drinks a "force attack can’t give this devil a breather", saying that all the masters speed up the casting of the tactic and suddenly the golden light bombards Guo Xingyue’s maze like a rainstorm.
The power of this King Kong Demon Array is really huge. Every golden light is like a blow of scattered fairy power, but it is still worse than the combined power of dozens of experts in repairing the magic star field. The continuous bombardment of hundreds of golden lights in the array is to crack the array but break it.
Guo Xingyue observed the movements of Yanzong people while mending the damage of the array. Seeing that all the experts of Yanzong were exhausted and attacked again, he said, "Let’s call it a draw, masters, and let’s call it a day?" Guo Xingyue’s hiding in the maze has not only restored a lot of pranayama, but also pushed his heart to murder through meditation. After all, it is always not a good thing to kill a Buddhist site here. Besides, Guo Xingyue has to rely on the help of Buddhist people if he wants to find a way to repair the real star field. If the whole Buddhist community is hostile because of excessive killing in a moment, it will not be worth the candle. Therefore, Guo Xingyue hopes that the other party will get over it.
Guo Xingyue’s words were originally well-intentioned, but in Hui Qing’s ears, they became sarcastic. Hui Qing flew into a rage, and seven masters on his own side joined hands to make arrangements. What if we go out and talk about where to put it? Absolutely not! Hui Qing was anxious when she saw that her own side, King Kong, had broken Guo Xingyue’s maze, and when she saw Sheng watching the battle not far away, she was angry from her heart and said to the brothers who were born on the daring side, "Go and get that true fix!"
Watching the words, Zongdi rushed to Sheng Zheng, intending to capture these words. Although it is not too high, it is much higher than that in the early days of Sheng Zheng Yuan’s baby. Even if it is one-on-one, it is not what Sheng Zheng can get. Sheng Zheng can make Guo Xingyue take a fancy to his brother. Naturally, it is not a fool. Before these words, Zongdi immediately hit the ground with a wave of his hand. Not only did he protect himself in the array, but he trapped most of them in the maze. Poor Zongdi did not know that this law was trapped. I felt dark at the moment when I entered the maze, and the surrounding scenery disappeared everywhere. I couldn’t see anything clearly. Even the most proud knowledge of Buddha’s brother was blocked by the law. At most, I could find out a distance. Everyone was wandering around blindly like a fly in the fog.
Yan Zongdi failed to take Sheng Zheng, but angered Guo Xingyue. Guo Xingyue laughed angrily. "It’s a shame to say that a good Buddhist Sect is really shameless. Then you will be offended." Guo Xingyue flew out of the maze and rushed to the seven masters of Yan Zong with a wave of his hand.
Guo Xingyue hid in the maze and Hui Qing and others couldn’t see him, but Guo Xingyue’s words were still clearly heard. Seeing a disc-shaped object coming towards them, he didn’t dare to be careless. He commanded the King Kong Demon Array to intercept the golden light, forming a dense optical net cover to attack the disc, and the disc shuttled forward in the golden light like a fish. All the golden light hit in a flash and flew in front of Hui Qing and others.
Huiqing saw that the situation was not good, and she did not want to continue hosting the King Kong Demon Array. She was busy with a teleport and fled to one side. After a white light, the six elders of Yanzong were trapped in the maze. These six elders of Yanzong also wanted to hide from them. They repaired it and struggled hard for half a day. The Buddha Yuan had consumed most of it and was trapped by an evasive action.
Guo Xingyue, with a wave of his hand, removed his maze, and looked coldly at the bracelet that was recovered from the array body. "You have something to do, old thief bald, although you are waiting for it."
Huiqing smell speech looked up and looked around blankly. Almost all the masters were trapped by Guo Xingyue’s master and apprentice. Some younger brothers were watching in the distance and dared not step closer to the field. A big mouth was full of blood and suddenly turned pale. Huiqing reached out and wiped her mouth with bloodshot blood and drank a low drink, "I’ll fight with you!" Did not even directly jump on Guo Xingyue with the multiplier suspended in the middle. They were ferocious and there was no Taoist monk.
Hui Qing-xiu was higher than Guo Xingyue, but at this time, the Buddhist Yuan-ji was exhausted, and his mind was in a state of anger and confusion, and he was badly injured (Buddhism’s skill is to cultivate the mind and mind, which is not only damaged, but also definitely injured), and Guo Xingyue took a breath in the maze for a moment after returning to Yuan Dan, and the real yuan loss was supplemented. In the long run, Guo Xingyue was able to adjust the real yuan higher than Hui Qing, and saw that Hui Qing wanted to laugh hard and flicker to make Hui Qing crazy, and a blue real yuan hit Hui.
Chapter one hundred Public enemies of Buddhism?
Hui Qing was knocked to the ground by Guo Xingyue and immediately fell into a coma. At this time, almost all the masters of Yan Zong were trapped by the maze. It was not difficult for Guo Xingyue, the younger brother of the floating map period, to destroy the whole Yan Zong. Since Taoist and demon initiates came to my heart, there was a surge of murder from time to time. Although it was controlled by the powerful knowledge of God, Guo Xingyue was extremely angry with this murder. He had already explained the origin of the magic yuan. Hui Qing still insisted on this. Besides, even if you deal with yourself, you won’t let go of such a humble person as Sheng Zheng.
It is not difficult for Guo Xingyue to kill Hui Qing several times in his heart, but it is not difficult for Guo Xingyue to make enemies in the Buddhist star field. Although Guo Xingyue is not worried about his own way out, it is better to do more than one thing. Guo Xingyue silently stood for a long time and let go of the unconscious Hui Qing. He flicker into the maze and knocked down six elders who were trapped in the maze one by one, sealing them off. He searched the elders and found the star road map without hesitation, and then waved his hand to strategize.
After Guo Xingyue drifted away with Sheng Zheng, Yan Zongzhong’s younger brothers dared to come back to the field to help the leader, the elders, and the six elders’ relics were blocked, and Hui Qing was in a coma. Yan Zongzhong’s younger brothers were all busy and didn’t know what to do. Hui Qing finally woke up from the coma for a long time and looked at the flustered people. They almost fainted and their lips trembled for a long time before saying, "Ask the five sects of Wanfo Star for help and ask them to send experts to get rid of this devil."
Hua Yanzong, the largest Buddhist sect of Wanfuxing, is also the most important faction in the whole Buddhist star field. There are dozens of masters just practicing to the realm of arhat. Among them, the master of the highest kindness is already the later stage of the Bodhisattva, and Du Jie will soon become a Buddha. He has long ignored the sects and gave the head position to the master of Ci Xuan, the younger brother in the early stage of the Bodhisattva
On this day, Master Ci Xuan received the message of asking for help from the Buddha, and felt that the situation was too serious to call the elders’ meeting arbitrarily. He came to ask for advice with the message of asking for help and the decision of the elders’ meeting. After passing the message of asking for help, Master Ci smiled and asked, "In my opinion, how should this matter be handled?" Master Ci Xuan said, "The Presbyterian Church unanimously agrees that this man is full of demons and dares to come to our Buddhist star field to make trouble. Must he be severely punished?" Master Ci smiled and didn’t answer. "Brother, I started practicing in the same year, didn’t I?" Cixuan dazed a only way "good but it is linked? I don’t ask my brother to show me. "
"It’s been nearly a thousand years since my younger brother joined the Bodhisattva, right?"
"I’m ashamed of my talent and stupidity. I’m far from my brother. I’ve been pushing my luck for nearly a thousand years."
Master Ci shook his head and said, "The younger brother is far more talented than the younger brother. I have been taking detours over the years. My brother didn’t want to tell me, but he was waiting for the younger brother since the enlightenment, but his brother Du Jie was just around the corner, but he had to say it."
"Brother, please speak."
"The essence of Buddhism is to cultivate the mind and call it cultivating the mind? The heavenly heart means that all good and evil are reported in my heart. Everything starts with an unclean heart, but the law will not work. My Buddhist star field has cultivated the realm of Bodhisattva for nearly a thousand years. There are many possibilities for Du Jie to soar. How many people are there? Because of the lack of mind, if Du Jie can successfully cultivate his mind, he will focus on understanding right and wrong instead of blindly pursuing cultivation. "
"Brother, what you said is absolutely true. What should we do now?"
Master Ci didn’t listen and shook his head. "Although other disciples don’t know about this practice, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, there is something wrong with practicing magic or repairing truth. It is inevitable that there will be no difference and perseverance, so if this is a big villain, is there anyone alive? It is true that there is something wrong with practicing magic or repairing truth."
"I will ignore Hua Yanzong according to my brother’s wishes?"
"Otherwise, it’s hard to be good, even if I don’t come forward to the other Buddhism sects, I’m bound to make moves, so it’s better for teacher younger brother to come personally and bring this person with less disputes."
On the size of things, if it rises to the height of things, then no matter how trivial it is, it will become a big deal. Guo Xingyue’s battle for Yan Zong originally started from misunderstanding, but now it has become a bad battle for Hui Qing’s face. Now it has become difficult for Guo Xingyue to face the whole Buddhist star field. This is what Guo Xingyue did not expect. In his opinion, Buddhist practitioners should be more peaceful in mind than a misunderstanding, but he also estimated that Yan Zong might invite experts to deal with him. Therefore, Guo Xingyue was not there after getting the star map from Yan Zong’s master. Lifo Star stayed more, but teleported to Mori and Star with his younger brother Sheng Zheng. He planned to go to Wanxiang Star to return to fix the real star field through there, but he didn’t know that Wanfo Star was already waiting for his door with a wide net.
Sen and Xing are a small planet. Although there are not too many mortals and nothing special to produce the whole planet, although the aura is still sufficient, there are no Buddhist sects in Guo Xingyue’s choice of this planet. Firstly, it is to avoid unnecessary disputes from Buddhist sects again. Secondly, I also want to take this opportunity to practice Buddhist techniques from Hui Na to see if I can solve the murder caused by my own body magic element. Although Guo Xingyue doesn’t mind killing, he doesn’t want to be a killer and create some meaning to kill Guo Xingyue. With Sheng Zheng Sen and Xing, he randomly found a cave to decorate the maze and repaired it in the cave.
Guo Xingyue has gone through the total tactic of Buddhist practice several times. This total tactic of Buddhist practice is not long. There are only a few dozen words and it is not abstruse. However, people ponder over the hidden meaning, that is, Buddhist practice is to cultivate the mind and focus on self. Guo Xingyue always feels like seeing flowers in the fog, but he can’t really think hard for a long time, so he has to put it aside first. However, it is said that some practice techniques will be white at a glance, and the mystery is really helpful to suppress the murder of Magic Yuan.
Chapter one hundred and nine Inflammation Lingxing
Guo Xingyue’s master and apprentice have been practicing in Senhexing for fifty years. In the past fifty years, Guo Xingyue has mastered Yan Zong’s cultivation techniques and learned a lot from them. Although he has not completely solved the troubles caused by the magic element, his murder in his heart has been effectively controlled. However, he still failed to grasp the essence of Buddhism’s cultivation and did not practice according to Yan Zong’s cultivation techniques. Guo Xingyue is now a Taoist fellow practitioner, but he doesn’t care whether to cultivate more Buddhist cultivation techniques. He won’t easily try Buddhism, Taoism and magic after a thorough white day. Sheng has been practicing hard for 50 years, and finally he has reached the middle stage of Yuan Ying. Especially, Guo Xingyue is gratified that Sheng Zheng has a very high understanding of array law and can actually do array law superposition. Although limited to practice, he can do double superposition, but this is the second person who can do this since Guo Xingyue.
Guo Xingyue hasn’t relaxed well since he became a killer in Pangu Star, except for practicing and fighting. When he saw that his practice had reached a bottleneck and he was already aware of the road to fix the real star field, he was not in a hurry to go back, so he planned to walk around this Buddhist star field. But he didn’t know that in the past 50 years, many experts from the five sects of Wanfuxing had been sent to track him down because Guo Xingyue had already left Lifo Star, thus avoiding tracing. However, Guo Xingyue’s painting and shadow graphics had already been all over the Buddhist sects and the five sects of Wanfuxing were already waiting for him to arrive.

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