Master Dinxia knows that Nai can’t escape into the sea, and the crab will hide away from the treasure without delay, but it takes only half a column of incense from the birth of the treasure.
The third volume Fairy things Chapter two hundred and seventy-nine Great hatred
The Dragon Palace in the East China Sea galloped all the way to Ying Zhao to get water to the destination. The crab will return to the palace to report that it came from purple and stopped him and asked, "But did you find the scroll?"
The crab will know that Ying Zhao is the great man who drives them to seek treasure, and hurriedly falls to his knees and whispers.
Thinking about the ban, Ying Zhao ignored the crab’s concerns and shouted, "Forgive your sin and come quickly!"
Straightening up, the crab said sadly, "My Lord will have found the scroll at the end of the day, only to be robbed by an old nun. Four hands were killed and his arms were cut off at the end."
"What? ! How dare you be so bold! " Ying Zhao flew into a rage when he heard that the list of gods had been robbed. He grabbed the crab with one hand and lifted his skirt and asked, "Did the nun ever leave her name?"
The crab will be dazzled by the shock, and the eardrum will buzz and reply, "Back to the end of the adult, I will call myself’ Shu Mountain Dining Xia’ when I hear the general name of the old nun Bibotan Dragon King."
"Shu Shan Dining Xia … Shu Shan Sword School … Hum is impatient"
Ying Zhao’s eyes were full of sarcasm, revealing Sen’s white teeth and a little fierce anger from Taikoo’s wilderness, which made the crab tremble, and the paler his face became.
"Yi Bibotan Dragon King? Isn’t it the demon emperor’s father-in-law How did he get involved? "
However, I noticed a word, and Ying Zhao felt a little bad in his heart. Immersed in fear, the crab would stare at him mercilessly and ask, "Where is the dragon king of Bibotan?"
The crab will be shivering with Ying Zhao’s eyes. "The pursuit … the pursuit was stolen by the old nun … and the head was beheaded."
A bolt from the blue!
Ying Zhao was so frightened that a loose crab would fall.
"AoShen although there is no weight in the demon race, but after all, it’s cheap for the father-in-law to kill him, which is to refute the face; Refuting your face is humiliating the whole demon race! "
Roar, arise, surround the mountain, kill the door …
There was a flash of blood in my mind. Ying Zhao heaved a sigh and murmured, "This is a big deal …"
Thinking about it for a long time, I took out a dry Kun bag from my arms and put the crab into it. Then I flew to the place where I was born and Aoshen died.
Vast blue waves and a golden light flew low to the place where the treasure was born. People hung in the semi-light and scattered to see that the figure was thin and tall, and the top door was bare and the face was warm and jade-like. It was the Buddhist Oriental pure land, the main glazed king Buddha, also known as the pharmacist Wang Buddha.
Glancing at the heads and corpses floating on the sea, Wang Fo, a pharmacist of four shrimp soldiers, frowned slightly, and four words popped up in his mind-killing people to seize treasure!
"It’s the treasure whose sword wound has not spread yet that should leave soon."
I noticed that the color of the blood has not faded. How many pharmacists Wang Fo had a concern in his heart? He spread his mind like a flood, casting a big net to find the treasure, and there were omissions in the deep sea.
Dining Xia Lao Ni has long since escaped from the coverage of pharmacist Wang Buddha’s spirit, so what will be gained?
Searching for Fiona Fang’s 3,000-mile pharmacist Wang Buddha, he withdrew his mind and sighed with disappointment. He looked to the southeast and waited for a strong self-rushing.
Ying Zhao jumped out of the water, floating lightly, looking around half-heartedly, looking at the pharmacist Wang Fo, Aoshen floated on the sea head and body.
"Amitabha poor monk has seen the benefactor" pharmacist Wang Fo is in a peaceful voice.
Eyes yoshimitsu flash Ying Zhao ji refers to pharmacist Wang Foli drink a way "good you a bold bald thief! Vicious hypocrisy has actually made a killing and stealing treasure! "
Ying Zhao naturally knows that it is not the pharmacist Wang Fo who just wants to muddy the water and move the eyes of major forces to facilitate his own revenge.
"Amitabha benefactor is cautious!" The pharmacist king Buddha declared a Buddha’s name, "A monk with compassion and poverty will never commit such a crime."
"Hum!" Ying Zhao sneered, "Bald thief, dare you say that your hands have never been stained with blood?"
The pharmacist, Buddha Heshi, said, "Amitabha Buddha helped all living beings to suffer, and the poor monk had no choice but to put down the demon."
Ying Zhao held out a double-edged axe and pointed at the pharmacist Wang Fogao. "Bald thief! It’s none of your business whether you’re a demon or a sinner. You shouldn’t have killed my imperial father-in-law! "
Say, "Dance the axe into a windmill and kill the pharmacist Wang Buddha."
"My emperor positions? Father-in-law? "
Pharmacist Wang Buddha, Luo Xianqiang, Xiu Yuan wins the summit of Jin Xian, and Ying Zhao waves a monk’s robe to resist the continuous attack, while pondering the clues in the words, making it rare for the axe to wear a double-edged axe, and it is even more rare to suddenly recognize who the opponent is and knock back Ying Zhao with a palm.
"You are Ying Zhao!" The pharmacist Wang Buddha pointed at Aoshen’s body and said in surprise, "That he is …"
"That’s right! It was the Dragon King of Bibotan who was killed by you, even though my father-in-law hid in the west.
I can’t keep your life around me, just wait for my demon clan to die! "
Ying Zhao smiled solemnity, waved an axe and rubbed himself again.
"Daoyou, this is a misunderstanding."
"When Taoist friends and poor monks came here, the Dragon King had already been harmed by people."
"The Taoist Dragon King suffered a sword wound and the murderer was someone else."
The pharmacist, Wang Fo, kept explaining that he was not a murderer, but he was afraid of revenge from the demon clan, unwilling to get into trouble and unwilling to provoke lotus flower disaster from Buddhism.
Ying Zhao has ulterior motives to ignore all kinds of remarks, waving a double-edged axe to attack.
Entanglement for a long time; Master Wang Buddha saw that Ying Zhao was completely unreasonable, and there was fire in his chest!
I was about to teach the distant sky a lesson at ten o’clock, and then I came to the crowd and looked intently at all the top figures in the celestial world-six pressure, Yunzhong, Yang Jian, Sun Wu, Xuandushi, Zhuang Zhou, Taiyi Zhenren, Dangvirgin, Kong Xuan and Yunxiao, a total of ten people.
I saw that I had to stop and come to the side of 6 pressure to point out that the pharmacist Wang Buddha was so angry and said, "Hey! This thief’s baldness has harmed the Dragon King of Bibotan, and he must not be let go! "
6 pressure this just now AoShen look suddenly a cold without any emotional eyes to pharmacist Wang Buddha as to a dead man Wansheng Princess in the heart of brother Nai. It is clear that anyone who dares to kill him will bear the wrath of the demon race.
People, elucidation and interception of the three religions are all great magical powers in the quasi-religious circles. It is natural that they are wise to practice to this extent. A few people think a little and look at the pharmacist Wang Buddha with a little bit of murder.
Murder? What? No one will take people’s lives at will unless there is great benefit. Where is the benefit of pharmacist Wang Buddha’s killing? Be clear at a glance-the list of gods!
6 Pressure is also clear that when I was about to make a move, I heard Ying Zhao’s sound "When I met a crab, I had already found out that the murderer was a nun named’ Dinxia’ from Shushan Sword Sect … The bald head was just set up by the minister early to attract others’ attention."
While listening to Ying Zhao’s voice, the pharmacist Wang Buddha is also explaining that he is ignorant of others and is pondering over the words of the pharmacist Wang Buddha.
Little by little, three golden auspicious clouds, Sakyamuni, the ancient Buddha with burning lamps and Maitreya, came from the west. All the way, Zen sounds burst into flowers and rain, and soon they came to the meeting place where the pharmacist Wang Buddha met and listened to him whisper about the current situation.
"What Jiu Ge said is not bad. It’s wishful thinking to put the list of gods in the bag sadly. It’s a pity that Ying Zhao’s strategy is good. It’s a pity that the general trend is not consistent and doomed to be busy in vain. How can you get a treasure if you don’t kill a big one? The Sword Sect of Shushan … seasoned road "
6 pressure thoughts flying eyes swept these successively arrived strong heart sneer at.
Road flyover Hongjun is so calculating! It is strange that the birth of the list of gods can inspire hundreds of millions of miles away to feel that there are omissions in major sects.
Sakyamuni proclaimed a Buddha’s name and pressed it against the 6 th, saying, "Amitabha, the poor monk is polite. According to the pharmacist Wang Buddha, the dragon king is a villain’s sword. Can you look at the wound a priori and investigate it later?"
6 pressure gently chin made beside Yang Jian expression of eyes.
Yang Jian is a kendo. Everyone flickers to Aoshen’s body and glances at the wound. Then they know that they are indifferent and say, "The sword is cut from the back of the neck."
"Amitabha Buddha …" Four Buddhists chanted the Buddha’s name with compassion.
People, explanation and interception of the three religions are slightly disappointed. For them, the demon family and Buddhism are all giants. Can’t two tigers compete with each other?
6 Press the expression of joy and sadness to inform Yang Jian at the end, and then order "Yang Jian, go to Sunset Island and report the fall of the Dragon King in Bibotan to Jiu Ge."

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